HS football tonight for 11/12/2010(Playoffs Round One)

We’ll have the High Point Central at Smith game on the radio from Ben L. Smith High School, continuing with the theme of trying to cover a game involving two of our Guilford County schools and we will hit the cool air from Smith at 6:45pm, on AM950 radio……We’ll also have updates on the area games on the radio and at Greensborosports.com……Scores on the site throughout the night, courtesy of Don Moore with the score, and we will have Ragsdale, Page, NWG, Dudley, Northern Guilford, SEG, SWG, and hopefully NEG, SG and HPA all the way covered….Glenn Locklear, Rusty Lee, Scott, Joe Goddette, Chris Jones or Rocco Scarfone, Todd Frazier or Buck Bain, Duane Willis, and then we may have to count on “The Coach”, Turk Simms, for the rest of the scores and updates…..We will have it for you as always and if it gets loud, stay proud with us from Smith HS and we’ll kept you updated throughout the evening….We may have to re-evaluate the “All The Way Turned Up” theory this evening and see if that is really the best made plan of mice and men…….We do have a plan and plan on sticking to it as much as possible and if John Steinbeck shows up we’ll see if he brought the wine and cheese or the cheese and crackers with him from one his well-known works, “Of Mice and Men”…..Enough of the word-games/book-games, let’s get to tonight’s football games….

The games are as follows:

High Point Central(7-3) at Smith(9-1) [SMITH]
Glenn(3-7) at Ragsdale(9-1) [RAGSDALE]
West Forsyth(7-3) at Page(9-1) [PAGE]
Scotland County(7-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-2) [NORTHWEST]
EE Smith(6-4) at Dudley(8-2) [DUDLEY]
Northern Guilford(9-1) at Triton(8-2) [NORTHERN]
Burlington Williams(4-6) at Northeast Guilford(7-3) [NORTHEAST]
Mount Pleasant(4-6) Southern Guilford(8-2) [SOUTHERN]
Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(10-0) [HILLSIDE]
Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0) [TATOR]
St. Pauls(5-5) at High Point Andrews(7-3) [ANDREWS]