More HS hoops scores from last night with Dudley girls over Durham Hillside/Hillside boys win over Dudley 64-54…

Durham Hillside boys 64
Dudley 54

From last night and we still need the SEG-Asheboro results and we just got the news on the Dudley boys at Durham Hillside(Hornets over Panthers, 64-54)….The Asheboro Courier-Tribune has become a paid site and did not have the SEG-Asheboro news and I was able to get the Dudley girls from the Durham Herald-Sun, and I have a few more scores that I was able to grab from the News and Record morning paper hard copy..

Dudley girls 57
Durham Hillside 53

*****See more below.*****

Western Guilford boys 85
Graham 73

*****Reggie Perkins with 34 points, Jeff Mosley 19 and Tyler Stutts 13 for WG….Justin Cousins with 24 paced Graham and Cousins is a highly regarded young basketball player for the Red Devils from Graham…*****

Oak Ridge boys 74
Queens Grant 51

*****Jacob Lawson with 20, Chris Jones with 12 and Michael Neal with 10 lead ORMA.*****

Greensboro Day School boys 58
Charlotte Country Day 41

*****John Terry with 13 and Reed Lucas with 10 topped the GDS(4-1) scoring on Tuesday.*****

Charlotte Country Day girls 37
Greensboro Day School 32

*****Ronata Rogers led the Bengal ladies with 20 points.*****

Dudley-Durham Hillside from the Durham Herald-Sun:Read all CLICK HERE.

DURHAM — When Hillside girls basketball coach Ovester Grays and his team won the state championship two years ago, four of his current five starters were still in junior high.

The team’s youth and inexperience showed as it fell 57-53 to Greensboro Dudley Tuesday night.

Desiree Drayton scored a game-high 15 points for Dudley and Ebony Goins added 13. Jordyn Smith chipped in 11 points for Hillside.

Grays said he made it a point to schedule tough non-conference opponents like Dudley in order to get his team ready for conference play as well as this weekend’s tournament.

“The main thing is to remind them that this is a process. We just want to get better and better each week and build on that.”

Dudley 57
Hillside 53

GREENSBORO Dudley—Drayton 15, Goins 13, L. Rouse 9, McIvor 6, M. Rouse 5, T. Jackson 4, McGee 2, Davis 2

Hillside—Lindsay 12, Smith 11, McKenneth 8, Lee 6, Smith 5, McGee 5, Ashberry 5, McLean 3.

Greensboro Dudley 15 15 10 17—57

Hillside 10 11 15 17—53

3-Point goal—Dudley: 1 (Rouse), Hillside: 1 (Lee).

Record—Dudley(1-0)/Hillside 0-2.


  1. Dudley 54- Hillside 64 . . . . the Panthers lost !!!!!!!!!!!! u GOTTA B SM%KN ME . . . .

  2. Thanks for the score, although I hate that they lost….That is a good site at WRAL and HSOT.Com and I’ll have to remember to check them next time….Thanks again for the score…..We got it!

  3. boys got a lot of young inside players… Games will be tougher this season, but hopefully by end of season they will have found the chemistry.

    Girls game shouldn’t have been that close….but first three games are always challenging..unless you want to play a walk over team..

  4. The girls have a very strong team. They play excellent defense , ran plays well, and play as a TEAM. I know this will be an excellent season for them. The coach may want to utilize a few more of his weapons off the bench. D. Drayton is a monster and E. Goins will make her name this year. I look forward to watching those two young ladies do work and go far.

    The men’s team will have a long year if the coaching staff doesn’t make some adjustments. They really to adjust some positions and especially that of the point guard. Hunt is an outstanding ball player, but not a pure point guard. Keeping him at this position will make him look as if he is a mediocre player and his stock will fall. He is a shooting guard and one of the best and Dudley needs him doing this. Also, rebounding, boxing out, and defense is lacking. The center should have dominated last night, but the point guard will need to get him the ball! Also, the center will need to become more aggressive and stronger and play more in the post. Dillard had a great game, but he needs help. Make some adjustments and your season will be decent. Suggestion – 1-One of the guards off the bench – 2- HUNT 3- Dillard 4 – Alston 5- Clyburn.

