Bill Flynn no longer in at RUSH Radio 94.5: GONE!

RUSH Radio 94.5 carries the North Carolina Tar Heels’ football and basketball games, but no more Bill Flynn in the Morning….(Bill graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill many moons ago.) I was telling someone the other day, that Bill had lasted almost a year at RUSH, but he didn’t get a chance to make it till the end of the year, Bill Flynn is no longer in at RUSH Radio 94.5….

Rush Limbaugh is still there, Sean Hannity still has his slot and Glenn Beck is still pecking away at it on RUSH, but Bill was at the top of the hill, but today it is a tough pill for Bill to swallow, as his Talk Time has used up it’s last dime and it is time to climb the hill, where Bill must look beyond the towers on Highway 68….

RUSH Radio is already looking for Bill’s replacement and here’s an ad from the Radio Acceess site, by way of

RUSH RADIO 94.5 Greensboro, NC is looking for a morning drive star to take us to the next level! You can be the lead in to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.