MLK Jr Classic – Basketball from the Coliseum SE Center

From the Martin Luther King Jr Basketball Classic being played at the Greensboro Coliseum’s Special Events Center.

Game #1
Concord Cannon – 40
Northwest Guilford – 55

Game #2
Forsyth Country Day – 65
Ragsdale – 59

Game #3
Norfolk Christian – 72
Page – 56

Game #4
Arden (N.C.) Christ School – 83
Greensboro (N.C.) Day School – 48

Game #5
Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill – 88
Charlotte (N.C.) United Faith – 90

Game #6
Oak Ridge (N.C.) Military – 63
High Point (N.C.) Christian – 35


  1. Wow! It looks like GDS got beat badly. Was the game as bad as the score? And Oak Hill lost! That must have been some game.

  2. OMRA – they looked a little lazy and out of it the 1st half and played with some good energy the 2nd half and played like a national type of team. When they play Oak Hill on 2/9 that should be a great game at OMRA.

    Oak Hill – this was a great game. Oak Hill allowed United to shot too many 3 pts and they paid the prize. The funny thing is that United was not playing with all of its best players. Their best player was out with an injury. United basically will have all of its players back next year and should be ranked within the top 20 in the nation easily in 2011-12.

    GDS – man they looked like a deer in the headlights of a semi-truck. Fred needs to stop coaching like it is the 1960’s. Sure he has won multiple state titles back in the 90′ and early 2000 but his style does not fit the quicker & up tempo styles that are being played today. I felt bad for the GDS kids and their fan base. They clearly did not belong on the floor with the elite teams. GDS has been crushed by every good team this year (ie Ravencroft, Christ School). GDS will be buried by Westchester and Oak Hill in Febuary if they do not stop running the 1960’s style offense. Wake up Fred !

  3. hpca flat out couldnt make a shot. Theyre not as good as orma, but if they shoot somewhat decent it wouldve been a much closer game. I know they rely on the 3 pointer a lot and when you dont make but 1 or 2 it can be a long night.

  4. Yesterdasy may have been worse for our psyche’s than losing to NWG—I am a little bit embarrassed, but I will take my medicine—-There were four very fine HS teams there one, one pretty good team, and several mediocre (at best teams), but it wa still a great day for basketball. Thanks to the organizers!!!!

  5. Ok…I have some thoughts on GDS game and who is at fault. Is it the players? Is it the coaches? Is it the style? Is it the defense? Coach Freddy is an awesome coach and he relates very well with his players. Coach Smith and Coach Shelton really puts a lot into the kids. No other school works the kids out like GDS. They have an around the year basketball mentality. What could be the problem? I talk to a few local college coaches and they told me the inside scoop on what the problem is for GDS. If I told you I would have to kill you. Go Bengals!

  6. Freddy and his staff do a great job. They are one of the only schools that really teach fundamentals. The problem is simple. For the most part, the other teams are better. I don’t care what style they play, they just may not be able to beat the upper echelon teams this year. They will still win 20 games and the kids will be better off for playing in their program. If some parents want them to play the up tempo AAU style ball, they should not have sent their kids to GDS. You know what are getting at GDS.

  7. In agreement with “the games today”. The game of basketball has changed for the high school level. There tend to be more athletic players who thrive in a run and gun system of basketball. Teams that do not adapt to the new system will begin to see losses like GDS took yesterday. Even when they got down, they continued to try their “slow” offense. Hopefully GDS will evolve into a more up-tempo style.

  8. Tom you wrote a lot but you did not say anything we do not know. But tell us why the other teams are better. Do they have better players? Do they have better coaches? You can’t get away with just saying that the teams are better. Maybe you did not know this but GDS has 7-9 players on the team that will play college ball. They have 5-6 low to mid D-1 players so when you say other teams are better what are you saying? Some better teams have no more than 2-3 high D-1 players but most have no bench. We are not talking about scrubs on GDS as many would say. I have heard it all “Tom”. GDS is just not as good. The players just are not as good as Christ School or Ravenscroft. That is a lie and even the coaches that work with those players everyday know what they have. This is what the problem with GDS is…Are you ready because you can take this to the bank. First the some players are not playing all out on every play on every game. Hard work beats talent everyday all day. Secondly, the man to man help defense GDS plays is not working. The better teams move the ball well and the players are helping and not getting back to their man quick enough. This is giving the better teams open shots. Ravenscroft knock them down and Christ School really knocked them down. Most schools are not going to shot the 3 that well. Third, Coaches need to take the offensive chains off the players. Have you ever seen a player at GDS do a spin move or step back? Have you ever seen a player look their man guarding them in the eyes and say within themselves “I can take them”. No you have not because if they do they will be on the bench. You must run GDS stuff no matter what. As I said, I am one of the biggest GDS fans and the coaches are awesome but we just need some changes.

