HS hoops tonight for 12/3/10

First of all from last night…
Northern Guilford 54
Burlington Williams 39

Northern Guilford 53
Burlington Williams 50

Page at Ragsdale
Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford
Northeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford
High Point Andrews at High Point Central
Southern Guilford at Trinity
Southeast Guilford at Asheboro
Smith at WS Reagan
Greensboro Day School at Cannon School
Oak Ridge girls vs. Flora McDonald at Forsyth Country Day School
Oak Ridge boys at Osburne Park
Westchester Country Day at Forsyth Country Day
High Point Christian at High Point Wesleyan(See previous article…..)


  1. Dudley JV/V game against Southern Durham is now at Dudley.

    Southern Durham had a scheduling conflict so game is now in Greesnboro

  2. High Point Christian beat Wesleyan tonite at Wesleyan in a great game. Brandon Clifford is a great coach period, he loves to coach and it shows and those kids at HPCA are so lucky to have him. If they want it, he will get them to the next level, and the next level is also where Brandon belongs!! My boy JB (Jonathan Bethea) is a leader on that team as well – The Weethee kid and Oates scored all the points, but JB played great defense, had some great assists, and was a coach on the floor.

    Wesleyan has some great players as well, probably deeper then HPCA, but HPCA had much more heart and desire. It was so much fun to watch a great high school game that was very competitive, seems this is going to become less frequent with the way high school sports are going around here.

    Again congrats to a great family, JB, Brandon, and family. It was a great night for them.

  3. SE Guilford Girls 47
    Asheboro 41

    SE Guilford Boys 48
    Asheboro 43

    Falcon’s went on the road and won 2 over the Blue Comets.

  4. HPCA beats Wesleyan at a final of 76-64. WCA hit a few 3s at the end to bring it a little closer. I hope this game shows people what kind of team HPCA is. HPCA won a solid team game in a hostile environment to open up conference play. They battled through adversity, and really brought their A game in the 2nd half. HPCA may not be as flashy as other teams, but they have more heart. At the end of the day, you have a Coach who loves his team, and a team that loves to play. That combination, along with the leadership of Weethee and Oates, will lead to success as the season continues. I can’t wait until next Friday’s matchup against WCDS.

  5. GDS rolls at Cannon. After a slow start offensively they dominated Cannon. Held them to 12 1st half points. Played without the Williams kid. They trapped all over the place. Cannon struggled to even get shots up. Too much size and speed. The Chapman kid scored early and then the regulars picked up their offense in the second half.

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