Game rolls one day early: Kiser Middle over Mendenhall, 32-30….

Kiser 32
Mendenhall 30

This game went off on Tuesday instead of Wednesday and the Kiser Tigers get the win over the Mendenhall Mustangs, in a Major Middle School Matchup of the UNBEATENS and as our posters were saying on the way back from the game, Congats are in order to the Kiser Tigers, as they remain Unbeaten for the 2010/2011 season….

I hope we can catch both of these teams later on in the season, and one has to think/hope that there will be a re-match at Mendenhall…..

Good job Kiser Tigers and Good job Mendenhall Mustangs…..Right now it appears that Kiser it the #1 Middle School for boys basketball in the city/county…….


  1. I am not sure who was creating all of the hype about Mendenhall but obviously they were seeing the world thru their schools eyes only. How can you claim that Mendenhall would beat Kiser by 20 pts and score 50 pts and turn around and lose by 2 pts and only scoring 30 pts. I am not sure who will play who this year but I also saw Adcock play and they have a good team with a player that can match the play of nearly any kid that is playing middle school ball today. The bottomline is that you better check your competition out before making claims that the kids cannot carry out.

    Now that the “big game” for the boys has come and pasted – what girls team(s) should we be watching out for. I had heard previously about the Mendenhall boys (especially Ty Graves) being good but I have not heard about any potential good girls teams or individually to watch out for. I thought schools like Lincoln, Southeast or Southwest middle normally had good girls teams. Does anyone have any idea who the “top girls” teams would be ? Where are your middle school experts Andy ?

  2. Interesting to see a middle school post here. Northern Middle has a few strong AAU players a few athletic ones from their football team that makes for an interesting mix. Currently 2-2 and play first conference game at Mendenhall this Thursday. They’ve put up over 40 points in all but one game. Looks to be a competitive team in a competitive league this year.

  3. ty graves cant do it all if his daddy stop coaching him and let him play he would be alot better , I seen his daddy crying for calls and then his son start crying but he is a good player just not as good as his dad wants you to think he is…. we beat them the old fashion way playing Defense…… we are the best team in the city….. GO KISER……. AND WE SHUT HIM DOWN AND EVES DOWN!!!!!!!

  4. to & Mendenhall and Kiser are the two best boys teams around here and Mendenhall was without Ty due to a wrist injury in the FIRST quarter which I feel is the reason why that game went down to the wire when you lose a scoring threat like that early in the game it definitely changes the outlook of a game and other kids have to step up Kiser played great defense going to a triangle & 2 which is good strategy at that level…and to the comment about his dad needs to stop coaching him, you cant be serious all parents do it and will always do it b/c they care about the development of their child… this summer Ty led his team to an AAU 12U National Championship for the SC Ravens and his father has coached and trained some of the best talent to come through Greensboro does he push his son to be great yeah and he should b/c thats b/c Ty wants to be great. Mediocrity is tolerated to much now and days which is why so many kids around here lack that competitive drive…. i look forward to the matchup at Mendenhall it should be another good one

  5. I agree that there are many parents who coach their kids from the sidelines. I went to a Guilford Middle game last night, and there was a gentleman on the sideline coaching the whole game. Come to find out it was the coaches dad. Ty Graves is a good kid and I think his dad like many other parents have good intentions behind their methods. We will find out in four or five years whether the strategy works or not, only time will tell. By the way Guilford Middle lost over a 15 point lead to Northwest Middle and lost the game, it was tough to watch.


  7. Great work by the kids and we have to remember this is still just kids basketball in the formulative and learning years and the dads just want to see the kids do well, whether they are their kids or anyone else’s kids for that matter…..

    Love of the game and the love to see them succeed……

  8. what he said. was a good game. Not taking anything away from Kiser’s win, but you hate to see a kid like Ty go down. The other guards did step it up though after the injury.

  9. I have seen several comments on this site concerning Ty and his dad. I have known Ty and his dad for a few years now (even back during the CP3 years). He has even worked with my daughter while working out his son on numerous Saturday mornings. He works his son extremely hard but guess what he did the same with my daughter and the other boys invited for the periodic workouts. He always makes positive comments to the kids during workouts and he puts alot of time into helping kids improve their game without excuses during camps and individual workouts.

