Looking the dog(Dawg) in the eye!

Nothing like being out on your morining run and having to get into a stare down with a wild pit bull, who thinks he has the whitest and sharpest teeth in town…..These dogs come running out to the road, as I am running down the road and they want to get into this “Friday Morning Showdown” and try and prove to me that they are the boss and that is not going to happen….Don’t go messing with me, Dawg!

Keep your wild and young pit bulls locked up and send me a friendly rabbit dog or bird dog that has kindred holiday spirit about him….

Don’t have the time or money, to battle a pit bull one-on-one this late in the week/month…..

Looking the dog(Dawg) in the eye and we see who was up in the house, when I came back by that yard, on my return trip…..

Don’t go messing with me Dawg(dog)!!!!!