    You heard it first hear. I am calling for Coach Freddy step down to focus on being an athletic director and advisor to the team and allow Coach Smith to take over as full time basketball coach. What say you?

  9. They are very good players and they will play college ball somewhere. Do you really think they have the type of talent that can make spin moves and take somebody off of the dribble consistently? I know I never could and I was able to play college ball. You seem to think they would be able to do this. That is your opinion. The teams that are beating them have major d1 prospects. There ability to the the things you describe make them major d1 talents. That is the major difference between a major d1 talent to a low to mid d1 talent. BTW, I love the pull back jumper and I use it all of the time. The coaching staff may make some changes against some of the better teams because they are not succeeding right now. To expect the wholesale changes you are talking about may be unrealistic.

  10. I am a GDS fan as well. And have been closer to the program in the past than now. But Dale are you serious? Do you think Coach Smith would actually play differently than Coach J? Sure all coaches are different, but their entire staff develops this philosophy. And Coach J has changed. Do you see them running flex? No. So to say they haven’t changed is ludicrous. I guess changing means first guy to touch it shoots. You guys have lost your mind. Not how they taught my son to play and certainly not how they should teach anyone elses son.

  11. Finally, I am hearing some truth on this site when it comes to Freddy and his style of play. I agree completely with Dale Fulton, Jr, the games today and others that made the exact points that I have been saying for the past couple of years concerning Freddy. He had his day 10-20 years ago but the game is pasting him. He has refused to adopt and his teams are paying the price. I know someone out there will say “but he is winning 20+ games a year”. Be real !! 15 of those 20 wins are against teams that are completely out matched from the beginning. A lot of these private schools are loaded with kids that are more fit to play soccer but they are playing basketball because their parents can donate $50k to the school each year. Freddy only has about 10 “real” basketball games each year and the past 3-4 years he has been losing this battle.

    If given an even match up of players and coaches, Freddy’s team will lose 7 out of 10 such match ups when faced with an up tempo style. There is no reason why Freddy cannot adopt his system to bring in a more up tempo style without destorying his control of the basketball. He has had (and still has) multiple kids that can dribble drive to the basket and create their own shot but unfortunately Freddy does not trust the kids that he has invited to play. All I can say is Trust Your Kids to Make the Right Decision Freddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The fact of the matter is, we all know that Coach J is not stepping down, and if he does, he will be the one to pick who replaces him. The way I look at it is, if you come to Greensboro Day, you have to be the perfect fit for the program. You have to be prepared to do exactly what they tell you. If you have any type of rebelliousness in you, you do not belong at GDS. Great players do not belong at Greensboro Day because they will not be able to showcase their abilities. The mediocre players are who fit perfectly because the GDS offense doesn’t make them go outside of their abilities. So to the players that want to go to private school, if you are capable of creating your own shot, do not go to GDS.

  13. I believe GDS has a few players that could take advantage of mismatches. Jalen Ross is an excellent ball handler who’s excellent in transition. If he was given the chance to take his man off the dribble, he could create open shots for Rob Kleinman, Reed Lucas, & John Terry.

    They could also isolate Jaleel Roberts in the post, it looks like he has developed a nice hook shot.

    And what about Christian Hairston, the sophomore transfer? i saw him play a bit of PG yesterday, but you could tell he didnt look to take his man, he only wanted to run the offense…

    All in All i believe GDS has the talent to compete w/ top teams, they just have to be willing to take the chains off of their potential playmakers…

  14. One of the biggest problems that GDS has is with itself. The head coach is still living in the past and thinking that the glory days will come back if he can just get the kids to understand what he wants because it worked back in the 1990’s. He knows that the better players are not even looking at GDS these days. They are looking at what is happening at Oak Ridge, Westchester and other locations in Raleigh/Charlotte. I just saw Westchester on ESPNU yesterday and Oak Ridge on CBS taped but the internet live on Saturday night in Missour. Oak Ridge is #18 in the nation (not NC but the nation). Westchester is playing the big boys and getting “much respect”. Ravencroft is continuing to pull in the big names for tournaments and players. Word of God is continuing to be in the big names and big all of the big boys. I can name several schools in Charlotte doing the same. Nearly 100% of these schools and a dozen others that I will not name have or have had recent players playing high D1 basketball. GDS has a bunch of players that are barely recruited by D2 type of schools. The D1 recruiters do not come to GDS to recruit because they know that the GDS system is not a reflection of what is required to play D1 basketball.

