Week 14 Results – A Ruling

Because of a Technical Issue on MY part, Andy has decided that we will have TWO WINNERS for Week 14.

bammbammer and PEBBLEDRIVE tied with 13 games out of 16.

To Recap, because of several game time changes, I missed entering ONE game Sunday. On Tuesday morning bammbammer had the lead with 13 games, so I deleted the comments that contained the Tie Breaker Scores. When I started to post, the Program would not give me a winner because not all the games had been scored. I poured over the scoring sheet and screen to find out which one I missed. (It was Denver/Arizona.)

I entered the score and realized there was a TIE!

It took a few days for Andy and I to talk about it and Andy came up with the TWO WINNER SOLUTION. I’ll be more careful for the remaining weeks.


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