North Carolina leads early 10-0, but South Carolina roars back to win Shrine Bowl game 42-10

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – South Carolina overwhelmed North Carolina in the second half to win the Shrine Bowl game Saturday 42-10.

The victory was the third in four years for the Sandlappers in the annual charity game of high school football stars.

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  1. Guilford county was represented well. We had the only defensive player who failed to make a tackle. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the players who were selected to play in the 74th Annual Shrine Bowl.
    Regardless of the score or the stats it is quiet an honor just to be invited to play in this game. With over 37,000 High school football players in NC/SC only 88 are picked to play.
    Congrats to those from this area and all the players from NC/SC who were fortunate enough to participate. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

  3. Talking about the good ol boys club in charge of the N.C Shrine bowl selections..LOL…not one player from Northern Guilford , the state champs, was picked to play in the Shrine Bowl….goes to show you how ridiculous the N.C. coaches poll is and the politics that govern it. All we heard was how weak the mid state 3 AA conference was through out the year…yet Northern Guilford defeated, some very badly, 4 conference champs and then won the state title. Maybe if they had picked some of the NG players N.C. would have showed up better. Maybe next year they will wise up.

  4. Congrats go out to the Shriners and the fund raising they did for the hospital…It’s a great organization…Merry Christmas the all the Shriners.

  5. Footballfan: So, to hear you tell it, we need to have the President come from NG, maybe make sure the next Pope comes from NG, all leaders of countries attend NG, before taking power. NG seems more like a church, a religious institution, a place known as the Holy Grail. Maybe Jesus was born there!

    How many NG players went to a Shrine Bowl combine? How many did Coach Roscoe nominate? Which player that was selected to play this year, would you have replaced with a NG player? Answer these 3 questions, PLEASE!!!

  6. And the band plays on and we’re not here to worry about where a kid played at or didn’t play, we all know where they finished and that is the key, it is not how or where you start, it is where you finish and let’s hope you started while you were…

    If you get too caught up in all of this and it is totally consuming you, maybe you should go to in-home visits….Most parents don’t want you talking about their kids, but if you have major questions, the in-home visit may work best for you….That’s how the college coaches do their serious recruiting, but they always call in advance…..

  7. I hear ya Bobby!!! I understand your view point to Andy, but NC is too political when it comes to their selection process. do you realize how many D1 commits were left off the squad. I hear some particular coaches in the metro conference who can’t see D1 talent if it hit him in the head. From what I hear he knows what D1 ready is when he never played on that level. Funny, but the kid Bobby is referring to is the kid this idiot feels is ready to take division 1 by storm…lol. Guilford county has more talent than was on the field yesterday!!

  8. I am shocked they didn’t invite the entire NG football team and Coaching staff to to play for the NC in the Shrine Bowl.

  9. I would like to wish 5 Page players good luck as they’ll be traveling down to Orlando for the Under Armour All-American Combine. James Summers, Drew Rogers, Orlando Hatfield, Ed Britt, and Blake Hickman were invited to try out at this combine, so I wish them well, and I’m hoping we will get to see one of these kids play in the game next year.

    I saw where the Clowney kid from SC will be playing in this game in a few weeks, so its great to see kids from the Carolinas do well. If there are any other kids from this area going down to the Under Armour Combine, I would like to wish them well also.


  10. Footballfan: Me, scorned? Not at all my clueless friend. Its just sad you cant produce the answers to my questions, and you dribble info out that is incorrect. That’s all. And “the truth is”, you’ve told NO truth.
    Only 44 players are chosen from each state. AGAIN, which player on the 2010 team, would you have replaced, with a NG player. Please answer, and stop side stepping the question.

  11. This goes back to what I posted last week Shriner………

    I’m sick and tired of Northern and their fans…..If someone doesn’t write an article or highlight them on the news every time one of their players makes a free throw or scores a TD. They get on every HS message board and start blasting off at the mouth about how they get no respect!

  12. Guys, I hate to make comments on this site, but I will make this one. In all honesty there is only one D1 player on the Northern team, and that is Maurice Harris. Rocco Scarfone is as much a D1 player as I am Chinese. How and why ECU soigned him beats the hell out of me. Fans, get excited because your team won the State, but the most talented people dont always win. Northern put together a total team effort, just like the Blue Devils did last Spring. Duke, individually, did not have the most talented players in the league. Shaquille O’Neal would eat Zoubek for dinner on Shaquiile’s worst day, but the tream is what it is all about. So what, Northern did not get any players on the Shrine Bowl. You guys have what you wanted and worked for. Be Glad you won the State Title. Shrine Bowl is another issue.

  13. You have to give the Northern kids their props….

    I was with them down in Raleigh and we brought the title home/back to town….

  14. Bluedevil Is’nt it amazing what a donation from your family can do for your college football career. Enough said.

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