Where’s The Snow!

You remember the Wendy’s Commercial with the little old lady looking at her hamburger and yelling “Where’s The Beef?!!” I know that’s how thousands feel today after having a perfectly good Friday night tossed out because of the “possibility” of snow.

We all know back in the “day”, we played in the snow and sleet. Activity Buses weren’t exactly the best vehicle driving in the snow and ice; but we still made those games….

Often in front of EMPTY Gyms.

It’s all about common sense. “Back in the day”, we had common sense. Today, we barely have manors. Speeding down roads today when before we’d be paranoid to go faster than 25 mph “back in the day.”

The schools can tell its drivers to keep it safe. You can’t make everyone else – and that’s the problem. The schools must be on the defense. We faced with putting buses on the streets with the crazy drivers in the snow and ice, the school system plays “Chicken Little.”

I’m glad they are willing to be safe with our kids.