No high school activities for Guilford County Schools for Friday and Saturday

NO GAMES tonight for the Guilford County Schools and no practices and NO GAMES on Saturday either…..(Last we heard, the game with High Point Wesleyan at High Point Christian is still on for tonight and we will wait and see if we hear anything from Bradon Clifford(HPCA), on this one….)

All high school basketball games for TONIGHT(1/7/11) have been postponed….The story and news are the same for Saturday……NO GAMES on Saturday(1/8/11)…..

The makeups will have to begin next week, but Exams are coming up soon and there can be No Games during the Exam period…..We had the cancellations back on December 17, the weather effected the games during the Pizza Hut tournament and they are saying we could get more SNOW on Sunday and it could be on the ground for quite a while….Next weekend they are calling for single-digit temperatures in the Charlotte area and we aren’t far off that line of weather movement….

They had game postponements on the WRAL SportsFan site for the Raleigh area earlier this morining, but I didn’t post them then, cause I didn’t want to jump the gun….Now the snow-making machines seem to be in operation and it appears to be just a matter of time before we get hit again…..

We’ll try and keep you up to date and let’s hope we can get all of this basketball season in before Easter Sunday……