Randy Moss and Allen Iverson heading down the same road

Look at these two and how their careers are starting to parallel each other….Both were superstars in their respective sports and now they can hardly find any work….

Both don’t when to quit and they never knew when to stop talking…..

Allen Iverson and Randy Moss, always plenty to say and now not much to do….Iverson is trying to play pro basketball in Turkey and Moss got put on waviers today by the Minnesota Vikings….

Any takers out there for Moss and Iverson?????

Do you see the similarities that I am talking about?


  1. What I see is a system that allows a black athlete to be arrogant as long as the owners are making millions of dollars on the athlete..When that same athlete is no longer marketable and depreciates in value (similar to a bad stock) those same owners, turn on the athlete and treat him like he can’t play anymore.

    Arrogance is perceived as a threat. The system can’t control the Randy Moss’s and the AI’s of the world. They prefer the clean cut, Donovan McNabb type who they think can treat any kind of way and expect them to be okay with it just because they are being paid millions of dollars. And then offer some lame duck excuse on national television and expect everyone to go along with it. To Donovan, make all of their money that you can because you see how they really feel about you..

    I could go on and on, but I will let this rest..Two Hall of Famer’s that all of a sudden nobody wants on their team ! !

  2. To the three posters above — name for me a white athlete in ANY sport who has acted the fool like AI has and been allowed to get away with it. That’s right. Bet you can’t. This whole “plantation” garbage argument that you are subtly making holds no weight. AI is just another pro athlete who can’t play at the required level anymore and has been let go. It has nothing to do with race.

    AI was once a great player who still has a big mouth. RM is still a quality player who can fit into the right system, and his outspokenness is no different from that of many other players in the NFL who always have a mic stuck in their faces as the media seeks a reaction. I disagree with the AI / RM comparison.

  3. The “plantation theory” exists primarily because there are no minority owners, and the black athletes dominate both football and basketball except for the quarterback position in football…You can’t argue with facts…While I dont agree with the actions of Iverson or Moss, it’s just amazing how how their behavior was tolerated as long as the owners were making millions of dollars; While what Randy Moss said on Friday about the food was “way over the top”, he probably would have gotten away with it if he was leading the league in touchdowns and the Vikes were winning..Give me your thoughts Stan..

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