Looking even closer at the Westchester-Mount Zion game from last night…

Was over at the Lexington Times-Dispatch site trying to get some news on an Oak Ridge-Lexington game from last evening and did get this info….We knew this from earlier on last night’s game:
Westchester 86, Mount Zion 55, plus…..

Rashad Sweeney(formerly Grimsley HS) led Mount Zion with 16 points while Demone Harrison(formerly Page HS) added 11 and Lee Sweeney(formerly Grimsley HS), 10.

Mount Zion versus the Greensboro Day School this coming Monday night, at Smith High School…..


  1. Haven’t seen one yet…I was wondering if maybe Lexington had postponed this game, because they were still playing football…

    Well keep a look out for this score.

  2. This completely makes my day that a PUBLIC high school defeated ORMA. Hahahahaha! This is NOT and I repeat NOT a knock on the kids of ORMA, but to the OUTSTANDING adults who think that they can “put together” a powerhouse and give a great example to the kids there. Outwork and outprepare = Out-SUCCEED! This isn’t dollars and cents but common sense!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice try Mary Frances, but ORMA didn’t play Lexington this week. That game was rescheduled. ORMA doesn’t play again until Saturday vs Quality Education. Do you have nothing better to do than to make up scores?

  4. I apologize for the rude and obnoxious comments that were unsubstantiated about ORMA losing to Lexington as I considered the post to be legitimate but unfortunately it wasn’t. I will not do this again, as I thought this site was a place to post my opinion. Sorry again!

  5. FYI:

    i used to post on this site as “maryfrancis”…please do not confuse whoever “Mary Frances” is with me!!

    i have since retired my opinions and will no longer post….just be aware that any further use of (or false spelling, etc.) is not the original and (i might add…) much superior “maryfrancis”!!

    over and out!!!

  6. Looks like the Oak Ridge game with Lexington game was postponed and will be played at a later date….

    Maybe we are looking too hard and far for these scores, but we will continue to try and get them up here…..I check a lot of team’s web sites and sometimes they do not update them until later in the week and if teams lose, sometimes they are a little slower about getting those results on their site…

    We will keep loooking and as Francis Scott Key, said, ‘Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming”……

    Mr. Key could still see that flag and we will try and see that scoreboard from somewhere even if maryfrancis and Maryfrances have to drop off for a while…..Francis Scott Key could still see and take it from me, it will be, time for another basketball report soon…..

  7. BTW, Monday night is going to be the BIG ONE with Mount Zion coming to Smith HS to face Greensboro Day School at 5:30…..

    Westchester at Christ School tomorrow night in Arden(Asheville) is very big too, but the Monday night game is much closer to home….

  8. ‘Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming”……”

    Rub it in, Andy…..rub it in or better yet, just pour some good ol’ table on my wounded heart!

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