High School Football Tonight 10/29/2010

Radio game TONIGHT will be Dudley at Page with the pre-game at 6:45 on AM950 and the kickoff will come in at around 7:30pm…We will also have updates on the other area games this evening, with scores on AM950 and also here at the site, with Don Moore at the controls…You can also catch the game at wpetam950.com on the net and sometimes you will receive a better broadcast signal over the internet, depending on what part of town/county/country you live in….The scores will be coming in at the site all night and if you have scores, you can slide them in the comment box, that Don will have set up or you can E-mail those to Don and and he will get them on and his E-mail drop is, dubbadon@gmail.com….

Should be a nice, crisp fall night for high school football in week 11…..

Games on tap TONIGHT…..
Dudley(7-2/3-1) at Page(7-2/3-1) [PAGE in OT]
East Forsyth(5-4/2-2) at Northwest Guilford(7-3/4-1) [NWG]
High Point Andrews(6-3/3-0) at WS Carver(7-2/3-0) [ANDREWS]
Ragsdale(8-1/4-0) at Glenn(2-7/2-2) [RAGSDALE]
High Point Central(6-3/2-2) at Southwest Guilford(5-4/1-3) [CENTRAL]
North Forsyth(3-6/2-1) at Northeast Guilford(5-3/3-0) [NEG]
Ledford(2-7/0-3) at Southern Guilford(6-3/2-1) [SOUTHERN]
Southeast Guilford(5-4/1-3) at Western Guilford(2-8/1-4) [SEG]
Burlington Williams(4-5/2-3) at Eastern Guilford(1-8/1-4) [EASTERN]
Southern Alamance(2-7/1-3) at Grimsley(1-8/1-3) [SOUTHERN ALAMANCE]*****If Whirlie QB Jake Simpson plays, I’ll switch my pick over to Grimsley….Heard he was still hurting from last week at Smith…*****
Morehead(0-9/0-5) at Northern Guilford(8-1/5-0) [NORTHERN]

Smith(10-0/5-0) [OPEN]


  1. aint no way dudley walking away with a W tonite. Look for Summers to have best game of year and Drew Rogers to break at least 1 over 50.

  2. Dudley is a trendy pick because Page hasn’t beat them in a LONG time. However, today is the best chance for Page to defeat Dudley.

  3. Hey Andy what is this caveat picking crap you are doing. Be a man, make your picks and stand by them. We don’t have the luxury or time to research who is hurt and who is in so you shouldn’t abuse the media advantage over us poor everyday slobs who only have our wits about us half the day. If Grimsley wins then you don’t.

  4. pirate fan,

    why is there no way for dudley to come out with a W tonight??? whats so special about page where dudley pretty much has no chance to win in your eyes???

  5. Not so fast!!!!!! Page better worry about Mycah Gaylord, which is one of the hardest runningbacks pound for pound……I want to know how many your going to put in the box this year 9? 10?, thats how last year David Amerson burnt yall….Page DL is undersized….which leaves alot of questions for yall. People have a tendency to forget we put Guilford County on our back for the past 8 years. Lets see if Page can stop the veer, zone read, and oh the full house options, and dont forget the pass…lol

  6. You have to cover all your bases in football too….There is a lot on the line each Friday night including my hide/hyde…..

  7. Dudley beats Page by 2 touchdowns. Kevin Gillespie can’t win this type of game. The same way he has never beaten Ragsdale.

  8. It will not be Dudley by 14. We are talking about the same Dudley that didn’t score a point against Smith. Even though teams improve, Dudley is still one-sided. One-sided teams that pass can have a little success, but teams that run, run, and run do not against equal competition. If Dudley is going to use Gaylord all night, then Page will load the box all night. This is the year to beat Dudley. And as far as Ragsdale is concerned, the refs helped Page choke that game away. I still would have gone for OT instead of passing with less than a minute to go on your own 30, but it’s ok. It’ll be a great game tonight. GO PIRATES!!

  9. Dudley has no offense other than Gaylord running ball. He is a load!

    Page came out clicking w/ Summers looking great and receivers like Hatfield making great runs after catching the ball. Thuc had a great run called back.

    Page in 2nd half struggled on offense with Summers throwing 2 picks. He made some nice runs though. Page D played tough but had big holes in the middle that Gaylord exploited.

    Both teams need to step it up if they are gonna make a run in playoffs.

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