Greensboro Day School over Providence Day 68-52

Boys High School Final:
Greensboro Day School 68
Providence Day School 52


GDS-Providence game rewind:1st Q GDS 16, Providence 12….Halftime GDS 29, Providence 25….3rd Q GDS 45, Providence 31….Final GDS 68, Providence 52….

GDS scoring….Reed Lucas 13…Quayshad Williams 11 points…Jalen Ross 10 points…John Terry 8 pts…Jordan Robertson 7 pts…Jaleel Roberts 6 pts…Robert Kleinman 4 pts…Christian Hairston 4 pts….Andrew Magod 2 pts…

Providence scoring leaders….Conner Sullivan 16 points…Byron Fields 14 points…Jordan Watkins 6 pts…Drew Vandemore 5 pts….


  1. WIthout question the best I have seen GDS play this year. Roberts was dominant in the paint. Lucas was making shots and Terry and Ross played really well. Williams was very good off the bench. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

  2. I totally concur. A tremendous overall performance. I truly feel we will be peaking at just the right time. We may put it all together, as we approach the playoffs. We need a win over Ravenscroft to build my confidence. We are playing like a well-oiled machine. I never want to lose, but losing to a bad team like NWG may have been just what we needed! I don’t feel as bad over that loss as New Orleans is ging to feel in about two minutes.

  3. Providence was overly hyped. All the players was under 6’1″ . Forward was 6 ft 6…I think because Ravencrofts had a bad game and they had a good game….Most analyst thought Providence was better than they were. Don’t get me wrong…GDS did play a good game….Probley that game and game against Hoggard was best game I’ve seen. Coach Johnson did a good job of coaching. Defense was solid and the pace of the game was quicker. I am not sure if that was by design or off the cuff but it worked. I have been hollowing all year for GDS to pick up the pace. They have so many good players and the more shot attempts the more players are willing to play for you knowing they will get a chance to shot.

    This is a note to Coach Johnson- I know his son will run back and tell him..Keep up good work by picking up the pace. The kids were able to shot in the rhythem of the game. The offence was pititful again Durham Acadamy because GDS played slow with them. GDS played slow against NW…we see what happen…So Coach Johnson …way to take critisiam and learn from it to help your players and team be successful….Way to change and not think you know it all. I try be honest and give credit…Now let me give you a little advance that will help you beat Charlotte Christian and Christ School…..

    Play at a pace just a little quicker….allow your players to break plays and take advantage of mismatch….Players feel like they have defenders on them and can take their man but they are locked in the the dum play that is run to get a good shot….But they have a layup by taking their man…..If you teach and allow players to identify and take advantage of mismatches during the game then you will be able to beat the better teams in NC….Just remember…the better teams in NC came play defense…your slow ran plays are not going to get good shots because the defense is so good…they work on Elon school or River Mill but the top teams…it will not work….notice all the top teams have players able to make one on one moves and take the defender to basket…GDS has 5-7 players able to shoot off the dribble..or go to the rim ….but you never attack the basket…..that is why offense get stagnet against good defensive teams….If you are not hitting threes…then you are done GDS….Good Luck GDS….Way to Go Coach Freddy Johson….Do not let your ego make you lose to Charlotte Christian and Christ School….Go Bengals!!!!!!

  4. Why is Greensbor Day record 9 -3 on Maxpreps?

    They need to update their record on Maxpreps, which is why their rank is lower on Maxprep’s poll

