High School Hoops Tonight with Final for 1/7/11: HPCA over HPW with Oates at 29 and Weethe at 13…

On to the 7-11 game in High Point tonight with NEWS 2 there and Brian Formica LIVE and Jerry Wolford for you from the NEWS and RECORD(N&R), he’ll have plenty of good photographs at their site…..www.news-record.com

Greensborosports.com with your Friday night scores:
Girls Final:
Wesleyan Christian Academy(HP Wesleyan) 58
High Point Christian Academy 53

Boys Final:
High Point Christian Academy 68
Wesleyan Christian Acadmey 58

*****This was the second time this season that HPCA has gotten the best of HPW….Earlier win by the Cougars over the Trojans at WCA…*****

Unofficial stats:
HPCA scoring….Mitch Oates with 27 led the way, Jordan Weethe had 13 and Aaron Scales had 6….All three of the above had Monster Dunks with Weethe smashing, Scales crashing and Oates dashing on the Dunks….Weethe’s was real strong and Oates and Scales were not far behind….Their teammate, #21 I think it was also had a Thunder Dunk….Montay Brandon had the strongest dunk of the night for Wesleyan and Deng Leek also flushed a few down hard from underneath….

Wesleyan Christian Academy scoring leaders….Montay Brandon with 18…..Jaquel Richmond and Deng Leek had 15 points each for WCA and #12(could not get his name since the book disappeared after the game), but thanks to our readers we now have him and it was Sammy Tyson that had 7 points….Brandon had a big first half and Richmond was very tough for WCA in the second…Leek was steady throughout and he is playing a lot more minutes since coming back after his injury….

Game rewind for HPCA and WCA….1st Q: HPCA 13, WCA 6….Halftime: HPCA 39, WCA 22….3rd Q: HPCA 47, WCA 34….Final:HPCA 68, WCA 58….

I would have to say that Oates and Weethe were playing unreal and Aaron Scales was not far behind and Scales looks a lot like a much larger version of William Graves, back when Wil was with Dudley…..Brandon and Richmond are not far behind Oates and Weethe, just a little bit younger…..

Kind of interesting when you look back at all these kids back in the day when Oates, Weethe and Jon Bethea were at Page and Scales was at Southwest Guilford and for Wesleyan you had Brandon at Northeast, Richmond at Dudley and Cade Isley at Grimsley, all back in the day and it’s really no big deal, just looking back in the day and time moves and we must do the same and move on too……

A lot of fun to make the weather worry-free trip to High Point’s Greene Street Baptist Church on Phillips Avenue to see Oates, Weethe, Bethea, Scales, Richmond, Isley and Brandon…….Plus others too, but I don’t know all of them yet…..Got to speak to coach Brandon Clifford right before the game and he is doing very well with and for his HPCA Cougars……