Oak Ridge over High Point Christian tonight at ORMA

Oak Ridge Military Academy 62
High Point Christian Academy 52

1st Q ORMA 19, HPCA 9….Halftime ORMA 39, HPCA 19….3rd Q ORMA 44, HPCA 36….Final:ORMA 62, HPCA 52…..

High Point Christian was getting beaten bad early, as ORMA’s Chris Jones was much too strong for the HPCA Cougar backcourt to handle….Michael Neal and Asad Lamont were causing HPCA problems too and so was Carlos Rankins….Jacob Lawson, as expected was very tough for ORMA inside and Theo Pinson might have been the most electrifying player on the court tonight for ORMA, as the freshman was everywhere and he made his presence known with several thundering dunks…Pinson will be the next big name to come out of the Triad area and we need to keep an eye on him, he will be one of the better players that we will have seen come through here and he fits in very well with the ORMA offense….

Jordan Weethe was the MVP for High Point Christian….He had a big game and helped keep the Cougars in the game….HPCA was able to cut the lead to just six points in the 3rd quarter and they made big run to get back in the game, after being down by as many as 25 points….Weethe was smooth outside and inside and he was joined in a five-man rotation in the 3rd quarter, that included Mitch Oates, Aaron Scales, Jon Bethea, the tall kid from Nigeria and Weethe….

Oates and Scales did not start for HPCA(Coach’s Decision), but when they came in and got settled down, Oates and Scales made a major impact on the success that HPCA was having….Oates outside and the big space-eater Scales on the inside….Bethea was working his rear end off with his hustle and his dribble and pass penetration, helped High Point Christian get some excellent looks at the basket, in the second half and they weren’t getting those looks in the first half…..

What looked to be a blow-out, turned out to be a very competitive game in the second half, when the HPCA Cougars came roaring back and they really made a game of this one…..That iron-man five that they were using in the third quarter, stood up well under the pressure and ORMA had to earn this one, after it looked like they were going to be in for a cakewalk….

Theo Pinson is for real and he is playing at a much higher level of basketball than he was playing last year, while he was in middle school….Teaming up with and going up against the much older players, at a higher talent level has really benefitted his game….Lawson can still block shots, with the best shot-blockers that we have in this state and his picks will drive you mad, because they extend from the foul line to the sidelines and he will cause you to get lost in his self-imposed picket fence and you may never get out of there in time, to stop the man(your man), that is headed to the basket and he just left you standing in your tracks, as you tried to get through that screen, that was set by Lawson…..Jones, Neal, Lamont, Rankins and the other ORMA guards command your attention and the military setting, seems to be helping these kids get more disciplined on the basketball court….Jones doesn’t look to be all that big, but he gets to the basket in a hurry and he is strong enough to go through you and your help defense, or he can go right around you and by you, straight to the bucket and leave you wondering, where did he go??? We know he is headed to Tennessee and he will be in the SEC next season….

Good night of high school basketball action and I am glad the two kids on the front got up and left their seats, otherwise I would have had no place to sit down….The gym at ORMA was packed, maybe 1,500 fans or a few more than that in there and the parking lot was jam-packed too…..

We should have some official scoring totals for you later on in the evening…..

7 thoughts on “Oak Ridge over High Point Christian tonight at ORMA

  1. The second half was dreadful for ORMA. That is the only reason it was close. I mean really, they scored 5 pts in the third quarter. HPCA isn’t good enough to stay with a good ORMA team and even when ORMA plays bad they still win. Overall this game was really boring especially in the first half.

  2. Haha, yea it had nothing to do with HPCA taking over the glass and actually playing. The fact that HPCA didnt start their best player, their top 2 guys had 3 fouls in the first half, they shot awful, got down 20 at half completely shows they couldnt paky with ORMA. Until they came all the way back and cut it to 6 and just ran out of gas to get over the hump. ORMA mad some big plays down the stretch to their credit but only an idiot would say the comeback was only because of ORMAs bad play. HPCA created thet with their effort. ORMA was completely outplayed in the second half, but they were fortunate enough to have built up a big lead early

  3. The funny thing is the 3 bigs from orma combined for 9 points but jacob and obacha had 22 rebounds and jacob had 10 of those with 6 blocks, if ORMA can get there whole offense clicking they COULD be a great team but teams settleing them down in the half court is gonna get tough on them cause there best game is in transition but good game tonight

  4. To all those defending ORMA with all their worth and not giving credit to HPCA: It’s ok that ORMA was challenged. It’s not impossible to think that a team gave ORMA a challenge. It doesn’t matter if HPCA played well and ORMA didn’t in the 3rd. A good team realizes that there are 4 quarters in a game and not 2. HPCA outscored ORMA by 10 in the 2nd half and managed to do so without 1 dominant player. HPCA truly is a team, and they showed it last night. I can’t wait for the next two games between these two teams.

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