    1 Quality Education Academy (Winston-Salem, NC) NC 15-2 0-0 37.6 22.2 —
    2 Word of God Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC) NC 7-1 0-0 37 20.3 +1
    3 Oak Ridge Military Academy (Oak Ridge, NC) NC 14-2 0-0 35 22.1 -1
    4 Christ School (Arden, NC) NC 15-4 5-0 34.9 20.1 —
    5 Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, NC) NC 13-1 0-0 33.5 19.2 —
    6 United Faith Christian Academy (Charlotte, NC) NC 14-3 0-0 31.3 20.6 —
    7 Reagan (Pfafftown, NC) NC 10-0 0-0 31.2 16.7 —
    8 Fairmont (NC) NC 7-0 1-0 29.3 7.3 —
    9 Terry Sanford (Fayetteville, NC) NC 12-2 3-0 29 15.1 +1
    10 Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem, NC) NC 12-1 0-0 28.3 17.3 -1
    11 Olympic (Charlotte, NC) NC 13-1 2-0 27.9 12.7 —
    12 West Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) NC 9-1 3-0 26.7 12 —
    13 Concord (NC) NC 9-1 4-0 25.4 8.9 —
    14 Charis Prep (Goldsboro, NC) NC 3-1 0-0 25.2 19.9 +1
    15 Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC) NC 10-2 0-0 24.9 11.3 +3
    16 Huss (Gastonia, NC) NC 10-2 3-0 24.7 14 -2
    17 Westchester Country Day (High Point, NC) NC 8-5 0-0 23.3 19.8 —
    18 Davidson Day (Davidson, NC) NC 10-4 0-0 23.1 14.5 +1
    19 Laney (Wilmington, NC) NC 12-0 1-0 22.7 6.5 +2
    20 Northeast Guilford (McLeansville, NC) NC 10-3 1-0 22.6 11.9 -4
    21 Greenfield (Wilson, NC) NC 8-3 0-0 22.4 15.7 +10
    22 Garner Magnet (Garner, NC) NC 10-0 4-0 22.3 6.1 +2
    23 Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC) NC 13-8 0-0 22.2 19.4 +6
    24 Northside Christian Academy (Charlotte, NC) NC 12-1 3-0 22.2 7.6 +3
    25 Waddell (Charlotte, NC) NC 12-4 4-0 22.1 17.5 +7
    26 First Assembly Christian (Concord, NC) NC 9-0 2-0 22 3.6 -4
    27 Middle Creek (Apex, NC) NC 13-0 8-0 21.5 8.1 +12
    28 Greensboro Day (Greensboro, NC) NC 7-3 0-0 21.4 13.4 +7
    29 Wakefield (Raleigh, NC) NC 11-1 4-0 21.4 9.4 -4
    30 Macdonald Academy (Red Springs, NC) NC 5-8 0-0 21.3 23.9 +3
    31 Seventy-First (Fayetteville, NC) NC 8-5 1-2 21.3 17.2 -11
    32 East Rutherford (Forest City, NC) NC 9-0 3-0 21.3 6.1 +6
    33 Southern Lee (Sanford, NC) NC 9-3 5-0 21.1 11.8 -10
    34 Westover (Fayetteville, NC) NC 11-2 3-1 21 12.8 -8
    35 T.W. Andrews (High Point, NC) NC 9-2 0-0 20.9 9.3 +36
    36 Victory Christian Center (Charlotte, NC) NC 5-3 0-0 20.4 18 +1
    37 High Point Christian Academy (High Point, NC) NC 12-6 1-0 20.2 14 -7
    38 Pinecrest (Southern Pines, NC) NC 10-3 0-0 20.2 13.2 -10
    39 New Hanover (Wilmington, NC) NC 7-3 1-0 20.1 11.8 +5
    40 Christian Faith Center Academy (Creedmoor, NC) NC 6-11 0-0 19.9 21.1 +8
    41 Clayton (NC) NC 11-2 4-1 19.5 8.7 -1
    42 Parkland (Winston-Salem, NC) NC 8-4 2-1 19.3 15.3 +22
    43 Trinity Christian (Fayetteville, NC) NC 10-3 0-0 19.3 8.4 -7
    44 Ben L. Smith (Greensboro, NC) NC 8-5 4-0 19.1 15 -2
    45 Mooresville (NC) NC 10-3 3-1 19.1 12.2 +11
    46 Pine Forest (Fayetteville, NC) NC 11-3 1-2 18.8 9.1 -5
    47 Vance (Charlotte, NC) NC 7-4 3-1 18.7 10 +21
    48 North Mecklenburg (Huntersville, NC) NC 9-2 2-1 18.6 7.7 -5
    49 Northeastern (Elizabeth City, NC) NC 8-2 3-0 18.5 11.6 +8
    50 Brittain Academy (Thomasville, NC) NC 5-2 0-0 18.4 14.9 +4

  5. Coach Know, you know you are right and several other teams need to do it too…..

    I think we were up to date in our polls last week and if we need to adjust, readers/commenters, let us know…. wants to be on top of the basketball goal/poll……..

  6. I think Dale has been smoking something!! What game were you at? It was the first game all year that GDS didn’t extend their defense. I think they played a soft man and zone the whole game. They never pushed the pace on defense which is what they have done in the past. And they did run offensively but they have done that in every game. The game was actually played at a little slower pace.

  7. go appy….I can tell you know nothing about GDS basketball….If you would talk to the coaches and players….they will tell you the shots were taken a little quicker than normal. Normally GDS holds for one shot at the end of each quarter but coaches allowed the kid to continue to run the offence and not slow down the pace of the game. Yes the defense was soft man and zone but shots were taken just a little quicker. It is not as quick as we think it should be to beat the top 10 teams in the state but it is a start. I try to compliment any changes at GDS because Coach is stuck in his way or no way. He would rather lose his way than when another way. His system will get him 20 wins a year but the wins are going down because of the better competition at private schools. So GDS will start doing what they did last year to Oak Ridge and cancel or not schedule games they may lose to get the 25 wins a year. I guess they will start playing Shining Light and Elon…or sorry they already play Elon School. So go appy stop being so sensitive…I know who you are coach…Just take the advice and win. You think you know everything and no one else knows anything….I feel sorry for the kids that play for you.

  8. Andy, I think we need spell check on your site.

    He spells win as “when”.

    He spells offense as “offence”.

  9. ok spelling….smart guy…I know I got you if you have been reduce down to spelling….Look at the content…I do apologize about the spelling but my passion override the spelling….this is a sports blog not a term paper….I love getting the best of u….I text a lot….lol at u…sorry I mean you…don’t want the SPELLING police to get me….ha ha ha

    Dad I need help on this one!

  10. The maxpreps rankingis pointless. All it factors is wins/losses pretty much. This isvery interesting conversation by the way. Cant tell if Dale jr is for or against GDS.

  11. Son,
    Please explain to the nice man that he needs to try hard to understand the term “Generation Gap”. While I don’t like texting, it is an effective means of communicating for you younger guys. It does lead to developing bad habits in sentence structure, spelling, and syntax; but that will not hold you back, since you will have time to overcome these obstacles while you go through remedial English at GTCC before you go to Harvard.
    Please come home now, all is forgiven!!!

  12. Dad, You are the best!

    I am for the Bengals! I graduated from GDS. That’s way my spelling is a little bad! Just kidding. We know GDS is one of the best academic schools in NC. I just feel sorry for the kids who come in not knowing the system they run. They have aspirations of being recruited because of the GDS mystic. But they get disappointed and feel they have been used to only keep GDS in the news and not develop their game. When one player game in last year he was a high major now since he has been at GDS he is a low to mid. I do want GDS to succeed but under this system they will not beat the top 15 schools in NC. So I am for GDS but sometimes you need people around you to stop saying how good you are and be real and tell you your flaws to make you better. That’s why people read my blog because I tell it like it is!
    This is the only forum we have to talk to the coaches to voice our say. Thanks Andy for giving us this space in the world. Go Bengals!!!!!!

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