Northern Guilford at Wilson Hunt next Friday night

Wilson Hunt 14
Northern Nash 7

Northern Guilford 35
Cardinal Gibbons 10

Northern Guilford(12-2) at Wilson Hunt(12-2) next Friday night(Dec. 3) at Wilson Hunt High School….


  1. All I know is it rained and I had to stand under a tree to watch a blowout!

  2. If it is a blowout, why not put the 2nd stringers in a little earlier than the last seconds of the game!!!!!!!!!! And the ones who deserve to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Time for 2nd stringers is over this is the State Playoffs!!! If your son is a 2nd stringer then tell him to be a first stringer so he can play…

  4. You just made my point that you should stay under your tree. No need for the smart mouth. And my son does play so that was not the point, but obviously you wouldn’t get it any way……..

  5. All I am saying is there was plenty of time to play bench warmers early in the season…..this is the State Playoffs……did you not watch Auburn and Nevada come back from 24pts down in the 2nd half to win??? Bench warmers stay seated in Big games point blank that’s just how it is.

  6. Oh, I got what you said, it was just no one needed your stab at the boys. “tell him to be a first stringer so he can play” Need to be a little considerate of what you type……… Are you really a Northern Fan? You should know better.

  7. Parents always complaining about kids playing time never ends and we wonder why the kids today are so soft….wonder if parents complain to Coach K at Duke if he doesn’t play 2nd stringers…..

  8. Guys, just checking out the site. I would say that the best thing to do is keep you 1st stringers in. They need to learn how to finihs a game. Alot of teams that score and win by alot usually do not finish very well. Northern is OK to keep their 1st stringers in.
    be careful though, try to avoid injuries.

  9. 1st team – 2nd team….it’s all about TEAM
    The 2nd team has done a great job this year regardless of when they do or do not get in to play during a game …The 2nd team (scout team) has the responsibility of getting the starting “O” and “D” prepared for Friday’s games. Being prepared for the next opponent is crucial as the coaches have 3 days to do this during the week as Thursday is walkthrough….You see…the 2nd team is getting playing time no matter how you look at it….practicing against the NG starters is helping these kids prepare for when it is thier turn… I’ve observed 2nd stringers playing throughout the season and would agree with propasser that it’s no secret that Northern has had a depth problem at certain positions and when games have gone 4qtrs or OT the tank was not always full….NG is in the 4th round of the playoffs….the bus leaves Friday…get on it or stay home.

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