  5. please dudley will lose alot of games this year not because they are young. sounds like you guys are looking for way out already. this is what happens when you dont treat your players right. beside PJ ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS THAT HAS D1 TALENT ARE PLAYING IN THE ADULT LEAGUE @ BARBER PARK…. OR PLAYING D2 BALL. WHAT GOES AROUND COME BACK AROUND AGAIN. YOUR GUARDS ARE NOT THAT GOOD EITHER I GUESS THEY ARE YOUNG AS WELL……

  6. Totally new backcourt with the exception of Reggie working on the perimeter more….Sam can do it…..Josh Chavis did it, Brennan Wyatt did it and they both accounted for themselves as very solid Panther point guards….Both are still at it as DI PG’s with Josh at South Carolina Upstate and Brennan at the Naval Academy…..Dudley will be OK, but you are right, they are young and it will take some time to put all of the pieces of the Panther Puzzle in place…Got to go with a positive Panther push, this could turn out to be one their best coaching jobs ever, if they can pull this Panther posse together and make a run at the Metro 4-A…..Work hard with the cards you are dealt and you may surprise some people…Shouldn’t be as much pressure on the Panthers this season as in the past….Expectations don’t seem to be as high, so go get some and prove the outsiders wrong….They may have stretches were they are at half and half, .500, but in late February and early March, that is when you want the Panthers to peak……

    Good topic and we all love our basketball and can be thankful together that we have plenty of hoops on our Panther/Pirate/etc. plate again this holiday season….

  7. beniah wise was allowed to sneak thru the cracks and left dudley during the summer prior to his freshmen yr…i dont know how much he would have played during the previous two years, but he could have definitely helped this year…And dont forget about Devin Wadell who is about 6-7 and enrolled at georgetown prep in washington, dc

  8. Beniah Wise moved on out and he has moved up…..Hit for 32 points for Ragsdale in a scrimmage last week and this kid will be the top player for the Ragsdale Tigers this season…..His brother Aaron, who played at Grimsley, was a very solid point guard too….The Wise brothers have played and can play some ball…..Probably worked out better for him if his family was moving, since it would be tough to have beat out Brennan or Josh at point by a guard that was a year or so younger than them….

    Check ESPN for stats
    Good game @ “BABER PARK” North ( Towson, MD outside of Baltimore) tonight!

    Rashawn Polk – Towson (Dudley) vs. Brennan Wyatt – Navy (Dudley)

    Keep hating because you are your name “Young and Dumb”

  10. western guilford boys look real good tonight they have good chemistry and they did good depiste missing their big man the one who gave dudley trouble last year

  11. Panther Fan
    Caught Dudley/Hillside game earlier in the week and agree with you about the Dudley girls team but WTH!

    The Dudley girls got a strong team just like a well-tuned race car with horses raring to go. But; some how the young-blood newbie coach (?) don’t seem to know what he got under the hood or what he’s working with. Shame he got some of the best talent in the city yet, he plays them like he’s driving a 3- speed Pinto wagon. Anybody who follows basketball ALREADY KNOW these girls are LOADED like a well oiled machine. They played with, and against the best AAU teams across the country and have been coached by some of the best coaches in the business (Phoenix/Galaxy etc..,).

    Please, somebody let the young blood coach know he’s killing the kids game! Come on bro y’all mixing the wrong players out there. The chemistry ain’t flowing. Kinda like riding the gas paddle and the brake at the same time and it’s killing the engine. You put the foot on the gas you go up by 10-12, you throw in a monkey-wrench (wrong chemistry), and the score drops.

    AGAIN, I SAY WTH! You got to get the right players in together if you want to remain strong and keep the game moving. You throw the game off!

    Both me and the partner agreed who keeps the motor running and the right chemistry (clear as day):

    First Team: D. Drayton, E. Goins, C. Jackson, M. Rouse
    In/Out: K. Rouse & K. McIver.

    Second Five: L. Jackson, M. Davis, (?) Smith, little lady from Grimsley.
    In/Out: 2 tall girls & Phoenix

  12. Rashawn Polk ??????? what year did he come out of dudley????? did he reclass in college…… LMBO Sam cant play the 2 he is a P/G and step slow but can shoot but on defense you have to hide him. but im sure dudley is looking in the jail houses to bring somebody in…… LOL keeping it 100 they need help….. they will win some games but there best players PJ and the other guard had to move on to get BETTER…… dudley use there players up for four years dont let them play football which in some cases is there better sport. How cant a kid start four years and can’t get in school I want call any names but COM’ON MAN!!!!!! the writing was on the wall PJ get out of there and get ready UNC B/C you want be ready if you stayed @ dudley just look @ graves a very BIG DISAPPOINTMENT…..

  13. young and dumb,
    you must be a disappointment to yourself to be so worried about them. who is your team? why don’t you talk about how great they are instead of telling us how bad others are.
    western is a force with reggie perkins playing like that!!

  14. If the Dudley coaches can pull it off and have a big year, it would be one of their best coaching jobs ever, based on what they lost from last year’s team and what they had coming back this year…..

