After 13 years, Mark Packer(Packman) gone from Charlotte radio

“The Packman” is Gone…..


After 13 years, WFNZ-AM (“Fan” 610) and Mark Packer have parted ways.

Packer’s last “Primetime With the Packman,” WFNZ’s highest-profile show, aired Wednesday with the annual pre-Thanksgiving Street Turkeys charity show. Packer did not mention on the air that it would be his last broadcast. Guest hosts have been handling the time slot since.

CBS Radio offered Packer a new contract for the station’s mainstay afternoon show, but they did not come to terms.

“We weren’t able to reach an agreement,” D.J. Stout, operations manager for WFNZ-AM, said Monday. “We wish him well.”

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  1. I think they are making a mistake. I suppose they have the numbers in front of them but I really liked the show. He and Dan Patrick are the only two I really listen too on the radio. I am guessing he has a new gig or at least an offer that WFNZ could not or would not match. Today was Framk Garcia and Michael Dean Perry. Try counting how many times they say “You know what” between them… YIKES.

    And … I could be completely wrong.

  2. I think Greensboro will still carry the WFNZ Primetime Show until Packman gets something set up in Charlotte….He can’t be on Charlotte radio for the 6-month non-compete, but he will need to get his studios set up in Charlotte so he can still syndicate out to the other stations in the Triad, Triangle, Wilmington, Greenville, N.C. and the South Carolina outlets…..

    Best for him to get his new digs soon or the other stations might say we’ll take Frank Garcia, Michael Dean, Brent Jensen, QCB, The Hitman, Will the Thrill and Jay Weezie and leave Packman out by the curb near the Putt-Putt Golf Course in Fayetteville….

    You never know in that business….I’m sure he’ll get rolling again soon, but he usually takes off at least 2 weeks around Christmas….You never know in that business….

  3. If that’s the case, this should give him time to invest in better equipment, technology. His show always sounded like he was talking into a conch shell–not clean audio.

  4. He must already have a new deal in his pocket or he would have not just walked away. He has been hinting for nearly 6 months that he would part ways with CBS radio if they did not pay what he thought was fair. He would always bring it up when speaking about the contract talks that players were having with their teams. Now we know he was a man of his words.

    The show clearly needs him present. I rarely stayed with the program daily when he was on extended vacations. Packer and QCB are the key players to me. Their combined ways of presenting material is what gets the show its unique sound. They work extremely well together and the show will fail from my viewpoint without both of them together. The other host are okay but it sounds more like the normal “boring” daily ESPN type of talk radio without the big name guest.

    There are only a few unique sports programming shows we have access to in this area: The David Glen Show (out of Raleigh), Dan Patrick show (fox radio), the Pacman show (out of Charlotte), and the Petros & Money show (fox radio). The rest of the shows are generally boring.

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