University of North Carolina facilities not available: NCHSAA Indoor Track meet will be held outdoors this year


The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors has made a decision regarding the 2011 NCHSAA indoor track and field championships.

The Board has decided to have the indoor state championship as a winter track championship for this year only, which means indoor events will be contested at an outdoor facility. Many member schools already use outdoor or “polar bear” meets to give athletes an opportunity to meet qualifying standards.

The issue of a championship site occurred when construction on the University of North Carolina campus rendered the normal venue for the event, the Eddie Smith Field House, unable to use for competition this year. Discussion on the options ranged from not having a state championship culminating event to holding the championship at another facility out of state.

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  1. The question I keep asking the powers that be are, Why can’t we have it at the Greensboro Special Events Center like we did years ago. It was a great experience, it kind of gave you the feeling of the Melrose Games.
    To me the problem is that North Carolina in general does not take High School Track and Field serious at all.

  2. Hope they don’t have to take it out of state to Virginia Tech…..I know they have a good facility there in Blacksburg….What is it the Cassells Coliseum and Field House……Lynchburg College has an indoor facility too and what is it called Bridger Field House or somthing like that….

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