Distant Replay: Page Pirates State 4-A Football Champs, with Coach Kirby and Todd Ellis back for WFMY TV 2 interview, on the crew that knew what to do…

I saw this on WFMY TV 2 Sports back on Monday evening(11pm) and I ran into someone else yesterday that saw it too and News 2 Sports photojournalist Brian Hall sent us the link today so we all, courtesy of Mr. Hall, can recall the glory days of the Page Pirates, winning those State 4-A Football titles, under the direction of head coach Marion Kirby and QB’s Todd Ellis and Jeff Dunn….

Eric Chilton has the narration of this feature and you’ll really enjoy this “Distant Replay”, as we head back to the 80’s and much of the playoff footage from the games were being played by Page at Grimsley’s stadium and you’ll see it all when you CLICK HERE….


  1. Page was loaded in those days but what made them great were the guys that were not household names. They had several unsung heros if you will that really contributed a lot to Page.

  2. Jason, please make up your mind. Last week you were hating on Gillespie and even said Page has more talent now than they did when Kirby was coaching. Now you say Page was loaded back then . Which is it?

  3. There was a mixture Ad4deacs. I never denied Page had some huge names back in the day. You can’t win championships with big names alone. Page in those days had more role type players that gave everything they had. Page has athletes all over the place today. I believe the difference is the work ethic. The guys are more athletic but willing give their all. In the 80’s, guys were breaking their necks for Page.

  4. I disagree. I coached on two of the state championship teams and I coached with Kevin Gillespie through the ’08 season. There are role players there now but to win a State championship, especially in big 4a, you need D1 athletes. There were way more of them there in the 80’s.

  5. i would have to agree that the page teams from the 80’s were loaded with d 1 talent and i had the unfortunate task of trying to stop a steam roll plenty being a kiser tiger and a grimsley whirlie. remember that page was a feeder school for mendenhall and aycock which had great teams as well. Also there wasn’t much talk about who lived where like you have these days.

  6. Yeah, there wasn’t much talk about “who” lived “where” back in the 80s. A good majority of those kids more than likely would have played at Dudley if not for the politics of that day.

  7. This clip said they had 15 D-1 athletes. So, you want to tell me that this year’s Page team is more loaded? Jason, you are a joke.

    If it weren’t for the recruiting by some coach here in the Greensboro area that took some kids over to Northern, then last year’s Page team could have been special.

    Good luck to Page in the playoffs. I know they have great kids on the team right now and this may not be their year to bring home the ring, but I sure hope so next year. Page will return 18 starters next year. Go Page!!!

  8. Things look good for the next few years at Page. Not only do they have good athletes but they also have good kids.

    The coaches are good leaders and positive role models. The addition of Jessie Britt to an already loaded staff puts them over the top.

    One day you will be looking back at the Kevin Gillespie era at Page.

  9. You got it. Bill King. Lost 5 games in 5 years. Including a big win over Independence. The most productive offense ever at Page. Several of the players went on to help then Page assistant Steve Davis (now at Dudley). Carlos Doggett, Chris Edwards and Antonio Kirkpatrick.

  10. Just in fun, what about Yates? He’s the only the coach that I can remember in the days prior to the MK era……BK was a whopper of a coach and he did a very good job with his Pirate squads…The man who followed Coach Kirby, Bill King from Lexington, wasn’t it?

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