    D1 basketball is not the Princeton offense. The ability of these players to do the school work at any college of their choice is the responsibility of the school teachers/parents. The ability of these players to be good people and good citizens is the responsibility of parents. But the ability of these players to be able to perform on the court for a college falls directly Freddy’s and his coaching staff’s hand. For every kid that does not get that chance because the system sucks, then the coaching staff should look themselves in the mirror and ask “why”.

  15. The GDS coaching staff only has a bunch of “yes” men on its bench. None of them have the balls to stand up and say “we need to make a change and here is how we can do it”. They are flat out afriad that the only answer will be “yes – we will make changes starting with you leaving my bench immediate”. Those associate coaches sit on that bench like they are sitting before the king of kings of basketball. The best kings and leaders of men have always had good advisors and undermen willing to step forward and tell the leader what is wrong and why.

    Freddy needs a few good men these days. His son has been drinking the kool aid since birth and the other coaches are completely in amazement with the past glory that once was the great GDS empire. Like most great athletics – Freddy does not know when to step away.

  16. You need to go to some of the games and listen…..The coaches in particular Coach Smith and Coach Shelton are calling shots….Jeff with the big men and Coach Shelton with guards, I believe…You’ll hear Coach Smith on Leel Roberts all game long and the kid plays long and he is playing longer minutes and I think Coach Smith has been a big part of that……

    Christ School is good, GDS lost to a very good team on Monday…..There are a lot of very good teams out there…Over the years the competition has been moving and showing up in many more places…..

    Look at United Faith…..They just beat Oak Hill and United Faith is not a household name, at least they weren’t five years ago….They have the kid from High Point(SWG) on their team, Ogubuze and Christ School had the Corban Collins kid from High Point Andrews on their squad…..

    There is talent all over the place now and it will continue to be tougher to win at the higher levels in high school, public and private….

  17. You made my points exactly Andy when it comes to the GDS program of today. You pointed out all of the local players (just from High Point) that are playing in other locations. Those same kids could have been playing for GDS but they will never consider GDS as long as GDS is playing the complete ball control and only shot when told offense. This area has enough “good/great” players to keep GDS at the top of the ladder but GDS does not want to change anything that they do on the floor.

  18. Tom,

    Yes I do believe these kids can get to the basket consistently. I am not talking about spin moves and step backs like the NBA but I am saying some kids on the team have the ability to create and do more. They do it in AAU. Tom please concede this…..We will never be able to know what these kids can do if they are not first taught and then given a chance to do it.

    Let me say this because I do not want my words to be twisted. Coach Freddy Johnson is a good man and this website is not going to change his philosophy about basketball. I am not bashing Coach Freddy but I just want Coach to think out of the box. Put more faith in his players and listen to his assistants.

    Coach Johnson let me talk to you for a moment….Please take this back to him Robert Jr.

    I respect you so much and I do think you are a great basketball mind but you would look like a hero to so many other coaches and players who look up to you if you admitted your system was flawed and out dated and announce a new way of doing things. Get together with your assistant coaches and go out and information gather other systems. Coach K took from Coach Dantoni….Just like you dominated in the 90’s and early 2000 you can dominate again. You have more than most programs. You have tradition…You have the great academic setting behind you and you have all of us fans who respect you and want GDS to succeed. We love you man!!!!!!Go Bengals!!!!!!
    My next post—I will reveal who would be my starting five for GDS. A little different than Coach Shelton

  19. Ok..this is my last post on this subject….I am addressing go appy…
    You are saying that Coach J changed from flex and I do agree. He did but he has not changed his approach and mentality to the game. You can’t be aggressive in his system. Yes he changed to a dribble drive offense but his mindset is the same. Until you change your mindset nothing else changes for example: GDS got beat by 40 and team in HP played the same team and should have won. They got beat by 5…Do you think the team in HP had better players? Heck NO! Team had a different approach and mindset. I am telling you…GDS has the talent and the coaches….. Coach Feddy is the star at GDS and it is time for him to start bragging and showcasing the real stars…The players. ….He has such a good group of players….The are smart too….OK…I will reveal who I am next post….I could be teacher at GDS…I could be parent at GDS…I could be assistant coach at GDS. I could be janitor at GDS…I could be an administrator at GDS…I could be basketball player at GDS….I could be alumni at GDS….One thing is for sure…I have ties to GDS…Go Bengals!!!!

