Player of the Week and HS Check List Player of the Week and HS Check List

Last week’s winner ended up being Duke McCoy from Smith High School and this week we start to narrow things down a bit, as the season starts to leave us behind….

Previous weekly winners:
Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford)
Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford)
Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford)
Elijah Jordan(Smith)
Drew Adams(High Point Central)
James Summers(Page)
Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford)
Jeff Sims(Smith)
Mycah Gaylord(Dudley)
Duke McCoy(Smith)

We are now looking to go with one player per school or game, instead of going the multiple player route and that way we can fine tune the choices, as this season is turning into a fast football finish….

We are looking at least three players in contention this week with Orlando Hatfield from Page, Reid Baxter from Northwest Guilford and Jamil Lee from Eastern Guilford…..You can cast your vote for one of these players at……

Hatfield, the wide receiver for the Page Pirates, had 5 receptions for 180 yards and two touchdowns in the Pirates’ 21-12 win over the Dudley Panthers….Hatfield had two long TD catches and just about all of his damage came in the first quarter, of last week’s game….

Baxter, from NWG, had three TD’s and all three of the scores came on runs by the sophomore….He ended up with 150 yards on the ground and he had a long TD run of 60 yards…Baxter also had 3 recepts for 22 yards and two kickoff returns for 92 yards to give him 264 total yards from scrimmage….

Jamil Lee broke loose for 252 yards on 27 carries and produced three ground scores for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats and he had a long run of 41 yards…..

Also on up in here on the Check List already are Mark Johnson, from High Point Andrews with 104 yards on 6 receptions and 2 touchdown catches last week for the Red Raiders….Mike Fields of Southeast Guilford hits the Check List again, with 166 yards on 18 carries and 4 TD’s in the Falcons win over Western Guilford….Johnny King from Northeast Guilford gets in with 125 yards rushing and 2 TD’s in the Rams’ win over North Forsyth….

High Point Central’s young runningback Rakeem Grimes had some good times, last Friday night as the Bison back went for 126 yards on 12 carries and a touchdown….For the Southern Guilford Storm, it was quarterback Jamie Cunningham again, as the junior signal-caller threw for 208 yards on 11-16 passing and he had two TD passes and scored 2 TD’s rushing….

We’ve got no nunbers on Northern Guilford this week, so nothing to go on there and we did not see any numbers on several other schools as well……

Take a close look at Hatfield, Baxter and Lee this week and see what you think and let me know at……..POW….Player of the Week and later on this season, Player of the Year honors coming up…….


  1. What about all the outstanding players on defense. As the saying goes Offense sells tickets
    but the Defense wins ballgames. how about highlighting some of the talented players on defense.

  2. Send us some names and numbers of the guys on defense….That is about the only way we have to get that kind of information….I was using the Jamestown News earlier in the year for that kind of info and grabbing whatever I saw in the local papers and we could much more info in that area……

    Guys like Duke McCoy and Demari Boswell and Eric Ebron have had very solid defensive years at Smith along with the offensive effortt and highlighted other defensive players over the course of the year….

    We can use more, so send them our way….Kiandre Thompson at Smith is another kid that we have honored…..Kevin Walton from Grimsley made it, one of the Pauley’s at NWG made it one week, a kid from Northern, there have been a few….Aaron Bethea, DB, from Page made the list one week, on the Check List that is…..

    There have been others and we do need more….

  3. I’m going to put #45 D. Brooks from Page out there simply because (as my grandmother would say) “every crow thinks theirs is the blackest!”

    As a defensive player, I know he’s not the best but I just wanted to shout out how hard he works each week and steadily improves.

    He may not be Page’s best………..but he’s MY best!

    Keep up the good work Debo!!!

  4. Orlando Hatfield for sure…He flat out balled the other night against Dudley…It isnt just about his receiving yards and how many long td runs he had, instead it was how he got those td’s…He broke so many tackles while running to the endzone…He ran possessed and looked like a monster out there…He is my pick…

    Andy, you should know what I’m saying since you were there to witness his chaotic outburst…

  5. NW has a few studs on Defense to add to your list.
    Matt Suggs, Bailey Doggett, Josh Thompson and The Pauleys
    have all been outstanding all year long and especially Frday night when they played EF.
    3 interceptions 2 forced fumbles and a blocked punt recovered for a touchdown .
    not a bad night for the defense.

