The Hole Story: HS Basketball Update(Practice starts today!)

It all gets rolling toward the lane today and we were talking about a bundle of players yesterday and today we need to tell you that the man that torched Northern Guilford and Northeast Guilford in last season’s 3-A East Regionals at East Carolina, Tayshawn Mabry, has gone back home to Rocky Mount….Mabry was a real force in those East Regionals earlier this year and he went on to lead his team to the 3-A State Championship and later on played for the East, along with Reggie Bullock, at the Greensboro Coliseum back in July, as he and Bullock woke up and spoke up, leading the East to a comeback victory in the 4th quarter, at the Coliseum….

Mabry left Rhode Island, after just about a month up North and he is now back down South in Rocky Mount….Mabry broke all of Phil Ford’s scoring records while he was at Rocky Mount, leading the Gryphons to the state 3-A title…

Around the county as practice gets going today, we will see Northeast Guilford in a favorite’s role this year, with Bryce Benjamin returning to lead the Rams and Jalyn Davis joining the Rams….We’ll see how well NEG adjusts to this new role as the favorite….They have more kids coming back too, from that team that made it to Greenville and ECU, so send us some more names and we will take them to the hole…

Northern Guilford has lost Jonathan Frye to the Green Wave of Tulane, but the Nighthawks will still be very excited about this season with Jon McBeth, Patrick Chandler, DC Arendas and Daniel Downing all due back in the gym today, on Spencer Dixon Road….Downing will be playing football for a few more weeks and Joe Daniel may also be back, unless he hit the graduation trail along with Dylan Berry and Jalen Ross is now at GDS….Coach Ryan Freeman will do a fine job, he is young and he has the enthusiasm and energy you need to build and develop a young team…

Reggie Perkins is ready to be the senior leader at Western Guilford and he will get help in that department from Tyler Stutts, since Tyler is done with football and he will be at practice today….Gilmore and the little Baldwin piano player will also be solid Hornets for WG, this year….

Burrell Brown and Kreshaun Williams will have to carry the heavy load at Grimsley until next Monday, when Travon Woods, DJ Reader and Charlie Jones will be joining their fellow-Whirlies, after the completion of their football season this Friday night…Williams looked to be leaving Grimsley this year, but then he came back and we are still waiting to see how Coach Corbett works Williams back into the fold, after everyone had been told that Williams was moving on….At first, we felt that Coach Corbett may tell Williams to take some more time off, but we get the feeling now, that Coach Corbett may be ready to let Williams hit the hardwoods, for practice this week….

Jaquel Richmond, who used to be at Dudley, is now at High Point Wesleyan and they will crank it up today at the Trojans gym over on Eastchester Drive in High Point….Cade Isley, who was at Grimsley and then moved on over to Wesleyan last year, should be ready too….Isley had to sit out the entire season last year, with his torn ACL injury….Big Deng Leek, who just made an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show, with his host family from High Point, is also back for the HPW Trojans and Coach Keith Gatlin has some varied troops to work with this season….PG Richmond, 2G Isley and Big Man Leek…..

At High Point Christian, they also have plans to start the season with their opening practice this afternoon and they await the final year for seniors Mitch Oates, Jordan Weethe, and Jon Bethea may be ready to play, in 2010/2011 also….They have a new big kid and we don’t have his name yet, but he is a big force to deal with on the inside….Caldwell Academy has a couple of big kids(exchange students) too, that the Rocky Manning family is hosting and they are already drawing major attention…..

Send me who you’ve got and how your practice is going……..

“We’re living on the vine and through the vine, so I’m just saying, let us know what is going”…….


  1. High point christian has a 6’11 sophmore from nigeria and also a 6’3 athelethic guard from lithuainian along with oates,weethee and the other returning players

  2. When Smith gets Sims and Ebron out for basketball they’re going to win it all in basketball too. State Titles in Football and Basketball this year for the Smith Golden Eagles. Golden Eagles ready to run and we will make a run for the Gold!!!!!

  3. I agree that Dudley will be there in end and they are the team to beat and they are the best until somebody knocks them off. Reggie Dillard is now the best player in guilford county.

  4. Just to let everyone know, I went to Oak Ridge today to try to get a look @ their team but was told that practice was closed to outsiders for two weeks. I did sneak a peak in the windows and it appears they have huge numbers. I did not see jacob Lawson there, but there must have been 25 players at least. Will they cut or will they have a JV team or varsity B team?

  5. From what I was hearing yesterday, Oak Ridge will have and A team and a B team and the A team will play a 39-game schedule, including tournament play….

    They have a lot of kids up there playing basketball and they will be busy….One of the scouts that I spoke with on Sunday said Theo Pinson is the real deal and that he just need to be pushed and challenged….Lawson will attract a lot of attention since this is his senior year and even though he has already committed to Cincinnati, there will be much interest in how his senior year goes at ORMA….I will be interested in how it goes and what goes on with Jay Canty at Xavier….

    I also took a peek in the window today and it was over at Grimsley, since I was already in the neighborhood after getting in a few shots of my own down at Lake Daniel Park.

    Grimsley had a good turn out and I thought about trying to grab a few photos with my camera phone, but it is still probably a little early to go shooting photos, let them all practice in peace for a few days first….