  20. You also reach a stage where you can only have so many minutes for the # of players on your roster…..With 32 minutes and you have 4-5 guards, then there is only so much time to go around…..If I have Ross, Terry, Lucas and Kleinman then that is two-deep in the backcourt already and at Wesleyan they have Brandon and Richmond and Isley has to come off the bench as a senior…..At HPCA you Oates, Weethe and Bethea and or others, and there is no room this year if I want to transfer in…..At ORMA you have Jones, Neal and Lamont and even Pison when he floats as a wing and they even picked up Seth White, who was at Ragsdale…..

    Where I am going to go? There are only so many minutes and there is only one ball and if a player goes in as rising-sophomore and then re-classes and as a freshman, I’m not cracking that lineup any time soon….As a player, I want to learn, but I want to play too……That’s why I’m not going to North Carolina or N.C. State or Duke and sitting on the bench for four years, when I can go play at Elon or at UNCG or even at High Point…..I want to get better and as a kid, I need game experience to improve….

    I may have to go to Vandalia and I could play there or to Caldwell Academy….There is a lot to be said for going to the top-notch programs, but there is also a lot to be said for playing time……At Vandalia a few years ago, they had Mike Wilson, a big-man who was at Smith and then went to Greensboro Day, before heading to Vandalia, they had Mike New from Danville, Virginia, they had Keith Roberts from Pelham, N.C., they had Craig Glass from Grimsley district, Danny Shoffner from Grimsley district, Lonnie Martin came back to Vandalia from Southeast Guilford and just a few players from the base educational program where they were original VCS students….They all came to that school because they wanted to play and they won two State Championships in the process….

    I think that is the real reason the kids are moving around……They want to play and some programs are already full and the spaces are taken for the next few years…..

    Staying with AAU teammates has a lot to do with it too……Only theories, but with background info…… The other side of the coin says, if I go here, then I’ll get into Duke or I’ll get into Carolina or N.C. State….Not many looking at Wake right now, but in the end, I still want to play….

  21. Andy…I am really shocked you are allowing all this negative talk about GDS and Coach Feddy. He is an icon in High School basketball. When you are at the top then everyone tries to pull you down. Andy you should close this blog down!!!

  22. Close it down? For what reason? We r talking hoops here. Coaches have thick skin. Freddy is institution. He teaches game the right way. Winning is great but win within team concept. That is what he teaches. Like Andy said, 99.9% of the these kids could never start for Duke or UNC. Never make a dime in NBA. You aint getting your scholly from school ball! Get that at the Milk House. Freddy will b Back!!!!

  23. They may not play for Duke or UNC, or even have a shot in the NBA but many have a opportunity to get their college paid for. In Coach Freddy system they have no chance to show the Elons, Western Carolina, ECU, George Mason, UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Ashville what they can do. Look on the rosters across mid to low d1 and you will see no one scoring under 15 points a game in high school. If they are 7 ft-Jaleel then they do not have to score. If they can dribble and make assist then they do not have to score as much. Only a few players get scholarships that do not score.

    Mr. Poops fan we are dealing with some players not being able to afford college any other way than basketball. Your kids college is paid for because of your money but many kids practice, do school work and take care of their families because daddy is not home. They just want to go to college and play ball to get an education. Stop taking kids dreams so lightly.

  24. I think this will give the Bengals an idea of what the scuttlebutt is in the basketball community….The coaches continue to coach and in the end they ignore this kind of talk, because all it is, is talk…..Fans and people will talk and if the Bengals get a winning streak going then they will be off and running again……Never look back, just keep on going…..Coach Johnson is one of the best/top coaches in state high school history and his record proves it…..Over 800 wins and he ranks up there with Dave Price at South Mecklenburg, who coached Bobby Jones and Walter Davis, Coach Harvey Reid, from Wilson Fike is on that list…..I think our own Mac Morris, from Page High School is on that list, Coach David Price, over at Dudley is not far off that list, three State Championships and Coach Mac Morris, he is at the same mark with three State Titles…..

    We have had some good ones and Coach Johnson is among the tops and we have been lucky to have him among our coaching hotbed for the past 30-plus years……Whoever takes over when he steps down, will have some big shoes to fill…..

    Those all-time top coaches from out state over the years????? Who are we leaving out?