  6. You must be talking about Josh Smith #48….. I don’t think there is a Josh Thompson on the team.

    But anyway…..That defense did make a ton of plays Friday night against a very under rated East Forsyth team.

  7. I was hearing a lot about a kid on defense from Page named Shaun Webb and the Hickman kid was busy for Page last week too against Dudley….

    Northwest has a sophomore on defense that I believe got two picks last Friday versus East Forsyth. What was that kid’s name? Was that Josh Smith?

  8. How about some love to those linemen for NWG! T Matt Sugg, G Aiden Smith, C Tyler Campbell, G Ben Yates, T David Lee! They helped put up some of the best offensive numbers in years for NWG!

  9. I would have to go with both LB’s Tre’ Brown #20 & Denzel Jones #34 for Outstanding Defensive Players for the Panthers… Big UP’s to both guys for holding it down in the backfield….

  10. give it a rest couldnt have said it better. my GOD those people at nwg are something else. are they the only ft ball team in guilford county? wow they talk a lot but doesnt have nothing to show for it. they have one good year now they are the best in the state. really good for a team that got put out of the first round in the playoffs for the last 3 or 4 years. give it a break. i am about to throw up i keep hearing about a team no one talks about except nwg!

  11. What could possibly be so offensive about NWG people being proud of the football team! A school known only as an academic school that can’t compete in sports like Football, Basketball and…….wait …….I think I get it now!

  12. Ya NW, You guys lost 1st round in the playoffs last year. But Wait, Didn’t you guys go to the playoffs with a Sophomore Backfield and Sophomore QB? I think you did, that experience will go along way this year. Good Luck NW, You guys are way over due for a quality team.

  13. You guys can checkout the NC Shrine Bowl Roster on at 2 PM Today.

    In about 15 minutes. Emily will be posting it.
    You will see the area kids that are on the team. Congrats to them!

  14. Just heard someone tell me NW Guilford won conference titles in every Fall Sport! Could someone confirm this…..If so now that’s something to be talked about. Although the football title could be a split title depending on what Ragsdale does tomorrow night. That’s still pretty cool!

    This is what I heard
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Field Hockey
    Girls Volleyball
    Boys Varsity Football
    Boys JV Football

  15. Just saw the Shrine Bowl Roster for NC. Looks like 3 people made it from this area.

    Eric Ebron-Smith
    Chase Kellum-East Forsyth
    Alex Pauley-NW Guilford

    Congrats to these young men and Good Luck!!!!

  16. Vad Lee, Marquise Williams, and Channecy Concepcion are easily the best QBs in the state.

    Don’t get me wrong, Adams and Heavner are solid in their own respect, but these 3 kids are on another level, as well as High D1 prospects.

    Also, to be selected, your head coach has to nominate you and you have to participate in the Shrine Bowl Combine, I’m not sure if those 2 you mentioned were nominated or not, but they probably were. For instance, Page didn’t nominate anyone from this years team, because most of Page’s stars are Jrs.

  17. your so right,

    Sounds like you might be a little jealous, whats wrong nobody talking about your team?
    Hey NW has had a great year, no one said they were a powerhouse not quite ready to put them in the ranks of Dudley and some of the other area teams. but you have to admit
    they have really come on in the last 3-4 yrs and will be a contender next year as well.Yes they have gotten out the last 2 yrs in the first round by playing another powerhouse team Richmond Co. I got a feeling this year will be different…,time will tell

  18. I must admitt, I like Kiandre Thompson!!! He has been making major plays for Smith Defense as well!!! He hits hard, Plays Hard and he has major endurance and keeps it Hype for a good game, Awesome performance and this kid LOVES the GAME!!! Hands down!!! This kids GOT IT!!!!! Win, Lose, or Draw he is a major nomination For this weeks PLAYER OF THE WEEK!!! My HAT goes off to this Junior!! He’s a Heck of a Player!!!

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