Where’s The Snow!

You remember the Wendy’s Commercial with the little old lady looking at her hamburger and yelling “Where’s The Beef?!!” I know that’s how thousands feel today after having a perfectly good Friday night tossed out because of the “possibility” of snow.

We all know back in the “day”, we played in the snow and sleet. Activity Buses weren’t exactly the best vehicle driving in the snow and ice; but we still made those games….

Often in front of EMPTY Gyms.

It’s all about common sense. “Back in the day”, we had common sense. Today, we barely have manors. Speeding down roads today when before we’d be paranoid to go faster than 25 mph “back in the day.”

The schools can tell its drivers to keep it safe. You can’t make everyone else – and that’s the problem. The schools must be on the defense. We faced with putting buses on the streets with the crazy drivers in the snow and ice, the school system plays “Chicken Little.”

I’m glad they are willing to be safe with our kids.


  1. Great point – things are different “today”.. I also think the school system was being extra cautious in light of the 2 area accidents involving students and icy/slick roads earlier this week.

  2. These same school systems (GCS, FCS,etc.) that show such extreme caution with the weather continue to be plagued with predators as teachers and administrators!!! Why don’t they show some of the same caution in their due diligence practices that are part of the hiring process? They have completely misplaced priorities in my opinion. They remind me of people who would cut off a leg because they had a bunion!!!!!
    People will continue to flock to private schools for a myriad of reasons other than athletics, and it’s time people realize this instead of throwing schools like HPCA, Westchester, Wesleyan, GDS, ORMA, FCDS, etc. under the bus.
    Not necessarily my humble opinion, but definitely my opinion!!!!!

  3. I’m sorry if any disagree but there is no valid reason or excuse for canceling last night’s games. But heck even the NFL is doing it these days.

    We have turned into a nation of wimps. Sad sad sad…

  4. EDITOR: Comments Deleted. We are not going to talk about criminal issues here until there has been a trial. This issue can be discussed intelligently at the News & Record.

  5. You are correct, but at least we are now a nation of equal, mediocre wimp!!! I hate to see it!!!

  6. The News and Record never allowed any comments on the Oak Ridge story from the time they printed it from the AP yesterday….We gave you guys all day Friday to talk about this, we gave you a chance and the N&R never did….

    I guess we’ll have to move this one indoors to old barber shop out in Oak Ridge….But they do close at 5pm…..

    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time, so that’s how it’s gonna be…..On to the next round….

    Who gives you more and people are still jumping off the ship….

  7. Can’t put all the blame on the school systems for canceling. It’s the idiots that sue when somebody slips on the ice. Maybe they should still have the game but let the parents drive their kids to the game.

  8. Unbelievable Andy.

    I can’t believe you deleted my comment. You’ve slobbered all over that coach since he first walked in the door at Northern.

    Have fun with your site.

    I’m out.

  9. I am watching the Army All American Bowl on NBC. I have not seen the Harris kid from NG. I remember someone saying he was selected to play back last year. Anybody know why he’s not in the game?

  10. They’re going to have to go back to an alternative system on allowing the games to be played and it will require one group of schools in the city with their own call by the athletic directors and then another call by the schools that are actually located in Guilford County and their call will have to come from the County office….

    The athletic directors will have to given some key discretion in making decisions with conditions such as we were facing last night and then again today….

    If this is not implemented then we might not even get all the games in before Tournament time this year….Give the AD’s some lead way and let them make some individual calls on their schools……Dudley at Page, Smith at Page and many others could have been a go this weekend….If you say no go on Friday and say Saturday is out of the question too, give yourself room to change your decision….If Page-Dudley was off for last night, they could have changed the universal call and let Smith-Page play today….It was cold this afternoon/early evening, but the crowd at Greensboro Day for GDS-Providence was still pretty good….

    Page-Smith could have played tonight, you could have made up NWG-Ragsdale tonight and many more…..With the E-Mail system of today, word can be spread quickly….

    The AD’s need to be able to make some of their own calls on these games and if the County is still inclement, and the city streets are in clear in Greensboro, High Point and in Jamestown, go ahead and let these teams play for the sake of getting the games in and getting back on schedule……

  11. Any word on Smith/Page or Dudley/Page? Should be rescheduled early next week! Play offs
    are are near! Let’s go!

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