Northern Guilford over Gray’s Creek Friday night…

Northern Guilford over Gray’s Creek 34-27 on Friday night and here is the game account for you from the Fayetteville Observer newspaper on-line…

CLICK HERE to take a look back at this huge Round Two win by the Northern Guilford Nighthawks, who were led by the 4 TD’s from junior Daniel Downing….


  1. This pod system is a joke Northern will have to travel again and they have no hopes of a home game even if they continue to at least as far as I know. Northern continues to be the whipping boy of the 3A and has done nothing wrong. I don’t recall the football program having any vilolations during the witch hunt two years ago. Football generates revenue and if you have no home games you loose out. Boys continue to play hard and keep your heads up

  2. Super job by the Northern kids in the post-season….The have continued to step up each week and as you said, they have had to do it on the road…Daniel Downing has had a phenomenal year for the Nighthawks….If they keep winning, this kid should be named All-State….

    It has been one heck of a post-season for kids like Adams and Blanks at High Point Central too….Plus the McCann twins, Johnny King and Kyle Martin at NEG…

    Best of luck and let’s hope you have a very good week of practice, to all the kids still in the playoffs….

    Keep up the good work Nighthawks, Bison and Rams….

  3. Rev. Worm, Stop your blabbing. Northern had a good season, but did not take care of business in their own conference. There are plenty of teams that have to hit the road. If Northern plays well on the road, that will earn respect from the people in the other regions. People will always talk about that “Northern” team. Besides, you could have been put in the West and have to face Catholic or Rowan.

  4. Well, I have to say no one is bit$%ing that we are on the road. We did well in our conference. And yes, we will always be that “Northern” team that plays like champions and holds our heads high. Thank you for saying that we had a good season. We get to travel to Raleigh on Friday. Always a good year when you play the day after Thanksgiving. Do you have to travel too?

  5. Great job by the nighthawks! They just keep on winning and they have kept a low profile on this site this season. It is refreshing that all of the news this season is about the play on the field. Good luck next week.

  6. Congrats to NG football team. They have worked hard and never let up. Good to see them do well. Good luck on Friday.

  7. Northern Fans, Just take a look at Cardinal Gibbons’ schedule. They dont play a very good schedule, plus, they are not overwhelming alot of the teams they play. I dont know, but I think this might be a blessing. They could be playing in a State Championship. Tell the kids to enjoy the ride and eat it all up. I think this might be good for Northern. Blessings come in ways that we dont understand sometimes.

    A leben ahf dir! Yiddish for “you should live and be well”

  8. You never know what you will run into at this stage of the season, as you hit conference championship matchups and playoff games….

    Kind of interesting and you never know what to make of it….Western Alamance beat Northern in the Conference title game in OT, then Western got clobbered by a much lower seeded team in Fayetteville Douglas Byrd and then Byrd lost by one to Cardinal Gibbons….If Byrd beats Gibbons, then Northern is home this week….Many thought Byrd was the team to beat…..

    It is a good and prosperous time for Northern football and they have a lot to be thankful for here at this playoff/holiday season….Last year they lost in I believe it was Round Three to Anson County and here they are in Round Three of the playoffs this season…That is consistancy and Northern still is kind of the new kid on the block….They are really coming around in a good way….

    Page is ready to play Northern in the regular season, next year(2011), so the county is coming their way and things are building and coming around well for the Nighthawks, and again good luck on Friday…

    Also a bit wild, how the High Point Central foe shows up at home on Friday, hosting the Bison….Davie County comes into the playoffs at (5-5) and proceeds to knock off North Davidson(9-1) and then Mount Tabor(10-1)….The Davie County War Eagles are a team that is on a hot streak too, but so are the Bison…..If the Bison would have lost to Ragsdale, then Ragsdale would have been back at home again this week, if Smith would have stopped HP Central in Round One and then held court at home versus Ragsdale, then Smith would have been home for the third straight week on Friday vs. Davie County……Davie County had the higher conference finish than Central, as Central ended up in a three-way tie for third and got knocked down a notch in the draw….

    A lot to look at when you get into the playoffs and we still have three teams with Northeast Guilford home to face Eastern Alamance, HP Central on the road to Mocksville to meet Davie County and Northern Guilford on the road to Raleigh, to square off with Cardinal Gibbons, which is a little bit like Bishop McGuinness, since CG is private school playing in the NCHSAA……Big private school too, and also along the lines of a Charlotte Catholic, which is private playing public(NCHSAA) and have been for many years……..

    Many a scenario, as we head further down the football road….

  9. Good point posed earlier and here is Cardinal Gibbons’ 2010 football schedule:

    @ Clayton (Clayton, NC) 13-33 (L)

    East Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) 40-28 (W)

    Louisburg (Louisburg, NC) 37-20 (W)

    @ Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC) 29-15 (W)

    @ Union Pines (Cameron, NC) 38-7 (W)

    @ Cedar Ridge (Hillsborough, NC) 14-35 (L)

    Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) * 50-30 (W)

    @ Southern Vance (Henderson, NC) * 27-8 (W)

    @ Northern Vance (Henderson, NC) * 24-7 (W)

    Orange (Hillsborough, NC) * 41-14 (W)

    Webb (Oxford, NC) * 28-6 (W)

    Overhills (Spring Lake, NC) ***24-14 (W)

    Douglas Byrd (Fayetteville, NC) ***28-27 (W)

    Northern Guilford (Greensboro, NC) ***

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