Best coverage of high school football this fall?

Other than, who is doing the best job of covering high school football in our area this fall?????

The News and Record…..
WFMY NEWS 2 Sports…..
FOX 8 Sports…..
Time Warner Cable’s TV 14…..
WXII TV 12…..
102 JAMZZ…..

*****Or are there others that we should be talking about? What are your thoughts about the coverage that you have been seeing/hearing???*****


  1. I would put them in this order:
    News 2 (you can’t beat the live video and the scores roll in pretty quickly)
    N&R (score roll in fairly quickly, they try but it is very impersonal)
    TV 14 (ok coverage but they try for a larger area many teams I don’t care about)
    Fox 8 (pitiful)
    WXII (most pitiful)

    I have to say I don’t listen to 102 JAMZZ.

  2. News 2 Tonight
    102 JAMMZZ
    Fox 8
    TV 14

    102 JAMMZZ on Thursday nights is the ticket with all the High School Football studio talk and then Friday nights they are off the hook with game updatez with the Football Team at 102 JAMONZ at the GAMEONZ.

    News Tonight has video and that gives them the edgz over 102z, otherwize 102 winz number #1.

  3. Should be Greensboro Sports but I don’t see any articles on last fridays games. Who did what? Who is in the race for Conference? Where’s the BEEF? I know, in due time, throw us a bone Andy.

  4. We had around 50 comments at the scoring desk after last Friday night’s games….That was a good load and good way for us and the fans to break it down….I think that post is over on page two or three now and would still make for good reading.

    Smith has the Metro 4-A wrapped up and the Golden Eagles will finish #1.
    Dudley at Page for the #2 spot this Friday night at Marion Kirby Stadium…
    Looks like WG, Southern Alamance and Grimsley will not get in the playoffs, but SEG still has an outside shot for a #4 spot from Metro 4-A…

    Ragsdale is #1 right now in Piedmont Athletic Conference and NWG is #2 with their only conference loss to Ragsdale by three points at NWG….HP Central, East Forsyth and Glenn are all (2-2) conference and this week it’s NWG-East Forsyth and Ragsdale-Glenn, so they might stir that group up again….HP Central at Ragsdale last week of regular season…..Currently Ragsdale #1, NWG #2, and Central, EF and Glenn all tied for #3….SWG is (1-3) in the conference and still has an outside shot, but they have Central this week and that will be a backyard/neighborhood battle….

    In the 3-A’s Northern is unbeaten and tied with Western Alamance for #1 in their conference and both are say (5-0)….Northern at Western Alamance last game of regular season on Nov. 5 and that should end up being for the Conference crown….Eastern Guilford still has an outside shot to get in the playoffs, but they have to win their last two games and other things would have to fall wildly in place and it doesn’t look good right now….(Mid-State 3-A)

    Also 3-A’s it is NEG #1 in the Triad 3-A and and Southern Guilford at #2….Southern’s only conference loss came at the hands of NEG and both are due in the playoffs…..NEG(5-3/4-0), SG(6-3/3-1)…..

    High Point Andrews and WS Carver are both (3-0) in the PAC 6 2-A Conference and they play for what should be the conference title this Friday night….Friday’s game with HPA and Carver should settle this conference…

    That’s the basic look at our area teams in Guilford County…..

  5. News 2 Sports is tops. Always have been and always will be. Nobody else even comes close on Friday nights. I caught the Fever about 15 years ago and can’t seem to kick it.

  6. WXII TV – 12 Game of the week winning team right their in the studio
    WGHP TV – 8 High School student covers their team in the game of the week
    TV -14 They do get a lot of games covered
    News – 2 Like the way they go slow motion on key plays
    News & Record Good with player and coaches quotes
    102 I need to check them out

  7. I like 2 too but wish they would bring back Johnny Phillips. News and Record has shown much improvement in recent weeks. TV 8 is good but we miss seeing Rich Brenner and his knowledge of the Triad schools and the concessions. 12 way too loud and they had some crazy Punk band on there one week. Looked like a bunch of losers and not real football players. We want football and not a bunch of dead heads on a guitar. 14 has no identity around here. I thought 14 was out of Raleigh or Charlotte. 102 is a Hip-Hop radio station and that’s not football. Does the Education station on cable 2 still do football? Weaver once did Friday games and played them back on Tuesday and Saturdays. I like the SEC on WCWG.

