Top Performances Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball from the Weekend

1. Jessica Pone: SWG: 27 pts
2. Jasmine Parker: Oak Ridge: 20 pts
3. Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: 18 pts
4. Zena Lovette: SWG: 18 pts
5. Katie Bryson: HP Central 17pts.
6. Tenesha Williamson: Greensboro Day: 16 pts
7. Sarah Beal: Oak Ridge: 16 pts
8. Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: 15 pts

1.Robert Kleinman: Greensboro Day: 20 pts
2.Montay Brandon: HP Weslyan: 18 pts
3. Chris Jones: Oak Ridge: 17 pts
4. Mitch Oates: HP Christian: 16 pts

Note: If your person in charge of reporting stats does not release that
information, then we have no other way of knowing.


  1. WOW! All the top performances, who scored the most points. Now this game is really sad. What happened to rebounds,assist and blocks then there is defense

  2. Just an Observation……… Out of the 8 Ladies with top performances this past week 7 of them seem to be members of the Lady Phoenix AAU organization. Way to put in that work ladies!!!!

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