“Bigger, Faster, Stronger”…Northern Guilford over Cardinal Gibbons 35-10, last night in Raleigh

Bigger, Faster, and Stronger…That’s what the Cardinal Gibbons coach was saying about the Northern Guilford Nighthawks, after their win over his Crusaders last night in Raleigh…CLICK HERE and read, all from the News and Observer out of Raleigh….

from News and Record.com:

Logan is star of Nighthawks’ night….CLICK HERE to read all….


  1. NG FAN,,

    You can’t be the KING until you win it all. A little premature to be crowning NG
    the new KING.

  2. Get back with me when they win it all and we’ll talk about it.
    Until then you aint won nuthin.

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