HS hoops tonight for 12/6/10

After a very busy weekend for high school basketball, they are back at it again tonight, with two non-conference games highlighting the schedule and the girls get going at 6 and the boys will get started at around 7:30…..

High Point Andrews at Southeast Guilford 6pm
Northwest Guilford at Grimsley 6pm

In the NWG-Grimsley boys game it should be very competitive with NWG’s Matt Pawlowski, Hunter Cleary, Kyle Berger, Matt Sugg, Duncan Everett and others….Our first chance to see Matt Sugg on the basketball court and we hear he works hard and we’ll see if he and Duncan Everett can control some of the inside action and we will also who the Vikings bring in for backup….Everett very smart and fundamentally sound player and Sugg a hard-driving taskmaster and worker….We know the guards are sound and solid, have seen all three many times before and and anticipate more positive results from those young men tonight……

NWG(0-1) facing Grimsley(1-0) and the Whirlies can run at least 8 or more guys at you, with Burrell Brown being the glue/bossman and then other guards such as Jake Mulvey, Adam Brogden, Nevada Anderson, plus Kevin Walton; then up front they have Brian Doss, Charlie Jones, DJ Reader and I am watching out for Travon Woods, to see if he is back in there soon…..

Grimsley is playing with a lot of heart and emotion right now and Northwest is looking for a win, so we’ll see if that means patient offenses or teams taking it to the basket or maybe some long threes tonight, at the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium on the Grimsley High School campus…..

For the girl’s game, don’t know much about either team, but I would look for Bowden to lead Grimsley and Harper or DiCarlo to pace the Viking girls, who lost Gretchen Bennett, Hannah McIntosh and Melissa Foures off of last year’s regular season conference championship team…..


  1. DiCarlo pacing the team? I’ve seen Northwest play. Where are you getting this information? I think Shelton, Williams, and Burrell all play a great role in pacing this team at the point. Harper has a great jumper! White and Munson, they help as well. They are a team.

  2. Harper, Shelton, DiCarlo, White, Munson, Williams and all the names you mentioned will be right in there……With Bennett, McIntosh and Foures gone, the last box score I saw had about three players right there at 6-8 points and the others were not far behind…..Balanced team with no stars and everyone should be able to to contribute….Until you see a team, all you have to go by is the box scores….I remember Harper, DiCarlo, Shelton, White, Munson all from last year…..NWG probably a team that will set many screens in the game to see if they can find someone open coming off those screens….NWG had one real tall kid last year, but she was very lean physically…..Well coached team with Coach Joyner in charge…..

  3. Whenever I show up to watch them play, the NWG girls usually win for some reason….It has been that way 8-9 times out of 10 over the years….Just ask the Bennetts, but that may be changing now that GB is gone….We’ll have to wait and see…..I don’t think I have seen the NWG girls more than once or twice over the past 5-6 years and that includes Pizza Hut Invitational games…..

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