Gripe or Complaint Box for November 1, 2010

Mid-Morning MadHouse 10am-12 Noon, Lunatics Lunch Hour from Noon till 2pm and the Afternoon DeFight from 2-6pm…..

Got any new Gripes or Complaints?????

This is the box for Monday November 1, 2010. We are taking those gripes and complaints and we have to remind you to keep it real on your subject matter.

We will be cleaning out the box at the end of each day and we may have to do some cleaning throughout the day if the material gets too thick.

Local gripes or complaints, National gripes or complaints. Is there anything that is rubbing you the wrong way? How about that coaching change or the kid that just left one high school/college and is transferring to another? What about the kid that got left off the All-Conference team or the All-State team?

Is there a school board member that really has you upset???

Let us know, and by the way, do you have anything new for us today?????


  1. There was a man getting mad earlier and he probably had a right to be.

    He was just saying that the Page at Southeast Guilford will be the biggest game of the week this week in JV Football and it might just be the biggest game of all, counting both Varsity and JV games…..

    Page(9-0/5-0) hasn’t lost a JV game in almost three years and Southeast Guilford comes in at (8-1/5-0) and they want to stop the Page Pirates….Page wants to keep pace with Northwest Guilford as the Vikings also went unbeaten this year and they have not lost a game in right at three years….

    Very big game on Thursday night and it might be the for the biggest prize of all this week….

  2. Okay! I know we are all fans of some team out there! That’s a given. I have tremendous respect for what Page’s JV team has accomplished these past 2 years! These kids are my son’s friends & they too respect what NWG’s JV have achieved as well. Good luck guys. I wish you well!

    I think it’s important that we take time to recognize what transpired @ NWG last week. Do we all understand what the JV & Varsity kids have been coping with? Today, these kids said goodbye to Chase Bunting, a friend, teammate, classmate – a 16 year old just getting started in life!!! What I witnessed last Thurs. & Fri. nights will never be forgotten by me & every person in those 2 stadiums!! On Thurs. , the JV kids were praying for a miracle for Chase prior to taking the field to play an undefeated E. Forsyth team that put up a great fight. On Fri., the Varsity kids learned just prior to the game that Chase had passed. I saw tough, young men leave that field in tears following an absolute battle against a talented E. Forsyth team. At such tender ages, these student-athletes persevered during this tragic time. I heard many say that they know that Chase was w/ them, smiling down on them & this is how they could honor him – to play w/ heart & win it for him! These students & the entire NWG student body & families have come together in a way that cannot be defined in words! Sorry to get so wordy, but under these circumstances, I would say that the entire NWG football & lacrosse programs deserves to be honored for their actions both on & off the field this past week & in coming weeks as the football team prepares for playoffs! May God bless these young people & Chases’ family! Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you.

    I would like to also thank Northern HS & Page HS for their team’s show of support for Chase & his family by wearing his #17 during their games. Chase’s life touched many kids throughout Guilford County.

  3. It’s always sad to read or hear when a young person’s life is taken so abrupt and unexpected. I wouldn’t begin to know what to say to the parents because I’ve never had to lay one of my children to rest. I hope that not only the parents but the family, teachers, freinds and love ones could find the solace that they deresrve in understanding, coping and finally acceting such a tragic loss.

  4. I hope kids take away the lesson that lost friends and love ones can bring.

    Life is short, don’t take it for granted, things are not always going to be fine, you’re not bullet proof, crap happens to good people…..etc, etc, etc.

    I hope we’re not just sad and grieving…….that some where, some one is going to remember Chase, not on a sporting field, but when they decide NOT to speed, NOT to take corners too fast, NOT drink and drive, etc.

    Love life and protect it….it’s a lesson lost ones are begging for us to hear.

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