HS Hoops Tonight with 1/4/11 Boys Finals

Boys Finals:
Northern Guilford – 55
High Point Andrews – 57

Page 62
Southern Alamance 58


Southwest Guiford 100
Ragsdale 87

High Point Central 40
Northwest Guilford 39

Dudley 56
Western Guilford 43

Dudley scoring with Reggie Dillard leading the way with 14 points and Sam Hunt added 13 and DJ Alston chipped in 11 for the Panthers….Alvah Phillips posted 8 points coming in off the Panther bench….Dillard was 6-6 at the free throw line and Hunt went 5-7….For Western it was Reggie Perkins with 16 points on 4-8 shooting from three-point range topping WG and Neal Spinks and Diante Baldwin added 9 pts. each for the Hornets…..Baldwin also grabbed 8 rebounds and Jeff Mosley pulled down 9…..

Northeast Guilford 66
Ledford 46

Unofficial box scores
Bryce Benjamin 16
Cameron Smith 12
Tre Williamson 7
Jalen Hairston 7
Abdul Tijani 7
Donovan Gilmore 6
Parris Scalles 6
A.J 5

Shining Light 41
Community Baptist 36

Shining Light Academy wins an ugly game to improve to (13-1). Senior Amahd Simon leads all scorers with 23 points and 12 rebounds and 4 blocks. Amahd had a good night tonight and really put the Knights from Shining Light Academy on his back tonight and carried them to victory.


  1. Did anyone see Reggie Perkins shoot a right handed three pointer last night? I was told this would be a good game to watch as it featured to college basketball players facing off in Reggie Dillard and Reggie Perkins. You can see the potential in both, Reggie Dillard is very active, strong but his offensive game is a little sluggish but I was told he is a Junior? I was most impressed by his leadership and his on the ball defense. Perkins is a very good three point shooter that has trouble creating space off the dribble and doesn’t finish well. I expected Perkins to pick his team up but it turned into a lot of finger pointing between the whole team. After watching the game Dudley seems to be an average basketball team with superior will to win. Western Guilford has talented ball players and athletes but they need a clear cut leader and maybe an infusion of pride to maximize their potential. I saw Wes Miller at the game anyone know who he came to see (Reggie D, Reggie P)?Just my opinions, no disrespect is mean’t towards the kids or their coaches.

  2. I saw Wes Miller there too and was wondering the same thing…..Reggie Dillard is being looked at by several ACC schools and maybe UNCG wants to get in on the mix….Wes knows guards and maybe he is also watching Sam Hunt at Dudley……I think Reggie Perkins is now looking north at the Ivy League schools, and people can say what they want to, but Reggie Perkins can shoot threes with the best of them and he actually was more on target from behind the arc last night than he was at the charity stripe….I think RP was 4-8 from three-point range, and he can shoot with either hand if he is now hoisting with the right hand…..He can shoot the three and when he gets that certain turn on his release, it is going in….

    It was very interesting a few years back, because UNCG was slightly in the running for Brendan Haywood when he ended up at North Carolina….Haywood’s mom worked at UNCG and that gave them at least a chance/shot at his services….

    The current question that has to be addressed is, “will Coach Dement be retained as the UNCG coach at the end of this season or will AD Kim Record begin a search for a new coach?”…….

    Nothing against Coach Dement, but the losses have begun to overshadow the hard work he and his staff are doing to try and make their squad competitive……A 20-loss season or worse may be the curse that spells out change at UNCG……

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