HS hoops tonight 11/22/10: GDS-Mount Zion and Smith-Mount Tabor, a mountainous lineup..

Greensboro Day School vs. Mount Zion Academy 5pm at Ben L. Smith High School on Holden Road…..Rashad Sweeney and Lee Sweeney(formerly Grimsley HS) and Demone Harrison(formerly Page HS) will be there for Mount Zion and this will be one of first chances to see GDS with Ross and Lucas and Terry and Kleinman and Williams and Roberts and Robertson…..

Smith vs. Mount Tabor at 8pm…..Smith with Jeff Simms, Eric Ebron, Tracy Gathings, Drew Williams and others and Ebron may be in there, or they may still have him in training for the N.C./S.C. Shrine Bowl Football game, coming up in early December…..One would think he ought to be able to get a few basketball games in before then and he has now had over week to get ready for basketball….

Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford 7:30pm

Randleman at Southern Guilford 6pm (Girl’s scrimmage)


  1. The return of three players who turned their backs on their teammates and schools shouldn’t be given publicity. I am not a big GDS fan but I hope they beat the mess out of Mt. Zion.

  2. So two of these players left Grimsley to play on an awful team. this school has horrible academics. and the other player left grimsley to sit the bench. SMDH

  3. How did Demone Harrison do for Mt. Zion? I wasn’t able to get to the game. I didn’t see his name in the box score.

  4. About all Demone got on Monday was five fouls….I was adding up the MZCA scoring and was surprised to see he didn’t score in the game….He hasn’t been there all that long at Mount Zion and maybe he needs some more time to get used to this team….Team arrived about an hour and a half late for the game and did not have a ton of time to get warm, but it was the same way for his entire team, Mount Zion….

    Demone’s brother Rashad Harrison, I believe it is, was there watching the game in his Oak Ridge Military warm up top and he is a really big kid and it looks like he has gotten taller and maybe slimmed down some….He could be an imposing force in the middle for some team down the road and maybe even ORMA, depending on the minutes that will be available for a man in his position…..

  5. BTW, the return of the kids to Greensboro was a good way to help promote the game and that for the most part is what we are trying to do….Promote the games and to promote the kids enough to gve them a chance to be seen and heard of some maybe they get a college shot…

    Coach Mike Dement and assistant coach Wes Miller from UNCG, were there watching on Monday…..Others came through later on in the evening…

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