High School Football Playoffs – Round 3 – Friday Night Scoring Desk – 11/26/10

10:02 PM – Update #11

Eastern Alamance (13-2) – 38
Northeast Guilford (9-4) – 7

Northern Guilford (12-2) – 35
Cardinal Gibbons (11-3) – 10

High Point Central (9-5) – 15
Davie County (8-6) – 18

FINAL (from Coach Turk)
W.S. Carver- 47
Burlington Cummings- 14


  1. Andy,
    Don’t forget to vote for the 102jamz Friday Night Football Player of the Year. Just log onto http://www.102jamz.com look for the Player of the Year Banner click and follow the directions.Thanks and Happy Holidays

    Coach Turk

  2. Congratulations to some hard-working boys at NG. The fans were out there to support and we will travel to Wilson next week as well. You done good, boys!

  3. NG has had a pretty easy road so far in the playoffs. That will all change next week.
    Wilson Hunt will be the toughest team they have faced all year long. From the highlights
    Cardinal Gibbons looked like a middle school team very small and not very aggressive.
    Should be good game at Wilson Hunt next Friday.

  4. All I have to say is: Field Goals are your friend!! Taken one and they would be tied, taken 2 and they could have won. AND, the same play that burnt Ragsdale, a lateral, burns HPC the next week. What the heck?? (that’s not what I wanted to say, censored for you Andy) 🙂

  5. Thanks and it was a great year for the High Point Central Bison…We will never forget the job they did and Drew Adams has to rank right up there with Johnny Evans as the best quarterbacks to ever come out of High Point and and Derek Grant may be the best pure receiver to come out of High Point, not that sure of many others that could go up and get the ball like he did…..Heard Grant might be going to N.C. A&T for basketball, not sure about Adams…..A&T ought to get Adams for football, he would give them a very smart QB back there and he would be a big asset to the Aggies and maybe we can get Grant and Adams both playing football for A&T….

    Congrats to all the Bison players, coaches and their fans on a great year…Might be a while before we see numbers put up like this again….Go Adams and Grant and please go to A&T so we can contiue to see you play ball…..


    You guys play in a weak conference and so far your state tourn. run has only been a glorified conference tournament. That will change next week when the Nighthawks come to town!!

  7. From what I can tell NG plays in the weakest conference in the Triad Area.Just look at the scores of your Conference games. Your only competition other than WA came from your non-conference opponents. Dudley beat you by 1 pt. you beat NW by 1 pt. The road to the State Title goes through Wilson Hunt and will stop for NG next Friday night.

  8. That might be something the Aggies ought to look into Adams /Grant combination,better than what’s there. A&T needs to stop allowing the great talent to leave home;they giving up a chance to be like App State . ..they just don’t see it and don’t even try to make the effort . . . . .they could be a powerhouse if they’d only try. Somethings wrong over there in athletics . . .no VISION ! Had a great AD in Scandrett and screwed that up and have been paying the price ever since. If they so”world class” why don’t they think that way instead of being a stubborn “ass” Rags( Coach Ragsdale) was right there for the taking . . .screwed that up cause they have always felt grass was greener outside of the womb. Bunch of dumb asses and it now shows. “Tee” has always had little respect for the homegrown talent,they always make excuses of why they can’t instead of at least trying. Back in the glory years of athletics over there they would mesh the locals with a few outa staters and were powerful . . . .they don’t have that vision anymore ,to them it’s outdated. It’s worked at FAMU, Grambling and the like,we just too doggone busquois . . .and what you see is what you get. You ‘spose to beat Greensboro College in basketball . . . .they division 3 !!!! C’mon enuff ‘s enuff get off your high hounches over there and get busy and stop making the flimsey excuses. It’s sickening to say the least.There’s talent here in Guilford County if you go after it or don’t you know that? Everybody don’t have to go ACC, A DEGREE TAKES AT LEAST 4 YEARS WHEREVER U GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “IF U KEEP ON DOING THE SAME OL’ THING . . .YOU’LL CONTINUE TO GET THE SAME OL THING” N-U-N-T-H-I-N !!!!!!!!!!!! Outta here . . . .

  9. How did you hear that Derek Grant(my grandson) was going to A&T? As his grandmother this is news to me.My husband hadn’t heard it and neither had my son or daughter or Derek.

  10. That’s what they had in the High Point Enterprise newspaper in the basketball preview back on Friday….The Enterprise said Derek was going to N.C. A&T and that he was going to play basketball for the Aggies at N.C. A&T….If he goes there, I hope he plays football too…

    I’d like to see him and Adams both go to Elon and I am tempted to call the coach or one of the coaches at Elon and find out if they are recruiting these two young men, Grant and Adams….A&T is OK, but I think Elon would be a better fit for football for both of them…..

  11. Northern Nation, show a little class. Be glad that you guys are blessed to play this far. Stop talking about weak conferences. HUnt has a good football reputation. I will say that over the last15 years the best football overall has been played right here. NEHS 1997, Carver, Williams, Western Alamance, Ragsdale, and of course Dudley. Northern is working its way up. Be proud NG fans, but show some class.

  12. oppenheimer,
    northern nation!! was only reponding to the 1st wilsonhunt comment that said northern has played a weak playoff slate so far and it’s only fair for northern nation!! to point out hunt has played teams from their conference/area only in the playoffs themselves.

    BTW Hunt, I think going down to grays creek and knocking off the #1 seed qualifies as a guality win for for northern

  13. Still, you guys need to how some class. If certain people were honest, then you would not have some of the players on your team. If you dont want to re-hash all of that ugliness, stop complaining about other teams schedules and be glad that you are in the playoffs.

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