Kernodle over Southwest Guilford in Middle School football championship

Kernodle Middle 18
Southwest Guilford 0

They were playing the Guilford County Middle School Championship today over at Kernodle Middle School and Kernodle took the title again, behind their fine young quarterback Mark Murphy…

Murphy threw for two touchdown passes and Kernodle is the champ again….

Kernodle has had a long line of quarterbacks, that have gone on to be successful, after they have completed their training under Coach Bell, at Kernodle….

Matt Pawlowski(NWG)
Rocco Scarfone(NG)
Josh Thompson(WG)
Mark Leake(WG)
Jake Simpson(Grimsley)
Austin Proehl(WG)
Ricky Lewis Jr.(Dudley)
Victor Chavis(Dudley/ORMA)…..
and the list goes on and on and now Mark Murphy(8th grade) is the man taking Kernodle to the title in 2010…..

Murphy is due to be on the path toward Northwest Guilford HS in the fall of 2011…….

I’m not exactly sure how the Guilford County divisions work in Middle School football, but, Kernodle got themselves another title today in at least one half of the Middle School Regional bracket and from what we are hearing, Murphy was the man….

I didn’t talk to any parents or relatives of the players, I just got a call from a die-hard fan, that was the game and he said he was very impressed with Kernodle and the job Coach Quincy Bell is doing there with that team……