Bird on a wire

Was doing my morning running this morning, as I have been for the past several years and I noticed a familiar sight, that has caught my eyes on numerous occasions and it has me wondering again….

Wonder, wonder, who wrote the book of birds???

I am running down the road and I’m sure this topic has been covered before, but I look up on the power line and see a group of birds, just hanging out on that wire…..

Do they not feel the power running through their bodies? If we grabbed a power wire we would get zapped……A bird on a wire feels nothing and they just sit there for a while and then fly away….When does the bird feel the electricity go shooting through their body?

The birds just sit on that wire for a while and then they take flight….Is it something in their feet that protects them from the voltage?

I have seen a few birds over the years that look like they got the shock of their life out by the power pole…….They were laying on the ground and they showed no signs of life, but they appeared to have been electrocuted….

What is about a Bird on a wire? What is it about a Bird on a power wire/line???

Who do we call, an ornithologist? Isn’t that the study of birds, ornithology???

Anybody got the number for Dr. Harry Canary?