Top Performances Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball from the Weekend

1. Jessica Pone: SWG: 27 pts
2. Jasmine Parker: Oak Ridge: 20 pts
3. Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: 18 pts
4. Zena Lovette: SWG: 18 pts
5. Katie Bryson: HP Central 17pts.
6. Tenesha Williamson: Greensboro Day: 16 pts
7. Sarah Beal: Oak Ridge: 16 pts
8. Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: 15 pts

1.Robert Kleinman: Greensboro Day: 20 pts
2.Montay Brandon: HP Weslyan: 18 pts
3. Chris Jones: Oak Ridge: 17 pts
4. Mitch Oates: HP Christian: 16 pts

Note: If your person in charge of reporting stats does not release that
information, then we have no other way of knowing.