E-mail suggesting coaching change has Chansky out at Tar Heel Sports Properties

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Art Chansky, a well known ACC sportswriter and author, will no longer work for Tar Heel Sports Properties (THSP) beginning Jan. 1.

THSP is a property of Learfield Sports and owns and manages the multimedia rights for the University of North Carolina Athletics.


  1. Looks like a civil war is going on over there between the basketball 1st—- staff /alums/fans (Art and friends) and the football 1st— staff/alums/fans (Bob Winston [BOT chair] and his Rams Club cronies).
    Somebody is going to irritate the wrong person who will talk too much and expose even more dirt on the UNC athletics program. Art Chansky could write a book about all of this someday. If he does I will personally mail one up to Indianapolis.

  2. Civil War? How do you come up with this stuff? Keep living with your hope. The only way UNC could have been so successful for so long is that they cheat. Surely that is the only explanation, right?

  3. Even some UNC fans are beginning to understand that the NCAA will not give them a wristslap. Wake up. Butch has not been fired so they can do their best to keep most of the 2011 recruiting class. Also firing him would amount to an admission of guilt. The pride of the UNC PTB will become their own demise. Civil war is not such an outrageous idea. Art Chansky got canned because he sent an email to the Chancellor about finding a replacement for Butch. AC was a longtime dedicated Tar heel who wrote books about UNC hoops and now he is fired. BOT chairman Bob Winston is running the show over there. Holden Thorpe is answering to him. Winston wants football success at all costs even at the expense of UNC academics. There could soon be 3 factions of UNC each pulling in different directions. Academics wanting a de-emphasis of athletics in general(or at least football) due to the last few months of negative press for UNC. Basketball first fans not wanting to compete with UNC football for attention. Also this group does not want the NCAA snooping around for fear that basketball players may have had some of the same issues as football players that could get uncovered. Finally this football 1st faction.They want Davis to be their coach even after the NCAA drops the hammer. Why, he can recruit all the players with many staaas which looks good on paper. Even with all the staaas they have still lost to NC State 4 straight years. State fans and the football faction of the UNC fanbase want Butch to remain. Maybe he should. Let’s see how well he can recruit with 2-3 years of bowl bans on the horizon. Butch supporters say he did not know all this academic cheating and agent contact was happening. He should know. He is the Head Coach.If he did not know he is incompetent. If he did know he is cheating himself.

  4. First of all, Art Chansky worked for Learfield Communications, not UNC. UNC is a client of Learfield. Do you really think that Learfield wants one of their employees writing an email to the Chancellor at UNC trying to persuade the Chancellor to run a secret coaching search? That was a complete disregard of chain of command at Learfield and at UNC. I am sure the leadership at Learfield was not too happy to find out that one of their employees had stepped so far out of bounds. All they care about is making sure that their relationship with UNC, like with every other school they work for, is a positive one. There is also an assumption being made here that this was the only reason he is leaving Learfield. Probably not entirely true.
    I am not going to get into another debate as to whether or not UNC will receive no sanctions, small sanctions, or major sanctions. Let’s meet back here when that is decided. I realize that all of you State and ABC fans are dearly wanting to see major sanctions. The sanctions will be dependent upon lots of information that no one other than UNC and the NCAA have in front of them. So people like you saying we will get major sanctions and people like me saying we won’t really have no clue. Neither one of us. What is true is that UNC has handled all of this with complete professionalism and cooperation with the NCAA. That will, indeed, make a huge difference in the end.
    Regarding your comments about factionalism at UNC, that is another pipedream. Also, do you know Bob Winston personally? Your comments about him are out of line and are merely spewing what you read on PackPride or Statenation or whatever other obsessive website you are reading.
    Two points about the academic issues and the John Blake issue. How would any coach know that there are players meeting with a tutor who no longer works for the university? Give me a rational example of how you would police that. The players, in varying degrees of stupidity, did that off campus on their own. If there were players at State doing the same thing, how would Tom O’Brien know about it, if they did their best to conceal it. He wouldn’t.
    John Blake, as we all now know, had a relationship with Gary Wichard that involved giving him money/loans or whatever. We also know that this was going on while he was at Nebraska and other schools. He came to Carolina from Nebraska. Tom Osborne is one of the most respected people in college football and is the AD there. It was going on there, too, and no one knew about it. Does that mean that Tom Osborne is also “incompetent,” since Nebraska didn’t know either? This didn’t just happen after he got to Chapel Hill. In fact, most of it was before he got there. UNC did a background check on John Blake, which included a check with the NCAA. It was all clean. So why is it all of a sudden Butch Davis’ fault? Simply because it was discovered on his watch? Why would Carolina get sanctioned over John Blake when whatever he was doing happened at every previous college he worked for, including on Tom Osborne’s watch.
    Finally, congrats to State for beating Carolina for the past four years. Are you confident that is going to continue? When Russell Wilson leaves, along with Spencer, J. Williams, and Nate Irving, things will be very different. Have you seen how TOB has been recruiting the last couple of years? Getting worse by the year.
    What a hypocritical statement you make about State fans wanting Davis to stay at Carolina. Really? Then why are you so obsessed with rationalizing why he should be fired?

  5. TOB did not get the staaas at BC in his recruits there. He still was very successful at BC. UNC got some good recruits under previous head coaches and has improved their “ratings” under Butch. The UNC mentality of getting it done on paper with ranked recruits has not translated into major success on the field. It did get Butch a nice raise from UNC going into his 2nd year after a 4-8 1st season. I believe NC State fans would all gladly concede the recruiting victories to UNC in favor of the wins on the field.

  6. Are UNC fans comfortable enough in their innocence that they would welcome an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION to look into both the academic issues and the agent issues affecting the football program? Are they afraid of what else might be uncovered? Are they afraid that other sports (basketball) could be drawn into the probe? Who is in charge of all University of NC programs, Holden or Bob? Which is more important to UNC, academic integrity or big-time football? How come UNC football gets to admit players that Clemson’s admissions office denies? Why does the Head Football Coach at UNC hire a tutor for his son that was fired by the University?
    Why was Coach Blake paid $75k when he quit after the LSU game?

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