Dudley Hoops Showcase coming Saturday January 15

JAN. 15, 2011

4:30 McMichael vs. High Point Central

6:00 Southern Durham vs. High Point Andrews

7:30 Kinston vs. Dudley

Where: Dudley High School
1200 Lincoln Street Greensboro, NC
When: January 15, 2011
Doors open at 4:00 pm
Tickets: $7.00
*No Passes Accepted*
For more information visit www.dudleybasketball.com or email dudleypanthers@gmail.com


  1. @ WEAK BBALL – I don’t think Kinston is weak, if you look at their body of work over the past decade in Eastern N.C. Even when Dudley was stronger, this team had beaten Dudley 4 or 5 times in Greenville in the Eastern Regionals since 2001.

    Dudley may have not go as far as other good teams they had over the the years, but I bet YOUR OLD H.S. will not SNIFF 1/10 the success that Dudley has captured over the past 14 or 15 years.

    Oh Yeah, I bet your team ain’t playing OAK HILL, CHRIST THE KING { N.Y.}, RICE N.Y., DUMBAR {D.C.} or DEMATHA {D.C.} that weekend yourself. lol

  2. @ WEAK BBALL: – Where’s your team? Step up Bro! Everyone wants to see DUDLEY get beat.

    Haters… Dudley has always had them. They’re use to it. Don’t see no one stepping up to play
    in the tournament… just what I thought …don’t want a beat down!

    Hearing you LOUD and CLEAR! Saving your record right… Once you’ve been beat by Dudley
    you’ll know it. NOW WHAT? WEAK BBALL? Was this your nick name from high school
    (Weak-Ball)? It fits you well hater!

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