    Rayshawn Polk was a good player for the Dudley Panthers and he was on at least one State Championship team while at Dudley…I know he was on the team that won in Chapel Hill and maybe the Raleigh team too…

    Polks are a basketball bunch with Rayshawn, Angie, Shawana, George and others, good basketball people…Rayshawn put in his time at GTCC and he is moving on up…

  15. Hey Lovingthegame,

    Man, you right on the money about them Dudley girls. Young coach don’t know what he working with! These young ladies already had the best coaching. You ain’t got to do much! Fix the chemistry and lets go to work!

    Saw Coach Hunt on the bench. Great coach! Load of experience there… talk,talk,talk!

  16. Dudley finally ran out of ways to “steal everybody else’s players(the same is happening with their football team) What goes around is “comin’ round for the panthers and the panther faithful can’t take it. Now, we’ll see if “da staff “can really coach. We shall see, aye mate!

  17. @ c’mon,do I hear violins

    What hard proof that Dudley had stolen players from other schools ???? I really tired of all the negative grabage that is spoken about Dudley’s sports programs. Back in the 80’s and 90’s PAGE H.S. had the BEST Basketball Boy’s & Girl’s teams in Guilford Co. PAGE has the best Football programs in the county. Where was this ” THEY STOLE ” talk back then. DUDLEY have had players/students leave and go to other schools as well. Did those schools steal ??? DEJUAN MORRISON {PITTSBORO} & A kid nickname “N.Y.” {went to S.E. GUILFORD} left DUDLEY a few years ago as well.

    I went to J.M. Morehead High “88”, My son will attend Western Guilford and my wife went to PAGE, But I have follow Dudleys Sports programs for about 15 yrs as a fan. Coach Price was the Assitant Basketball Coach on that 91 Morehead Boys Team back then. The MAN has class and is very humble. Coach Price & My Father are good friends, so I know alittle about how that man operates his business.

    Question to all the people that LOVE to bash DUDLEY HIGH, every chance they get. Why do YOU waste so much ENERGY & TIME wasting on trying to ATTACK DUDLEY ???????? WHY ????? Back in ROCKINGHAM CO. for years REIDSVILLE RAMS FOOTBALL AND ROCKINGHAM CO. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAMS, have been the best programs in this county for the last 20 years. But I have never heard not one person from other schools bash those to teams for cheatin…… We say they are the best and we wish our teams could match up better…. WE may not stand them but we respect them. Why can’t yall do the same, HUH !!!! All across this state there are POWERHOUSE thur out . RICHMOND CO., CHAR. BUTLER/ INDEPENDENCE, W.S. CARVER, WEST ROWAN, SHELBY, THOMASVILLE, KINSTON, MT. TABOR, ASHEVILLE, REIDSVILLE and others. Have I heard people from other parts of the state call those teams FOR STEALING STUDENTS !!!!! THE ANSWER IS NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

    Over the last 2 years DUDLEY HAVE loss over 8 – 10 students/ players that would have been playing on this team, that have transfer. People come/ people go…..It Happens FOLKS !!! This team might be a 500 % ball club this yr { I saw them play at HILLSIDE as well } If it happens that way, so be it. But a GUILFORD CO. school is going on into the playoffs , I’m going to support them, even though I love supporting Dudley. But you ” CRAB IN THE BUCKET PEOPLE WANT TO DO IT……HATERATION, SAD !!!! VERY SAD !!!

  18. Reggie Dillard goes in and takes over some of the games like he did Ragsdale last year, then Dudley is going to be right there winning some big games….Don’t sleep on Dudley and if they find a man to grab the ball and take it to the hole when Reggie gets double and triple-teamed, then that will be the spark to light the fire….Who will that man be? We’ll have to wait and see, but believe me, he is out there and you got to think he will step up…..

  19. its not what only what u see on outside but what u don’t see on inside. yes they had good “coaching” past years..i can tell u this those girls w their young coach are the happy and loving the game. Heck Dudley girls lost early games past 2-3 yrs. Every coach will learn rotation as games continue. U hve to also remember their are not 11 speedy athletic girls on team as in the past. u can’t run the four superfast girls to death. At some point u got to play some fundamental ball. Now do u take them all out at once prob not… if u were there u surely saw they were tired and some were cramping. this was their 1st game and practice conditioning is not like game conditioning…so chill w young coach duds..he is just what the doctor ordered! Your sug on 1st five and second five shows u are focused on athleticism and speed..more to game. but they will be fine..

  20. Dudley girls will stiil run away with their division. All those teams in this conference that think that they are ready? You had better think again!

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