CiCi’s NFL Picks – Wild Card Edition

Andy reached deep into his pockets and came up with more CiCi’s Buffet Coupons to take us to the Super Bowl. This time it is ALL MANUAL, so put your picks in the comments. As there are only FOUR GAMES – the Tie Breaker is Important.

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Here’s the Schedule:
Wild Card Week
NO v SEA Sat 4:30 PM – NBC
NYJ v IND Sat 8 PM – NBC
BAL v KC Sun 1 PM – CBS
GB v PHI Sun 4:30 PM – FOX

Tie Breaker Total Points Green Bay v Philadephia


  1. Hey, wait a minute sloweddie and littlejohn
    how many different picks you going to put in the box?
    Andy, they say there’s a sucker born every minute… and two to take him
    might want to put these two on crime alert

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