HS football tonight for 11/12/2010(Playoffs Round One)

We’ll have the High Point Central at Smith game on the radio from Ben L. Smith High School, continuing with the theme of trying to cover a game involving two of our Guilford County schools and we will hit the cool air from Smith at 6:45pm, on AM950 radio……We’ll also have updates on the area games on the radio and at Greensborosports.com……Scores on the site throughout the night, courtesy of Don Moore with the score, and we will have Ragsdale, Page, NWG, Dudley, Northern Guilford, SEG, SWG, and hopefully NEG, SG and HPA all the way covered….Glenn Locklear, Rusty Lee, Scott, Joe Goddette, Chris Jones or Rocco Scarfone, Todd Frazier or Buck Bain, Duane Willis, and then we may have to count on “The Coach”, Turk Simms, for the rest of the scores and updates…..We will have it for you as always and if it gets loud, stay proud with us from Smith HS and we’ll kept you updated throughout the evening….We may have to re-evaluate the “All The Way Turned Up” theory this evening and see if that is really the best made plan of mice and men…….We do have a plan and plan on sticking to it as much as possible and if John Steinbeck shows up we’ll see if he brought the wine and cheese or the cheese and crackers with him from one his well-known works, “Of Mice and Men”…..Enough of the word-games/book-games, let’s get to tonight’s football games….

The games are as follows:

High Point Central(7-3) at Smith(9-1) [SMITH]
Glenn(3-7) at Ragsdale(9-1) [RAGSDALE]
West Forsyth(7-3) at Page(9-1) [PAGE]
Scotland County(7-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-2) [NORTHWEST]
EE Smith(6-4) at Dudley(8-2) [DUDLEY]
Northern Guilford(9-1) at Triton(8-2) [NORTHERN]
Burlington Williams(4-6) at Northeast Guilford(7-3) [NORTHEAST]
Mount Pleasant(4-6) Southern Guilford(8-2) [SOUTHERN]
Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(10-0) [HILLSIDE]
Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0) [TATOR]
St. Pauls(5-5) at High Point Andrews(7-3) [ANDREWS]


  1. We’ve heard the word that Scotland County is coming in from a tough conference with Richmond County, Jack Britt and other teams such as Lumberton…..Is that part of your line of thinking, a tougher road to get here for the Fightin’ Scots?

  2. nwg will not win this game. scotland county beat 71st this year and they are the only team to beat 71st. 71st beat jack britt which in my opinion is the best 4aa team in the state. skill players are to much for nwg to many skilled athletes also for scotland. their conference is tougher and the level of play is way over matched for nwg. i like nwg as a team but i think they want give scotland a very good game. again i see a one and out for nwg. the only thing about this match up thats different than nwg previous years in the play offs is nwg is at home. good luck tonight.

  3. this guy must really hate page. did page take your cookie when you were in high school? or did you lose to page all 4 years in high school? you have never given page or the head coach any credit for anything . which i am probably sure they could care less. you probably one of those bloggers that goes to page games and hope they lose. well they will take your money and laugh at you on the way out. then again you might have a son that played against page and got steamed rolled over for 4 years. its ok jason it will alright baby little jason will be ok . he must see those silver helmets and red in his sleep or for that matter you might see them and still feel them . haha ha. so jason the page family love winners sorry you couldnt be apart of it , because we all know you are a loser. page 35-14. enough said jason voorhees go climb back under a rock.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks the expanded playoff system in NC is a joke? Look at the pairings for the whole state. There are several 3-8 teams and some 2-9 teams in the playoffs. Really? Create a 5A division for the big schools, have only 5 State champions and do away with this 4A, 4AA crap. The only reason the playoffs were expanded was so the State could make more money. Do you realize it is now in the NCHSAA rules that teams can opt out of the playoffs! Why you might ask? Let’s say you are a 2-9 1A school that has to travel 200 miles, feed your team, etc. After your school has spent $1500 to $2000 getting its team to the game just so it can get pounded by the #1 seed, the state takes it cut of the gate (small I’m sure because how many people are going to follow 2-9 on the road) the 2-9 team ends up losing a lot of money on the trip.

  5. Looks like the NW Haters are in full force. I’m not a NW Fan and I hope they win just to upset all the haters on here that say they have no chance. NW has a pretty good team this year. I read where (nw will lose) said NW will not win cause Scotland beat 71st. What the heck does that have to do with tonight’s game? Scotland beat 71st almost 3 months ago and this High School Football. You never know what’s going to happen under the Friday night lights! If that’s the case So.Alamance couldn’t have beaten Smith cause Smith beat NW,HPC, Page, and Dudley. They all had better records than So.Alamance.

  6. NW will win tonight because they have a solid football team of determined young men on a mission. Running backs Baxter and Dillion have almost 2000 yds rushing combined. The QB takes care of the ball. Defense has only given up 16.5 points per game. The Scots have given up 22.5. NW has scored 30.3 points a game while the Scots have scored 28.3. Looks like a great match-up tonight but I have to go with the VIKES in this one. The road trip will take it’s toll and the Scotts will be thinking Richmond beat these guys hands down last year,this should be a cake walk. NW went into that game with a 15 year old QB and Running back last year, both are bigger and stronger. This is why we play the games folks. GOT TO LOVE IT.

  7. NW and Page both got tough draws in these playoffs. Without the pod system, they would probably meet in the second round. With the pods, you can’t help but see both losing bad to Mallard Creek and Butler (granted they get out of the first round). It’s disappointing that NW and Page most likely will not meet this year, but with the budget and people fussing about long trips, the pod system is what it is. With that said, GO VIKINGS and GO PIRATES!!!

  8. In order to be the best you have to beat the best. If Page or NW advance to the 3rd round they will have beaten two great teams in Butler and Richmond. WHY NOT?? Let’s change this saying, “ON ANY GIVEN FRIDAY” (sunday). Just Remember, Nothing is impossible, that’s why they play the game. What if Butler or Richmond don’t advance because the teams they played had everything go right for them? That’s why they play the game.

  9. Butler, richmond, Mallard Creek Who Cares!………Lets worry about to 1st rd Page, and NW fans! Go Vikes!!!! Go Pirates!!!!

  10. –> Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0) [TATOR] <-=-

    {TATOR} sounds like a very country nickname!

    Delicious too!

  11. Ad4deacs,
    Yes you are the only one.

    The eyes have it…Tators over SWG tonight.

    Nice article on SEG in the N&R today. As if we don’t have enough going against us our center broke his hand. Don’t give up boys!

  12. Why is it in Guilford county, if you pick a team to beat another team, you are a hater? Have we lost the capacity to have differing opinions? Scotland county will beat NWG 27-17, and I am not a hater.

  13. I was wondering how many people might catch the Tator call for Tabor…..Remember the little kid in the Snuffy Smith cartoon or comic strip….The kid Tator with the the bald head and he looked like he was about 60 years old but he was supposed to be 5 or 6 years old….

    Just another trip down memory lane for the Snuffy Smith fans of yesteryear….

  14. Where you at Eddie Willis,

    You might not be a hater, but you sure got the NW game wrong.
    Now say your sorry for not believing in them Vikings.

  15. The last post is uncalled for and wouldn’t be approved by anyone at NW or any other school! Uncalled for! Should be removed from this post.

  16. great win for nwg. congrats on a big win. i take back what i said that you guys will lose. again i guess thats why you play to win the game. you guys deserve the credit i applaud you guys . good luck next week against richmond county. you guys can do it.

  17. sefan I thought of all the regulars on here you’d agree with me. See with a legit playoff system SE wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs and wouldn’t have had to take that thorough a$% whipping 🙂

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