Tar Heels over College of Charleston Cougars 74-69, here we go!!!

from WRALSportsFan and you can read all about it when you CLICK HERE and the Heels have avenged last year’s improbable loss to Bobby Cremins and his COC Cougars….

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  1. Might be a long season for the TarHeels (and i am excited about that). I didnt think much of losing 2 games in Puerto Rico but barely pulling out a victory in Chapel Hill to a D1-AA team, even my beloved Wolfpack would have handed it to C of C.

    Andy what is your take on Ol Roy and the Tarheels?

  2. I think Roy needs to quit trying to micromanage this team and just let these guys play….The top players are only going to be here one to two years max anyway…..Barnes, Bullock, Marshall…..They all have their sights set on “greener pastures” in the NBA…..Pay to play is on the way, so let your boys run and win all can, while you can….I don’t know how much you can really teach these college kids any more, when they will only be with you 1-2 years….

    Turn ’em loose Roy……Take the training wheels off of the Heels…..More steals, more deals and probably more turnovers too, but maybe in the end result, the grand scheme of things, maybe more wins……

  3. Andy,
    Micromanage? His whole team is practically all freshmen and sophomores. The man has won two national championships in the last six seasons and is in the top five in all time winning percentage. I think he knows what he is doing. Hide your color better than that.

    By the way, none of the three freshman are good enough to leave after one or two years, especially Bullock and Marshall. Marshall may never play in the NBA, even though he is a great passer, because he is not fast or quick enough. Barnes was assumed to be one and done, but his play has shown he has a lot of improving to do. He ain’t in Iowa against a bunch of slow farm boys anymore.

  4. Roy has done it the same way for so long that maybe it is time to try something else….Barnes and Bullock have serious plans to be gone after two years minimum….

    Roy may have to change with the times and get it, “All the Way Turned Up”….You know what I mean dawg?

    Coach K hasn’t changed, but I don’t see Roy getting the same type of player….When you have a kid like Singler come back like he did for his senior year, there must be something more to Duke than just the basketball…Nolan Smith had a big finish last year and he could have booked, but he stayed….

    N.C. State has three kids right now that have pretty much signed up for the two-year plan in Leslie, Brown and Harrow….

    Y0u can get seen in that Chavis Summer League in Raleigh and be gone in one year if you want to…..

  5. Citing Coach K for players staying? How many potential NBA careers has he screwed up by convincing guys to stay in his system? The list is long.
    You have a short memory. UNC won the title in 2009 because Hansbrough came back for his senior year and Lawson and Ellington stayed for a third.
    How do you know how many years guys are or are not going to stay?

  6. My sources are inside the Beltline….

    I was thinking about this number the other day….Dean won two titles and Roy won two….It took those two together to equal Mike’s four NCAA titles….Coach K will set a standard that will be tough to tame, but some young coach will come along one day and lay aside all of Coach K’s numbers too…Rupp, Wooden, Gaines, Smith, Coach K and then the next coach to come along, but what Coach K put up will stay for long while, he is the standard that we must look up to and try and attain….

    Please pass the Coach K-DNA……

  7. Hey Bemused, I wanna know. How many potential NBA careers has Coach K screwed up by convincing guys to stay in his system? Let’s see that long list.


  8. Bruce,

    You must be an IDIOT or better yet a Carolina fan. Coach K has proved it again that he is currently the best Coach in College basketball and now twice that he is a great coach on the international level. If he is such a bad coach how come so many of his former players want to hang around and be assistants and keep learning ?

    But Bruce , just think the Heels beat the College of Charleston at home last night , if they keep this up they may win 10 games this season. Enjoy the season Heels fan. I sure am planning on it.

    P.S. You guys did well in the NIT last season. That should serve you well this year.

  9. Uh, YMBJ,

    You can call me an idiot, you can call me Ray, you can call me Jay, you can call me late for dinner, you can call me anything you want, but Never Ever call me a Carolina fan. I was in Cameron when Bucky Waters coached Robbie West to hit that shot from the top of the key, I was there when Gene Banks dunked on Ralph Sampson, when Coach K stood up to Dean Smith after Coach Double-Standard broke our scoreboard, and I was there last spring when Jon Scheyer electified the Gate City and won the Blue Devils yet another ACC Title.

    I hate the Heels and their entitled, fair-weather fans, and live my life by this simple motto: GTHC, GTH. I know you are a Duke fan, and as such have my respect, so consider this my post to clear up this, the worst of all possible slanders.

    I was simply calling Bemused’s inane bluff. Still waiting for that list, by the way…

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