HS Basketball: Guilford Orthopaedic Polls for 1/6/2011

Guilford Orthopaedic HS Basketball Polls for 1/6/2011

Boys Public School Poll:
#1 Page(8-5)
#2 High Point Andrews(9-2)
#3 Northeast Guilford(10-3)
#4 TIE Dudley(8-3)/Southwest Guilford(9-4)
#6 Smith(8-5)
#7 Northern Guilford(7-5)
#8 Ragsdale(6-7)
#9 Eastern Guilford(6-6)
#10 Northwest Guilford(5-6)

Girls Public School Poll:
#1 Dudley(12-1)
#2 Southwest Guilford(11-1)
#3 Eastern Guilford(9-2)
#4 Northwest Guilford(8-2)
#5 Southeast Guilford(10-3)
#6 High Point Central(9-2)
#7 Northern Guilford(10-2)
#8 Page(9-3)
#9 Ragsdale(6-7)
#10 Western Guilford(6-8)

Private School Boys:
#1 Oak Ridge Military Academy(17-2)
#2 Greensboro Day School(14-3)
#3 Westchester Country Day(9-6)
#4 High Point Christian Academy(12-6)
#5 High Point Wesleyan(9-4)
#6 Bishop McGuinness(6-6)
#7 Forsyth Country Day(5-7)
#8 Shining Light Academy(13-1)
#9 Caldwell Acadmey(8-9)
#10 Vandalia Christian School(6-3)

Combined Boys Poll:
#1 ORMA(17-2)
#2 Greensboro Day(14-3)
#3 Page(8-5)
#4 High Point Andrews(9-2)
#5 Northeast Guilford(10-3)
#6 High Point Christian Academy(12-6)
#7 Westchester Country Day(9-6)
#8 High Point Wesleyan(9-4)
#9 TIE Dudley(8-3)/Southwest Guilford(9-4)
#10 Smith(8-5)

Private School Girls Poll:
#1 ORMA(11-4)
#2 Greensboro Day School(11-6)
#3 Bishop McGuinness(7-5)
#4 High Point Wesleyan(3-3)
#5 High Point Christian(1-6)


  1. The HPC women defeated Southwest over the holidays and they are ranked lower. Santia Davis is having a great year followed by Bryson and Harris( both committed to Lees Mcrae) Who does the polls ? The only drawback is the silly AD and HPC who did the schedule, which has HPC behing the eight ball in games played this season. Come on guys lets be realistic!!!!

  2. Central was up at #2 last week with just one loss and then they just got beat by NWG….NWG moves ahead of HPC and HP Central drops in poll….Central must hope for SWG to top NWG tonight and HP Central must rebound with a strong win over Smith this evening….

    Central can move back up, but they need to win tonight….SEG is wild card, because I feel they may be better than NWG and NWG just beat Central…You just can’t boot Eastern down cause another team lost and they are still very good….

    HP Central made their way up and we gave it to them last week, but if they are a true #2 they had no business losing to NWG the other night….

    We are tracking these games and challenging the teams….I just picked Terry Allmon(HPC) as my pre-season Coach of the Year last week…We gave you the props you have to live up to them, National audiences are follwing what we do here and I have to be careful how I make these calls…

    You determine your own destiny and I am on top of these polls, but not at the top of the polls…I will never let my interests take the place of what these teams deserve, our first priority is to promote the teams/school and we will not compromise that objective…..

    A few extra free throws after practice will suffice….

  3. I think the girls rankings are fair Andy. You have Dudley number one above southwest. Dudley did lose, but it was to a high ranked team in the country. All these other county schools are scared to play anyone that is ranked outside of Guilford county. If this is incorrect, tell Moe Green to let them play the best competion.

  4. grimsley beat NW, Page and Ragsdale but not in top ten because of out of conference losses to good teams???????? recent slump will turn around this friday at GHS vs S Alamance.

  5. Poll Ranking is just reviews of assumptions. Any giving day a top rank team can be upset. It’s about what team came to play that day. We see it happen at the college level all the time.

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