Coach A getting ORMA ready to play…..

Baseball season is just a few weeks away and at ORMA(Oak Ridge Military Academy) Coach A(Alan Ashkinazy) is getting his Cadets ready to play…..

The Oak Ridge Military Academy Baseball Team will begin practice on Monday, January the 10th. Their first game will be at the Plantation, Florida “Start Up Season” Tournament on February 15th. Head Coach is Alan Ashkinazy, Pitching Coach is Matt Dezearn, Assistant Coach is Terry Lawson and the new JV Coach is Pella Stokes.

Pella Stokes, Drew Cone, Jonah Springs, Brant Williams, Reese Kearns,
Brandon McKnight, Chris Harrelson, Lashawn Brown, Justin Myers, Nick Taylor,
Joziel Morel, Edwin Soto, Tyler Webb, Rory Atwell, Grayson Lee, Pierre Luis,
Patrick Nusdeo, Sean Mas, Tiger Miller

See schedule below:


February 15 Northeast, Fla. HS . AWAY 2:00
February 15 Park Vista, Fla. HS AWAY 7:00
February 17 Plantation or Boca Raton AWAY TBD
February 24 North Stokes (scrimmage) HOME 4:00
February 25 HP Wesleyan AWAY 4:00
February 26 SWR/ER (scrimmage) AWAY 2:00
March 2 North Stokes AWAY 5:00
March 4 Salisbury AWAY 5:00
March 7 Davie County HS AWAY 5:00
March 8 Southwest Randolph AWAY 5:00
March 10 Cardinal Gibbons AWAY 4:00
March 11 Eastern Randolph AWAY 5:00
March 15 Trinity HS AWAY 5:00
March 16 Wilmington Hanover AWAY 5:00
March 19 Glenn HS AWAY 1:00
March 22 Thomasville HS AWAY 5:00
March 24 Concord HS AWAY 5:00
March 25 Randleman HS AWAY 5:00
March 31-Apr 2 East CH Easter Tourney AWAY TBD
April 5 Brush (PA) HS (DH) Sto White 4:00
April 6 Davie County HS HOME 5:00
April 7 North Davidson HS AWAY 7:00
April 11 Reidsville HS AWAY 6:00
April 13 Reagan HS HOME 4:30
April 15-18 Oxford Easter Tourney AWAY TBD
April 19 Eastern Randolph HOME 5:00
April 20 Glenn HS AWAY 7:00
April 21 Southwest Randolph HOME 5:00
April 25-27 Brunswick Easter Tourney AWAY TBD
April 29 Copperhead Tourney AWAY TBD
April 30 Reagan HS AWAY 2:00
May 7 Alumni Game HOME TBD


  1. Good luck Big Al not that you will need it .
    I am positive you will do great with a fine group of kids.

  2. I have several questions, please—–

    #1- How do you have a varsity and JV team with only 20 players?

    #2- How long does Easter run this year?

    #3- Is that New Hanover they are playing in Wilmington?

    #4- Are all of the players listed from Guilford county?

  3. best guess at Eddies questions

    1. I think some of the teams on the schedule have both JV and Varsity teams and with 20 players, I imagine some players may play in both games, since with 20 on varsity many would not get playing time. This would mean most kids would get to play in either the varsity game or the JV game

    2. Easter some school systems have their break before Easter and some after Easter and it is hard to figure out when Easter is anyway

    3. Yes in Wilmington

    4. I think most are although I know they have two players from the Dominican Republic.

  4. Alan, best of luck. Congratulations on putting together a solid defensive team with alot of outfield speed and excellent hitters throughout your lineup. I also like that you have a mix of freshman, sophmores, juniors and seniors and no post-graduates. You have the makings for a long-term “program”. I recognize the names from the current GBC Prepstars teams(Nusdeo, Taylor, Atwell, Mas, Tiger, Kearns, Webb) and from Grimsley (Brown, Harrelson). What about the rest of your players? What high schools or showcase teams were they from and please keep us up to date on your results?

  5. Good luck Al! Too bad GC teams are banned from playing you. I would love to see what our boys could do. I bet it would be a good game.

  6. I here Al got a kid on the GBC 13u team that Carmine had on the gun at 85 last week. take that back. no kid. he a manchild

  7. Good luck Coach Al. Wonder how much the recent news will effect ORMA athletics and the school itself? Hate to see Guilford County lose the Military Academy but would love to see Guilford County lose……..well you know. Coach O better grab up one of those college jobs he’s been telling everybody about for years.

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