Peak Performances in hoops from Monday and Tuesday games


1. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 30 pts
2. Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: 26 pts
3. Valarie Beal: HPW: 18 pts
Amber Hayes: HPW: 18 pts
Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: 18 pts
4. Kenya Hailey: SEG: 17 pts
Paris Kea: Page: 17 pts
5. Susan Rich: Grimsley: 15 pts
Ciara Jackson: Ragsdale: 15 pts
6. Taylor Bailey: HPW
7. Brittany Drew: Page: 13 pts
Natalie Harper: NWG: 13 pts
Quan Greer: Smith: 13 pts
Ronata Rogers: GDS: 13 pts
8. Lakia Rouse: Dudley: 12 pts
Kayla Upshaw: SEG: 12 pts
Sam Brookshire: GDS: 12 pts
Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley: 12 pts
9. Kayla Johnson: Page: 11 pts
Ally Darnell: Ragsdale: 11 pts
10. Phoenix McGee: Dudley: 10 pts
Kamille Horne: SG: 10 pts
Sylvia Bass: SG: 10 pts
Brittany Price: SEG: 10 pts


1. Benaiah Wise: Ragsdale: 31 pts
2. Bradley Savage: SEG: 25 pts
3.Adrian Wimbush: Smith: 24 pts
4. Jaquel Richmond: HPW: 23 pts
Brandon Hairston:EG 23 pts
5. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 22 pts
Hunter Clary: NWG: 22 pts
6. Abdul Tijani: NEG: 20 pts
Quincy Miller: WCD: 20 pts
7. Jeff Mosely: Western Guilford: 18 pts
Butch Huffman:EG: 18 pts.
8. Jonathan Terry: GDS: 16 pts
Jordan Wheetie: HPCA: 16 pts
Duece Bello: WCD: 16 pts
9. Sharwyn McGee: Ragsdale: 15 pts
John McBeth: NG: 15 pts
Will Mullkin: NG: 15 pts
Frankie Eaves: Page: 15 pts

10. Travon Woods: Grimsley: 14 pts
Jake Mulvey: Grimsley: 14 pts
Jackson Kent: Page:14 pts


  1. Did you not get any of Eastern Guilford Boys Scorers? I think close to 3 of them should be on this list? T

  2. Wow GCcoach…what a statement. I just wonder about people at times and the things they say.

    Score was 63 to 62.
    I belive Butch and Brandon Hairston were the top scorers. Brandon had 23 and Butch had 13 or 18 (can’t remeber was i was told) …Gaddy and Adam also did well, but I can’t remeber all of the scores.

    It was a really good game. Bottom line, coaches had the team laying off insead of attaching and someone from Rockingham got hot and could not miss a shot if they made him shoot from the parking lot.

  3. Found out Huffman had 18. Yeah they definitely should have stayed in attack mode. Being that they are small this year Iwould think they would stay aggressive the whole regardless if they are up by 18 and the refs are blind.

  4. Kudos… Brandon Hairston and Adrian Wimbush….Kiera McIvor (not too well yesterday, but great previous games) all Cousins…..

  5. eastern boys can’t help what the coach does, bad move coach and the boys had to pay!!

  6. I agree with Just Saying… I mean 18 point lead and then just start assuming they game is over and slow it down, dont make sense, they are not playing with feelings for other people,. Should just went for the blowout and stayed aggresive! Wildcats have a chance to gain confidence against Northern on Friday, Northeast just knocked them off. Huffman and Hairston should keep it up. and the rest of the guys jump on board and everyone knock down free throws! Kudos to ROCKingham for hitting clutch freethrows!

  7. Where is the stat where Brandon Hairston missed 2 free throws at the end of the game to win? I am an Eastern Guilford fan but, like I said in my earlier post, the only stat that is important is the one that starts with the W and the L. Maybe if we could start playing like a team instead of a bunch of individuals who are only worried about their own stats we would start winning some games.

  8. One more thing, how bout we stop blaming the coach everytime we lose. I dont see you on here praising him when we win. Know your roll, Coaches Coach, Players Play and Parents cheer on their kids team.

  9. Well said GCCoach. It is too easy to blame the coach. It just makes the parents feel better to divert the issues away from the players and onto the coach. Believe it or not, sometimes teams lose because the other team played better. What a novel idea.

  10. Just Sayin:

    “eastern boys can’t help what the coach does, bad move coach and the boys had to pay!!”

    So, Just Sayin, were you in the locker rooms or the huddle when the coaches were giving your boys instructions? Are you one that would say the coaches can’t help what the PLAYERS do if they don’t follow instructions they are given?

    You are obviously one who doesn’t mind getting on an anonymous message board, hiding behind a keyboard and criticizing things that you probably don’t have first hand knowledge of. It is a lot easier to claim you know what is going on from the stands or from your living room than it is to be on the floor or on the sidelines. I didn’t see the game you guys are complaining about but I would bet you that some of you complainers are parents who think your kid could never do something wrong and you are taking your frustrations out on some coach online when you could just let your kid play and his coach do his job instead of being counterproductive. If everyone could do that coach’s job maybe YOU would be on the sidelines instead of buying a ticket to the game and going home to whine in anonymity.

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