    I do want to say that I feel that Lake Daniel Park has the softest rims that I have encoutered so far this fall in my out-of-doors basketball court visits….The basket on the far end, up near the church has the soft rim….The goal on the other end near the bridge has a harder rim and it might just be a double-rim or the super thick cast iron….

    Don Tilley and his Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department team, have done a good job keeping Lake Daniel Park up and in good shape….

    I have been to General Greene School, Jefferson School, Forest Valley Park, the Guilford College campus courts, with new very tight nets, where the balls gets stuck and we all know that stinks, and over I’ve been at Lake Daniel’s Park this fall and Lake Daniel is by far, the best with the nice soft rim, that gives you a fair/decent/playable bounce…..

    Just bouncing a few things off of you and the new Guilford Collge courts are nice, they are down near the Ragan Brown Field House, but the nets are too thick and therefore too tight and the ball gets stuck and that is a pain….

    Good luck to all the teams in practice and wish we were there too…

  6. Jacob Lawson is not going to Cincinnati. I saw this posted a few times. He never was going there. He has committed to Purdue not Cincy….

  7. Was wondering how good the Southeast Guilford Falcons would be this year in basketball? That is my old team from a few years back. Anybody got anything on them?

  8. So who the heck from over at ORMA is going to Cincinnati? I was talking to a scout yesterday and he said he thought for sure that Lawson was headed to Cincinnati, but now we know it is Purdue….

    Maybe Canty was looking at Cincinnati before he locked down and committed to Xavier in Cincinnati…..

    We have been getting a lot of hits here at the site lately from Cincinnati and we must be getting some from Purdue too….

    Hope they keep on coming and thanks for the remider on Purdue…..

    Now we have to lock down on Purdue….Is it still Appalachian State for Neal?

    Go Boilermakers and good luck Jacob Lawson!!!!!

  9. Chukwuma Ogbodo is the Nigerian for HP Christian Long, athletic kid. A legit 6’11”. Supposedly was on the Nigerian National team for his age. They have a chance to be really good. Nobody is talking about them much, but they are much more talented than what people are giving them credit for. That team plays very hard too. Saw them this Summer roll RJR without any of their new kids. Was very surprised.

  10. Andy,
    What does a girl scout know about hs basketball? awson’s commitment was in the N&R amonth ago, so whoever gave you that information should turn his keys in—I think I remember reading it on this site as well.

  11. We may have to start calling the kid over at High Point Christian Ron Olajawon….He might be one of the real sleepers in our area this year……How about the tall kids over at Caldwell Academy?

    Anyone hearing more about those two kids over at Caldwell??? I’m thinking maybe a 6’9 and 6’6 and both are exchange students and I beleive their host family might be the Rocky Manning family….Rocky was host to the 7’7 Chinese kid that was over here in Greensboro a few years ago and now that kid is back playing pro ball in China….Keith Gatlin was working and training the Chinese kid when he was in town….

  12. That Aaron Scales is a kid that I have heard of.

    Sounds like High Point Christian with Scales and Olwajawon will be big, with Weethe they can shoot and with Oates they will be quick up and down the court and to the basket…..Who is the fifth guy? Is it the Lithuianian kid?

  13. Word of God in Raleigh picked up DJ Flippin from Holly Springs on Monday and they already had Torrian Graham from Durham Hillside and TJ Warren from Durham Riverside come in there this year for basketball….

    Quentin Jackson, a former guard with the N.C. State Wolfpack, is now the coach at Word of God…..

  14. How can you pick a player up on Monday? What happened during the rest of the school year? Why would would any private school take a student in the middle of the school year? It sounds like insanity rules.

  15. i am thinking that the sweeney’s and harrison are at Mt Zion..correct me if I’m wrong..

  16. Here is the link on Flippin to Word of God….CLICK HERE

    That is right on the Sweeneys and Harrison…I had them earlier at Mount Zion in Durham and they are not over at Word of God in Raleigh….

    All of these towns and private schools are starting to run together and we haven’t played the first official game yet….Going to be a busy season, but we will be right in the middle of it and like we said yesterday, Jacob Lawson to Purdue at the end of this season at ORMA….

  17. Jaquel Richmond at High Point Wesleyan, also known as Wesleyan Christian Academy….

    We got a lot of them out there this year….Gonna have to stay on the road and on the trail….

  18. Take your pick….A lot of players, or a lot of schools with similar names….Either way you slice it, plenty to keep up with….

    High Point Wesleyan
    Wesleyan Christian Academy
    High Point Christian
    Westchester Academy
    Westchester Country Day
    Word of God
    Mount Zion

    Plenty to keep up with and some with more than one name….

  19. Andy you do realize that High Point Wesleyan and Wesleyan Christian Academy are the same school, don’t you? And the same is true for Westchester Academy and Westchester Country Day. And Mt. Zion, a joke of a school, isn’t in the NCISSA so they are pretty much irrevelant because none of their players will qualify.

  20. Yes, I realize they are the same….Just playing the name game and pointing toward the fact that it can become confusing….

    Great schools with split personalities and names…..Love their talent pools and do they have swimming pools on campus….I thinking that maybe HP Wesleyan does…

  21. GDS also has Jawahn Alexandre from Dudley. He is a 6’4 small forward with length, solid defense and decent shooting.

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