Connell Maynor(WSSU) has applied for N.C. A&T football job

from John Dell at the Winston-Salem Journal and CLICK HERE to read all:

Connell Maynor, who led Winston-Salem State to an 8-2 record in his first season as a head coach, has applied for the vacant head coach’s position at N.C. A&T, his alma mater.

Maynor was a three-year starter for the Aggies in the 1990s and graduated in 1995. Athletics Director Bill Hayes of WSSU said he knew Maynor had applied but said that alone doesn’t mean much.

“I know when I was a young coach, I applied to a lot of places, too,” said Hayes, the all-time wins leader at A&T with a 106-64 record and Maynor’s former college coach.

Maynor, 41, could not be reached for comment. He signed a five-year contract with WSSU worth $90,000 a year.


  1. Would be an excellent hire;(1) he’s an Aggie,he has all the intangibles of what it takes to be a leader at A&T(2) he’s paid his dues and apprentinceship of being an assistant coach for ten years,(3)he’s shone he can lead as a head coach(4)he’s the right age for what A&T needs at this particular juncture to relate with todays atheletes,that is, he’s not too old nor too young,he’s just what the doctor ordered (5)you best take him and ride the tide with him before someone else sees what a find this would be at the right time (6) he could be at “Tee” for a long time and bring back the tradition(7) Bill was along a similar age line when he took over give or take a few years(8)Don’t screw this up this time and let a diamond slip through your hands,you’d be surprised at who he could bring aboard . .”Aggie Nation”,every game could have the possibility of a sell out,plus with the HOF Rags as wisdom could become a 1AA powerhouse. Don’t let this slip away or you’ll kick yourself in the ass for many a year to come. Do it, it’s the best thing to happen . Ball’s in your court A&T,WHATCHA GONNA DO? . .put up or F’ UP again . . it’s on you,better think about it . . “study long,u study wrong”. You been wrong ever since you let Bill go,and been payin’ ever since . . . . release yourself and finally “DO THE RIGHT THANG”!

  2. I understand what Aggie Pride is saying, but what about loyalty to WSSU for giving him a job as a head coach. He did sign a contract right? I believe if a coach is to part ways with a university before his contract is up, then he should forfeit the remainder of the money left on it. Also, since w coach can essentially leave a school with no penalty virtully, but a player has to sit out “X” number of year if he/she goes to another school laterally or moving up a division! That is not right. Good luck however if he is to get the job.

  3. I am a grad of “T” and I think this would not be the best hire. We need to go out and “headhunt” for a coach like they do in business. NCA&T has some issues right now and in order for them to be successful they need to not only get a seasoned football coach, but they also need to change the culture of the entire athletic program. It seems as if they only care about playing WSSU, NCCU, and Homecoming. The only entity that can change that will be the Chancellor ,AD, and Football Coach.
    We need someone in those positions that understands what it takes to run a good program. Firing coaches at A&T in the last 10 years has been band-aids on a gushing artery. Change attitude/culture and you will get better results.

  4. Well, you and Aggie have valid responses . . . . . you sound more inclined to go in a direction that might be viable, Urban Myer,Jon Gruden,Robbie Caldwell,etc,you get my drift? Now, with all of the whimsical ,musical chairs that have gone on in the past 10 years,who in their right mind would want to come to “Aggieland” ? An Aggie,best get someoone who wants to come instead of a “notch builder” for their resume . . . . .

  5. I am also a grad of “T” and I have to agree with jsteeter. We need to stop getting these old or x players and get a coach,AD,Chancellor and Board of Directors that want and understand what a good D1 program looks like. Look at the other mid major D1 programs in the state and take note. It has to start with upgrades to your entire program in order to compete in recruiting. We are not getting the kind of athletes to compete on the field and why would “T” be one of their top picks. If you look at the other mid major schools in our state they have past us in the last ten years with their programs. The powers that be have got to put money into the program in order to make money and the football program could be a huge money maker. We need better leadership.

  6. Hey Loyalty!!!!! U have it twisted. Where is your head at???? Go tell the A&T administration they should have been more loyal to coach Lee since he was on a contract…. Wake up sleeping one… They loyalty knife should cut both ways!!!!

  7. “Get my drift” was to say go after some of these big time coahes that are not coaching now . . . . . .would they even think about coming to A&T? Get Real seems to be on cue ,but what can you offer them? All I was sayin’ is that you should consider those who would WANT TO BE HERE, that’s all , Mr, Try T o Read Between The Lines.

  8. They always told me to date the girl that wants to date you. We should consider Coach Maynor as the successor to coach Lee. He has proven himself at WSSU. Hell he kicked our behinds and a few more others also. As far as head hunting for a coach…we don’t have the money nor resources for that. Plus we need someone now. Spring ball is only 3 months away. Maynor is the type of gritty guy that we need. He is a proven winner and i think the kids would respect him. A&T will be back no doubt. We just have to find the right leader.

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