Any HS basketball scores/news out there?

from the Greensboro Coliseum on Sunday afternoon:
United Faith by 2 over Oak Ridge Military Academy…..
United Faith 61
Oak Ridge 59

from Saturday morning at 11am at High Point Wesleyan:
Greensboro Day School 72
River Mill 12

Got anything for us today, from games that were played on Saturday or today?????

If you have scores then send those to us here at the site…..We need them and fans are coming here looking for those scores…..

New weekday/weekend assignment, send us those scores, this is where the people come to look for them……


  1. oaK ridge did not look like what i was led to believe would be a world beater team. there was a sparse crowd ( pretty expensive for a hs game. if they are the best team in this area, then basketball will be a real letdown this year! oaK ridge should have won the game, but they dug too big a hole, and they can’t make foullshots!!! K has about 8 coaches on the bench, but his top assistant (the former college coach) was notably missing—they need him on that bench, as he has been with K for 8-10 years. when he gets back, that will make a difference. jones is a real player and will be a difference at the next level. if he’s not happy at oaK ridge, we’ll find a spot for him—-LOL!!!!
    Lamont was not a factor at all, Lawson is a beast and can rebound and run the floor with the best of them. I will never understand why neel sat out so long either (maybr he said something, who knows).

  2. United Faith was missing 2 starters, had 4 people foul out and still won. Says a lot about them and ORMA. One, UFCA is a really good team, however it showed thatORMA is no where near as good as some believe. Struggled to score around the basket, gambled ton open up a lot of open looks, and also spent most of the game arguing with each other. Just some observations. They are certainly talented, but I don’t think they are that good on a “national” level. No scoring around the rim except on tips and transition.

  3. its one game lets see how they do vs quality education and to dale fulton they are the best team in this AREA who around here can beat them??? they played that bad and lost by 2 missed so many foul shots if thhey wouldve took care of the little things they wouldve most definately won you need to be worried about GDS defense giving up 44 to purvis instead of hating on ORMA

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