Bill Flynn no longer in at RUSH Radio 94.5: GONE!

RUSH Radio 94.5 carries the North Carolina Tar Heels’ football and basketball games, but no more Bill Flynn in the Morning….(Bill graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill many moons ago.) I was telling someone the other day, that Bill had lasted almost a year at RUSH, but he didn’t get a chance to make it till the end of the year, Bill Flynn is no longer in at RUSH Radio 94.5….

Rush Limbaugh is still there, Sean Hannity still has his slot and Glenn Beck is still pecking away at it on RUSH, but Bill was at the top of the hill, but today it is a tough pill for Bill to swallow, as his Talk Time has used up it’s last dime and it is time to climb the hill, where Bill must look beyond the towers on Highway 68….

RUSH Radio is already looking for Bill’s replacement and here’s an ad from the Radio Acceess site, by way of

RUSH RADIO 94.5 Greensboro, NC is looking for a morning drive star to take us to the next level! You can be the lead in to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.


  1. Bill is a very nice guy. Probably too nice for what RUSH was looking for. I have known him personally for years but have not spoken with him recently. I never really listened to his radio shows. I wish him the best and am sure he will land on his feet somewhere.

  2. They did Flynn a favor. No one was buying his phony right wing schtick. He should stick to making happy talk with Lora Whosit on WMAG and playing Mariah Carey.

    It was only a matter of time before Brad and Britt at WZTK drove Flynn and that awful female sidekick off the air.

  3. I tune into Brad and Britt just to see how anyone could defend the left wing mentality. But hey I listened more to them than my friend Bill. Maybe a good show would be Brad and Bill and get rid of that idiot Britt. I totally do not agree with Brad’s politics but he does argue at a reasonalble tone.

    If not that then I agree with John. Go back to a nice on nice show where at least the women would listen.

  4. Britt is the technology geek and he does so much of the creative stuff…Doesn’t mind making a fool out of himself and he is on the computer and twitter and facebook 25 hours a day….He is a nerd, a geek and a nutt, but he is always up to date on everything that is breaking within the news areas and politically…..Information-wise he would be a hard one to keep up and Brad can reap all the benefits of Britt’s work and drive and Brad then throw’s in his experience factor and they can wrap up the total package…..

    You would hate to have those two guys on your football team based on appearance and athleitc ability, but with Britt’s computer and Brad’s veteran radio savy, then will win you advertising dollars, plus some key 25-54 demographics…….

    Britt becomes a very good lead blocker when he goes out front carrying his cell phone and his computer and Brad has his Brett Farve-type ability to get you the audience, be it they hate you or they like, they still want to see what your radio show is up to…..How did Farve do today? How did the radio show sound today or what were they talking about….

    Spoken from a true analyst, from the outside looking inside, after being on the inside and then traveling to the outside……

  5. Putting Flynn on Rush was not a good idea. A morning guy whose audience was mostly women, and putting on a station that has a format that draws a large male audience? really?

  6. I liked Bill Flynn on RUSH 94.5. Didn’t care so much for Pam. I am really ticked off that they have dropped him.

    BTW, notJimMelvin, I know a number of women who listen to RUSH Radio – mainly to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Since I (also a female) can’t listen at work, I usually catch Rush during my lunch time and Hannity on my drive home. You are wrong in your assumptions about the gender of their audience.

  7. i loved bill and pam in the morn i listened 2 them on the way to work and then some they were great .get them back on the air

  8. Rather Rush should be taken off. He is ranting, giggling, talking mainly about sport and regurgitating drodgereport. I do not listen to him, rather to Glenn and mostly Sean. The latter is the real STAR.

  9. i loved bill and pam in the morn i listened 2 them on the way to work and then some they were great .get them back on the air.what happen to pam ?that britt and brad show sucks all they do is bash saria palenand glenn beck two castoffs

  10. Two nice folks I’m sure BUT it was like listening to Regis & Kelly or Ellen (OMG), way too light. Pam has the radio voice that only a mother could love, good news reader. Suggest Rich Brynner, did I spell that close, paired with Randy Jackson, weatherman yes, American Idol no.


  11. I LOVED Bill Flynn. He told it like it was! Please bring him back!! Please replace Hannity wit Schnitt. He is so much better than Hannity. Switch them. Let Hannity be the one who is cut short to bring on a football game or a basketball game.

    I hate Brad and Britt with their leftist views (and I am a lady of color!!). As Rush said, I can not believe any man could be a liberal. Their image is that of tree hugging wussies who have no testicles at all.

  12. Bill was the best on Magic, much better than Rod Davis, but Bill wasn’t nasty enough for the Rush gig. He’s a superior radio personality whom some station will be lucky to get. Pam was too immature for that show.

  13. Bill is a good radio personality but I think the problem was Pam. She didn’t enhance his personality but instead was waiting to argue with him at any moment. Her voice was grating as well.

  14. I agree with Matt. Bill has been on radio a long time and knows the ropes. Pam was not a good choice for partner. She was very confrontational and her voice was grating. That said, I wish both of them well.

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed Bill & Pam. I was shocked to turn on the radio one morning and they were not there. Simply reruns of Rush’s show. I enjoyed the banter and the interviews and the laughter. I mostly enjoyed the stand they took, regarding our rights and our legal system. The discussions regarding improper voting practices at state funded universities, the talk with listeners by phone about the unemployment funds cards not working correctly, etc, etc, etc. They were very good at reminding us of our country’s establishment upon certain values that we should still hold dear today. I truly miss them both! I do not listen anymore except to Sean Hannity in the afternoons on my way home.

  16. I have read opinions of some of your other listener’s and agree with so many of them. Bill Flynn was an asset to the morning show on 94.5. He gave us information we needed to know on the local front as well as the information on what is happening in Washington DC. He had the ability to talk with his audience without being rude or confrontational. I was not that enthused with Pam. Your new host and format does not even compare. I was a regular listener to the am station that TJ formerly worked for and I will listen to them every morning again. I really hope the station does well because I like Sean and Rush but you really should see how right the decision was to have Bill and how wrong it seems to be now.

  17. I enjoyed listening to Bill and Pam. I really don’t like the new guys. It seems that one of those new guys’ views are rather contradictory to what Rush radio would represent. Just my observation and opinion.

  18. I faithfully listened to Bill on WMAG, but not much on Rush Radio. There is no finer person than Bill Flynn and I would agree with a lot of the comments that he was probably too nice and kind to do talk radio. I havew known Bill through some of his non-profit agency volunteer work and I can say that there is no one that is more dedicated to volunteerism and community service than Bill. He will land on his feet and probably be better off. I wish him well!

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