  8. I am not a hip-hop fan so normally I don’t listen to 102Jamz. However, they never fail me giving the wrap ups of the local area games.

    Hey Andy–I think we started something last year from 97.1 and 102 took it over.

    But of course….the number 1 spot goes to I stumbled on this site last year and haven’t been the same since!

  9. We had a good thing going on with 97.1 WQMG last year….That was a good connection when they would announce the JV scores on Thursday nights and they would even leave comments here at the web site….I don’t know if they are still doing that this year or not….

    WFMY TV2 has done a very good job with their Thursday night High School JV Football Game of the Week this season…Brian Formica and Brian Hall and I guess maybe Matt McKinney as well, they all have made that happen.

    102 WJMH has Friday night scores with the Wyleed Coyote and Coach Turk Simms is in there helping too from what I hear….We share scores with Coach Turk every Friday night. Coach Turk used to be on WFMY TV2’s PM Magazine Show back in the day….

    102 is coming through for you and Marty Freeman is still at 97.1. We need to get Marty “The One Man Party” Freeman free stylin’ again on Thursday and Friday nights and I am still looking for our man Joseph Level…Called him today.

    Football Love is in the air and so is the ball!!!!!!!!

    Somebody said 93.1 The Wolf had a Team of the Week….I thought LeAnn Petty was just into NASCAR, but I guess with RPM about to go under, she won’t have Richard Petty to fall back on any more and she and Chuck are passing the buck and the pigskin(maybe the buckskin too) and they are switching to football….

    Everybody else is……Just the same, let’s all get in the game.

    We need to get Brad Krantz and Aunt Eloise together and have them cover some key high school games. They would make a good broadcast team…..How about Bill Flynn, Tom Joyner and Skip the Prize Guy for three men in the booth….If you wanted to go hog wild or like jackdonkey crazy, you could bring in Jack Murphy for the pre-game and the post-game show…..Let’s have Laura Songster on the national anthem and Rod Davis could wave the flag or his hair, whichever falls out or flys out first…..

    Maybe we are on to something or on something, but they say creativity is the spice of life or the Old Spice, depending on who you talk to….These radio ideas are really starting to get the old brain waves and the juices flowing….

    We could go get the Flying Dutchman and have him light up his victory cigar, but that would kill us with our NCHSAA smoking ban. There are many more ideas we could go with…..Whatever became of Jim Ross, we could always scrape up a few bucks and bring him or Bob Licht back in here or even Tony Schiavone for maybe a one-night run on the air helping to do the games on radio and they could make a special appearance here at the site on the Thursday night shows….

    More to come and if you have any similar ideas drop them in the pot……

  10. Andy, was Jim Ross the guy you did a weekly radio show with on WPTF (I think it was). I remember it was Jim somebody.

    I called in one time with my favorite Carolina joke and got the 5 second delay kill of the punchline. I deserved it by the way.

  11. Jim Ross was and still is the man….He is one of the best all-time and Frank Shaw is not very far behind….Where have all the good ones gone? Max Meeks, Lance Link….How many of you remember Lance? He had his own TV show for a while….

    Sam Crenshaw was another good one that got away….Last I heard, Sam was down in Atlanta.

    Boy, there have been some good ones over the years and Bob Kwessel out of Raleigh is also a character that falls into this category…..The “Wrestle with Kwessel Show” on WPTF was a great program back in the day….Probably the late 1980’s….He was around right before the Fabulous Sports Babe showed up on 850 the Buzz in the mid-90’s….Kwessel could really take those callers down……

  12. N&R
    I come from a newspaper background.
    Never heard of Frank Shaw or Mex Meeks but do remember Bob Poole, Bob Dayton, Dusty Dunn, Old Rebel, Lee Kinard, Charlie Harville and those guys from the old days.

  13. PH do you remember this from the Ole Rebel show…”Marvin farted”? That was before the 5 second delay days when “live” meant “live”. 2 little boys of color were on the show and the Ole Rebel wanted to know what Marvin’s brother was laughing about.

    I was actually on the Ole Rebel show but I was too young or maybe I am just too old to remember anything about it.

  14. My brothers were members of the Knothole Gang and my sisters and me joined the Gashouse Gang. I remember the the Rebel shows very fondly. The city dump was not too far from the TV station so we got it on the inside and out.

  15. Was that Jim Marvin or NotJimMarvin that let it rip? Or maybe it was Lee Marvin instead.

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