No high school activities for Guilford County Schools for Friday and Saturday

NO GAMES tonight for the Guilford County Schools and no practices and NO GAMES on Saturday either…..(Last we heard, the game with High Point Wesleyan at High Point Christian is still on for tonight and we will wait and see if we hear anything from Bradon Clifford(HPCA), on this one….)

All high school basketball games for TONIGHT(1/7/11) have been postponed….The story and news are the same for Saturday……NO GAMES on Saturday(1/8/11)…..

The makeups will have to begin next week, but Exams are coming up soon and there can be No Games during the Exam period…..We had the cancellations back on December 17, the weather effected the games during the Pizza Hut tournament and they are saying we could get more SNOW on Sunday and it could be on the ground for quite a while….Next weekend they are calling for single-digit temperatures in the Charlotte area and we aren’t far off that line of weather movement….

They had game postponements on the WRAL SportsFan site for the Raleigh area earlier this morining, but I didn’t post them then, cause I didn’t want to jump the gun….Now the snow-making machines seem to be in operation and it appears to be just a matter of time before we get hit again…..

We’ll try and keep you up to date and let’s hope we can get all of this basketball season in before Easter Sunday……


  1. It’s 42 degrees outdoors at 4:45pm with the sun still out……. GESHHHH !!!! This is silly. Maybe because I’m from Upper New York, but people freak just at the sound of the word snow being mention on T.V.

  2. I totally agree. I was never a fan of after school activities being canceled when the kids had to go to school. The fact that the sun was out certainly didn’t help. Being in college, today and Saturday were my only chances to watch Page play (went to Nashville last wk for the Music City Bowl), but I guess I won’t be able to see the boys play this yr. Thanks GCS for failing to man up. Nothing on the ground and it was never below freezing. shaking my head.

  3. what the hell is the gcs super attended doing thats a saturday game can we ever play our conference game tommrrow mo green go to hell we should play the game its inside not like its outside hes so dume

  4. I really wanted to check out the boys & girls PAGE vs. DUDLEY game myself. Dag !!!


  6. This is just another reason why parents are running to the private schools throughout the state. If the weather conditions are not good, then I am fully aware of my rights as a parent to take my kid home. Why does guilford county think we cannot make such decisions on our own. Guilford Co is so scare of a lawsuit that they cannot make reason and sensible decisions. We have already missed 2 days this school year over pictures of snow from other states that never really did any damage here. Obviously they are trying to prevent that 1 accident that is bound to occur over time but the reality is that more people die in car accidents due to wet roads from rain than snow.

  7. To oppenheimerfund:
    When did “what in the world” ever mention Oak Ridge ? Why do some of you people continue to hit on Oak Ridge ? Why can’t you say GDS, HPW, HPC, Westchester, FCD or whoever? Get over the Oak Ridge issue whenever someone says something about private schools.

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