Former Dudley HS men leaving their mark on the College Basketball scene

Josh Chavis – USC Upstate
Marcus Heath – Pembroke
Rashawn Polk – Towson (career high last night 29 points)
Brennan Wyatt – Navy
Mike Coger – Brunswick Community College
Kevin Swinton – Oklahoma Baptist


  1. Kevin Swinton. Are you still counting him, he should be about 25 years old. Been to several schools. I guess it is just like high school. Started at SEG and then transferred to Dudley. I guess we will make public all the former Dudley players playing at the YMCA next! Get a REAL TOPIC!

  2. stop insulting kids they made bad choices and they obviously paid for them so why do you feel the need to insult people? and kevin swinton left southeast because there always awful who wouldnt?

  3. Always been big fans of Kevin and Will all the way back to when Kevin was at SEG and Will was at Hairston Middle School…

    Still pulling for those guys and in the end, I think they will turn out just fine, a little seasoning and some maturing and they are going to do all right and we need to keep supporting those kids all we can…They need us watching their back now more than ever, and we don’t need to be stabbing them in the back, cause they will be back….

    Kevin’s team won the NAIA National Championship last year and Kevin was the MVP of the championship game….Local kids that can still use our support…

  4. I think it is great that Kevin found a school to continue playing. He’ll get his degree and play the game he loves. If I had another year of eligibility and I was younger, I would quit my job and find a place to play. Playing ball and going to college are the best days of your life.

  5. Please stop insulting these good kids. I bet 2 know has made the same mistakes. We all have at one point in time. Stop trying to make yourself look good! Its embarrassing!

  6. Tom, I think they are the 2nd best days of your life. There is nothing better than HS football and Friday nights. Every kid that goes away to play in college wishes they could suit up one more time with their friends in that HS lockeroom.

    Congrats to the Dudley boys for continuing their education.

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