Tar Heel coach has something to say, but maybe he said it the wrong way…

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

North Carolina coach Roy Williams has said he doesn’t feel the same way about this season as he did during last season’s disappointment.

I’m having a hard time noticing thanks to Williams’ misguided, oversensitive defense of Harrison Barnes.

“If you’ve got enough balls to make somebody a big hero like that then admit you were wrong instead of start picking on a kid,” said Williams after the loss to Illinois.

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  1. We have had a lot of good topics today….This might be a good one to turn our attention to now, after a busy day in the board room….What do you say, how many of you are with me?????

  2. at least harrison barnes wont be going pro after 1 season like kyrie irving. 1 and done baby. he a man child

  3. If the NBA has a lockout, which is very likely, I think Kyrie will stay along with Mason Plumlee…go ahead and get ready for another dominating Duke team!

  4. For Irving and plumlee will not be leaving Duke after this year. For 1 Irving will saty so he can ply in the backcourt with Rivers next Year, 2 Plumlee will stay and play with incoming brother Marshall and be the first time 3 brothers take the court on a basketball team. As for Mr Nutz to call irving a man child after 7 games your name fits you right. NUTZ

  5. I think we all know now that Roy can recruit, win with good/great talent, but cannot win if he has to coach and make his players better to win.

  6. Irving is 1 and done! Show me da money! When duke cuts the nets, nothin left but take da money and run. Top 3 pick, prolly # 1 like Wall. Inside info, you r NUTZ if he gonna pass up millions to play with rivers. Totally NUTZ.

  7. So if the NBA locks out, you’re telling me Irving is going to leave Duke to sit and do nothing?!? If the NBA locks out he will be back at Duke. As a Duke fan, I know that if the NBA does not lock out he will be gone, if not, then either Rivers or Coach K did a great job to keep him at Duke!

  8. Yall is stupid. No matter what happens w the NBA Iving is 1 and done. he will go over seas and make some money. Hes better than a bunch of college basketball players. Sorry DUke yall got screwed. It happens to Carolina every year. Us UNC fans are use to it…

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