Kernodle over Southwest Guilford in Middle School football championship

Kernodle Middle 18
Southwest Guilford 0

They were playing the Guilford County Middle School Championship today over at Kernodle Middle School and Kernodle took the title again, behind their fine young quarterback Mark Murphy…

Murphy threw for two touchdown passes and Kernodle is the champ again….

Kernodle has had a long line of quarterbacks, that have gone on to be successful, after they have completed their training under Coach Bell, at Kernodle….

Matt Pawlowski(NWG)
Rocco Scarfone(NG)
Josh Thompson(WG)
Mark Leake(WG)
Jake Simpson(Grimsley)
Austin Proehl(WG)
Ricky Lewis Jr.(Dudley)
Victor Chavis(Dudley/ORMA)…..
and the list goes on and on and now Mark Murphy(8th grade) is the man taking Kernodle to the title in 2010…..

Murphy is due to be on the path toward Northwest Guilford HS in the fall of 2011…….

I’m not exactly sure how the Guilford County divisions work in Middle School football, but, Kernodle got themselves another title today in at least one half of the Middle School Regional bracket and from what we are hearing, Murphy was the man….

I didn’t talk to any parents or relatives of the players, I just got a call from a die-hard fan, that was the game and he said he was very impressed with Kernodle and the job Coach Quincy Bell is doing there with that team……


  1. Congrats to Kernodle. Who have they played this year. Eastern Guilford looks really strong also. To bad we can’t have a true champion from the Guilford County Middle School Teams. I think a Playoff would be Great.

  2. Congrats to Kernodle and Coach Bell and Coach Lenz…class acts all the way. Glad that this year’s team could continue the tradition, especially carrying over from last year’s strong team, and no doubt making their own name for themselves.

    Andy, just for the record, you need to include Austin Proehl in the QB mix, as he and Jake split time last year, and alternating at wide-out when they were not playing QB.

    Again…congrats to the 2010 Cougs…

  3. Kernodle 2010 Schedule & Results

    KMS 8 Northern Guilford 0
    KMS 24 Kiser 6
    KMS 24 Allen 6
    KMS 31 Guilford Middle 0
    KMS 24 Northwest 0
    KMS 18 Southwest 0

  4. So I see where the fair play needed to be instituted! Lets see a Dudley, WG, NG, NWG, and Grimsley guy all played at Kernodle. LMAO! Wonder why players and us coaches in GCS now have to deal with all of the eligibility bs.

  5. Eastern 34 Southern 6
    Eastern 36 Jackson 0
    Eastern 34 Northern 0
    Eastern 36 Hairston 8
    Eastern 34 Southeast 0
    Eastern 36 Lincoln 6

    Can anyone say anything good about the Wildcats!

    I think we are the true Guilford County Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eastern would run Kernodole off the field. How can Kernodle be considered champs? Reminds me of the BCS system.

  7. Good Question Jason. If Eastern beat everyone on their Schedule – why wouldn’t you be in a championship game? Any Replies? How are other unbeaten Middle School Teams not included in a championship?

  8. KMS 8 Northern Guilford 0
    KMS 24 Kiser 6
    KMS 24 Allen 6
    KMS 31 Guilford Middle 0
    KMS 24 Northwest 0
    KMS 18 Southwest 0


    Eastern 34 Southern 6
    Eastern 36 Jackson 0
    Eastern 34 Northern 0
    Eastern 36 Hairston 8
    Eastern 34 Southeast 0
    Eastern 36 Lincoln 6


    Kernodle vs. Eastern Guilford for the Title……

    We can make it the Proehl Bowl and play it on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving at Proehlific Park and everyone can bring canned goods and a small turkey/chicken for your price of admission and we can donate the food to the Urban Ministry for Thanksgiving or Christmas meals or pass the food items along to Hams for the Holiday Meals for the homeless and those in need of good hot meal…

    No LIVE animals please….

  9. Last I checked, there wasn’t a Kernodle High School. Students at Kernodle are in split high school attendance zones. Also, several of the above mentioned high schools offer different programs/classes. Middle schools have to abide by the same attendance procedures as high schools.

    Why does a compliment towards a coach and their program have to turn into something so negative? The above mentioned article never mentioned any negative comments about any other middle school in the county.

  10. I believe there are conferences, and that Kernodle won their conference, Eastern won their conference. Guessing there is another conference, at least, as I dont see Mendenhall or Northeast on either schedule. Probably a money issue, but it would be nice to have conference champs playing each other.

    As for hmmmm’s comments…Great comment…I think that is hilarious. It is actually unfortunate that Kernodle does feed multiple schools. Not sure if every middle school is like that, but i dont think so.

  11. Eastern Still has to play Northeast which is also undefeated. Should be a great game next Tuesday at Northeast. I’m just glad we are giving the middle school teams some love on

  12. Come on guys, give it a rest! Here’s the deal w/ Kernodle… 1st, NWG, WG & even Northern are feeder schools for Kernodle. There is an area where Kernodle kids can actually choose between Northern, NWG or WG. Strange, I know, but this is the way GCS set it up, not the high schools! In case you’ve forgotten, Grimsley has an IB program & many of our brightest kids from Kernodle have chosen to go there for academic purposes. Is is possible for us to believe that a kid can actually, legally MOVE into another district (Dudley) for reasons having nothing to do w/ football?! Some of you need to quit being so cynical & just looking for reasons to gripe.

    Coach Bell, Coach Lentz & former football coach, Vernon Johnson, are nothing but class acts. They shape young men on & off the field & prepare them for high school in every way they can. I will forever be indebted to these men for having had such a positive impact on my son’s middle school experience!

    Congrats Cougars! Look forward to seeing many of you on the field @ NWG next year!

  13. Wasn’t being cynical at all. Just an opinion and analysis of how the system works. I already realize that Kernodle feeds Northern, Northwest, and Western. And I also know that Grimsley has an IB program. Thanks Captain Obvious! I am sure the Cougars and their coaches are AMAZING people with a great ability to teach and coach but why does someone have to be considered cynical when probing into something that says 5 high schools now have players from 1 middle school? Oh and proud cougar thanks for that clarification that Kernodle isn’t a High School! If you can’t stand the heat get out da kitchen! Just critical debate and analysis of a system that has been considered by print media as to be flawed and even GCS has dubbed it “FAIR PLAY”! Just a thought!

  14. hmmmmmm, instead of “complaining” about a flawed system, why don’t you put that energy into changing the system for the better, since it appears that you are part of it! Got any solutions?? Or are you one of those folks that just likes to give opinions & analyze without offering any solutions? I’d love to hear yours, if you have any. No need for name calling. By the way, what the heck do you mean “if you can’t stand the heat…”? Doesn’t make any sense! No need to get so defensive! And uh, where do you coach?! Don’t really care! I was being sarcastic! lol

  15. Why must this article lead to a who’s better than who contest and controversy???  The article is about a middle school fb program’s success, it’s qb legacy, and the fine job the coaches have done!!!  

    What is ironic is I have known Mark Murphy for all of his life (yea he was “featured” in the article in case you forgot) and he is the most athletic kid I know yet het is humble and would Never brag or criticize another team.

    Check your egos and TRY to set a good example for our Children!!!  

    By the way, I know Mark would never take credit for Kernodle’s success.  If you have been around the program, you could not say enough good things about the other players AND coaches!

    Parents, please don’t ruin youth sports!

  16. i was in this game kernodle played pretty dirty but southwest will get them next year go cowboys!

  17. I’d like to note that half these young men listed played for Lewis Center.
    All great athletes, but more importantly, great young men.

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