    I wish there were more parents out there that pushed their kids toward excellence in the classroom and their sport of choice as to what I have experienced with Ty’s dad. I am sure that Ty and his dad spend more quality time together than 99% of the people questioning him on this site. Obviously parents have a lot of vested time and interest into every step that their kids take. Sports such as basketball will bring all of that passion and energy to the forefront. I am amazed with how many parents that I see in the stands with their hands down, mouths closed and no apparent interest in the game even when their kid may be on the floor or even a starter. I am sorry but when it’s game time – I am my kids team biggest fan and I love the energy of kids giving a coach/team whatever they can offer.

  10. Ty Graves is out for the season, so Mendenhall may lose a lot more games…. He didn’t play the entire Kiser game. He broke his arm about 4 or 5 plays after the game started on one Hell of a block! I wish he and his Dad well, two class acts….Get well Ty!

    There was not a person in the city that could guard Ty! Or County! If he would not have gotten hurt, he would have destroyed Kisers guards…..I hope will blow Kiser out at Mendenhall…they are bragging about beating us by 2 on a last second shot without our best player….Whatever! Great shot by the Kiser kid at the end, but if Ty would have played Kiser would have gotten blown out.

  11. Don’t have a dog in this fight but it sure is alarming to see people on here bashing a middle school kid. Really?

  12. I agree. I hope these are kids and not parents doing this. As adults, we need to go to the games and enjoy them. Root for your team and leave the other team alone. Talking trash about middle school basketball is ridiculous.

  13. “Ty Graves is out for the season, so Mendenhall may lose a lot more games”

    I would not be so quick to say that. That backcourt is still pretty darn good. Losing Ty hurts no doubt, but those other kids can play.

  14. Well now we at least know some names to watch for in the future in Ty Graves and company…..Someone said a while back that this might be Will Graves cousin and who would have ever dreamed that Middle School ball would create such a stir/interest….Baketball at any level gets people talking in these parts of the country….

    As always good luck to the kids, have fun and make this a lifetime sport….We want to see many of you still playing ball when you get in your 40’s, 50’s and 6o’s…..Keep a ball in your car and an air pump in y0ur trunk….

    The game can make you or you can make the game a beautiful thing…..It’s a lot like life, you have to respect the game and those that you come in contact with while playing the game and following the game…..

  15. I am very appreciative for Kevin Graves and what he teaches young ballers skill -wise and character-wise..My son has attended numerous workouts with him, Ty and other young ballers in the area…the sessions have been priceless…does he push them? Yes…GOOD teachers push their students beyond their comfort zone in order for them to reach and exceed their potential!! He puts as much effort in all the ballers that attend his sessions as he does his son! Also..Fathers should be their sons/daughters #1 fan in everything they, sports, life in general…Is he passionate? Yes! I am as well and will continue to be! Do what u do KG!!

  16. Funny, my son plays for Kiser and he told me that coach Graves was watching the game. Wasn’t really coaching from the sidelines, just into the game. Every father should be his son’s number 1 fan. My son has a tremendous amout of respect for Coach Graves. There is one thing I would like to mention. These young men give and gain respect for each others talent. I can assure you they know who will bring it and who wont. My son will tell you that Ty is good and respects his gam, you cant give him a good look. Middle School sports dont mean much anyway. They are just a tune up to AAU and High School sports. I cant remember who won our middle school championship from back in the day. I would also never talk bad about a FATHER pushing his OWN child, whom has a great deal of skill!!! Push mine all the time. No matter who say’s or does what!!!! Funny, but I think you may over look the fact that when he trains his son, he’s also spending time with him!!!!

  17. well i think breyon cuthrell from aycock is one of the county best middle school basketball players other than ty graves and allen little

  18. i believe mendenhall and kiser are doubting aycock as conference champions 3-0 undefeated thanks to the help of breyon cuthrell scoring ability and tyler thompsons defense who is an under ranked and the rest of the aycock starters

  19. I dont see how ams is underated they are in first place in the conference good job breyon cuthrell cedric morgan tyler thompson darius darden shawn dowtin and jp moorman

  20. Two Kids to watch out for are Jalen Gore and Jalen Spicer of Kernodle Middle School. Jalen Gore can hang with the best of them and I believe Jalen Spicer has the highest Point Guard Bball IQ of any 7th grader. You should also check out the Lady Kernodle Cougars. They are undefeated and probably the best middle school girls team in Greensboro.

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