Big Jim Modlin’s battling back…

Spoke to Big Jim Modlin(Ragsdale HS/ECU basketball) yesterday and he said he is on the mend, he is still battling back….His back is not the problem, but it is the Staph Infection that has attacked his body and his immune system….

The staph infection hit his feet, ankles, knees and his shoulders and he has had to have somwhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 surgeries, where they have to cut into the joints at the feet, ankles, knees and shoulders and go in and remove or clean out, the staph infection….At one time the staph infection was headed into his lungs, but they got ahold of that spread, before it took over his lungs…

Jim said at one time back early in the process and he has now been in the High Point Regional Hospital for six weeks and flat on his back in the bed, for 5 straight weeks, back in the early stages of his stay at High Point Regional, they were having to give him so many antibiotics, that the medicines/antibiotics nearly took over and tried to shut his kidneys down….The nurses that work with Big Jim Modlin said they are still shocked that he was able to survive that battle, since when the kidneys go down, it is just a matter time and you are gone…..No longer with us….

Jim is still with us and I spoke to him yesterday(Saturday) and he said they are going to try and start some rehab work with him on Monday(tomorrow) and that he is working with doctors that have a very strong background, in his area of Staph Infection……

Jim said he is Battling Back and if he can get that rehab going, at least he can get out of bed and start trying to get around on a walker…..

The future looks good for Big Jim Modlin and he is still “Battling Back”, in an effort to defeat that Staph Infection and he said on Saturday, that he told his doctors not to count him out yet……

Big Jim is battling back and he said to tell evryone thanks for rememering him in your thoughts and prayers, so please keep the the thoughts and prayers coming, so he can knock out this Staph Infection and get back on his feet….

High Point Regional Hospital is the place, so if you get a chance stop in and see Big Jim, or give him a call……


  1. keep fighting Jim it sounds like you have gotten through the worst of it just keep a positive attitude and remember we all pulling for you

  2. Keep the comments coming if and when you can….Big Jim has friends and relatives checking out the site and the words of encouragement will get back his way and he can sure use the boost in these tough times of medical hardship…..

  3. You are so missed at church! Our little Amen corner can’t wait for you to get back. Patrick recently filled us in a bit on where you are and what an ordeal you have been through. Let’s claim your complete healing now. Linda Kennedy sends her best to you as well as Doug and me. I called her when I found this website by chance this morning! Know that we are all with you in spirit and hope to see you in person soon!!!!

  4. I recently learned of your illness and want to add to the wishes and prayers posted by Vicki. We hope to see you in church soon.

  5. I played basketball with Jim Modlin at East Carolina U. back in the late 60’s. How can I contact him? What is his ph. no? Rick Collins, another ECU basketball player and I talk about once a month and do talk about the fun days we had at ECU and with the basketball players there.
    Rich Williams
    Indianapolis, IN
    317 842 4000

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