Tar Heels begin basketball season at (2-2) and UNC looking to rebound: Roy Williams is here to tell us how courtesy of WFMY TV2

Courtesy of WFMY TV2 and NEWS 2 Sports photojournalist Brian Hall, Coach Roy Williams joins us from the Smith Center and the basketball operation offices in Chapel Hill…..Fans have been asking and now Coach Williams is talking when you CLICK HERE……


  1. It always seems to be about Roy. He makes more excuses when the team loses. His gig is getting old. Maybe Old Roy needs to look at himself and be honest about his coaching ability. He has more talent year in and year out than just about any coach in USA. He should be in Final 4 every year with that talent.

  2. You might be right about Roy. I am on of the most die hard Tarheel Basketball Fans but it seems that the Roy maybe destroying the program.
    I think he should let the kids play no matter how many points a kid scores.
    I know that basketball is a team sport and that assists are a big part of the game but it seems that Roy does not want any one individual to do most of the scoring.
    Let the kids play when he is hot let him score dont set him down.

  3. I agree with what Gary G was saying earlier. Roy Williams must go if this team is ever going to go anywhere. He is too much old school, Old Roy and with today’s players you have to let them go and play fast and fast paced and not put on brakes.
    If they can get up the nerve to get rid of Roy then they need to go ahead and fire Butch Davis and Dick Baddour while they are taking out the trash.
    Clean house in Chapel Hill and start over with a clean slate.
    If they would just listen to the true Tar Heel fans around the state they would see this what we all want. The programs are beyond repair and it is time to make amends and start from scratch. If North Carolina would send out the clowns i do feel we can turn all of this around and run a clean athletic program. It is sad to hear that Roy Williams has made a mess with his team just like Davis did but I knew it was coming. This has been a disaster in the makings for many years and it won’t stop until Roy Williams, Butch Davis and Dick Baddour are all gone.

    I will be Thankful when those three have left the building forever. Gary G was right. The G needs to mean get gone and get gone now Williams, Davis and Baddour. Listen to what Gary G was saying and you will be feeling like I do and thousands of other Tar Heel fans feel the same way.

    I will be Thankful when Roy Williams, Butch Davis and Dick Baddour are gone forever and that will be a good Thanksgiving for me and my family!

  4. Coach Williams can and still will do it. Lets just give the coach some time. It is really early and it is a LONG season.


  5. I think OL Roy should make a public apology to the fan from Presbyterian that is when everything started going wrong in Chapel Hill when Roy had the kid thrown out, do the right thing Roy.

  6. I don’t think any of you should be picking on Coach Roy Williams’ team right now…..His Heels could come back and bite some of you in the backside, right where it hurts….Wait and see, UNC may be the team that shocks the world this year, they sure did that in football…I’m still shocked by some of the things that I was seeing and hearing…..

  7. Typical Carolina fans. Jumping ship when the waves get high. You Heel fans never seem to stop amazing me. You have always been the first fans to put the light blue in the closet after a few losses and the first ones to take the light blue out of the closet after a few wins. Grow up.

    Duke Fan

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