    We had Dave Price(South Mecklenburg) coached Walter Davis and Bobby Jones and multi-State Titles….
    Coach Harvey Reid(Wilson Fike High School) Numerous State Titles….
    Coach Mac Morris(Page High School) Three 4-A State Titles…
    Coach Freddy Johnson(Greensboro Day School) Multi-NCIHSAA State Titles and over 800 wins…
    Ed McClean(Raleigh Broughton High School) Won 4-A State Titles and coached “Pistol” Pete Maravich….
    Coach David Price(Dudley High School) Three State Titles[One 4-A and two 3-A) and right at 700 career wins….

    We could be adding Bob Jamieson(Grimsley HS) and Tony Simeon(High Point Central), but I have no numbers on either man…..

    Coach Phil Weaver(Grimsley High School) is not far off this map for he did in coaching boys and girls teams in the NCHSAA…Won at least one boy’s title and played for one girl’s championship……
    Coach Robert Kent(Page High School ) is somewhere near this list with over 500 career wins and one State Title on the 3-A level at Southwest Guilford…..
    Coach Johnny Ralls(Ledford) is at or near this list with all the wins he has accumulated and somewhere in the neighborhood of three State Titles with the Ledford Panther girls…..
    Coach Kenny Carter(High Point Central) Coach Carter got the job done back in his day and won at least three State Titles and nearly 600 games……

    Just a few we know of to look at and you may have more, but Coach Freddy Johnson is on the list, there is no denying what he has done with the GDS Bengals over the years…..Outsiders may talk, but the GDS fans are glad to still have him calling the shots……(If not you are smoking something and you better hide it, cause you may get arrested.)

  25. The best part of this board is everyone can give their opinion. I am confident that everyone who posts has years of coaching experience including y ball. The great part about living in the US is you get to give your opinion whether it is right or wrong.

    I think we all need to remember that kids are in high school to get their education. There are high school coaches all across America trying to teach kids the lessons of life.

    Please list schools that will have 2 seniors sign division 1 scholarships:
    oak ridge

    i can’t think of any other schools…

    52,000 student-athletes competing for just 654 openings = 1.25% Chance of playing college basketball. so it is an even smaller percentage of kids play d1. staggering numbers

  26. I agree with hoops fan. Our society tends to forget that we are in school to get an education not to be an athlete. Those who are gifted enough to go on to have the wonderful experience of playing a college sport and being a “student athlete,” key word student, and perhaps after that professionally play the sport and perform as their job. We are quick to criticize an extracurricular that is not entirely about winning and losing. Being a part of a basketball team or any team for that matter is also about learning how to be a team player, which can help you in a job whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or working your part time job as a busboy at a local restaurant in high school. What I would like to point out is the valueable life lessons that the GDS coaching staff teaches their players on an off the court. Work hard in school, value your family, be respectful, have good sportsmanship, always give your best effort, put passion into every aspect of your life. In the end it is these little things that are important in life, not the score of the game. The taste of Victory is short, but these life lessons last a lifetime. And I would choose the GDS Coaching staff, in particular Coach Johnson, to teach my kids any day. Teach them to be the potential great friend, child, husband, co worker that they will be for the rest of their life. Sports are more than winning and losing, while winning and losing builds character and boy is winning fun, the life lessons you learn are far more important. So let’s not spend our free time criticizing each other, but rather supporting the good that every coach, not only Coach Johnson, in Guilford County has done to develop their players’ character on and off the court.

  27. Amen, HS Basketball Fan. The statements made by some of the posters here are shortsighted and ill informed.

    Certainly GDS would love to win basketball games and championships. They are closing in on the record for Little Four tournament championships, and it’s doubtful that any private school has as many state titles.

    However, hoops is not a differentiator for Greensboro Day School. Whether the basketball team wins or loses / attracts D1 recruiters to campus is small, small potatoes compared to college placement numbers. LET’S BE REAL, FOLKS — WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SCHOOLS HERE, NOT BASKETBALL FACTORIES!

    Consider the acceptances of GDS students at prestigious universities across the United States. What follows is a list of 36 highly selective universities and colleges across the country where 145 recent GDS graduates are CURRENTLY enrolled. Not included are 55 other universities where GDS students are enrolled. The fact that students from the last four GDS graduating classes have had the option of 91 different institutions of higher learning speaks to where GDS places it’s emphasis, and it is not dribble-penetration, fast-break basketball offense. For those of you so caught up in the wins and losses of a high school basketball team, please get a life. GDS has done the following on the college placement front at the same time that it has been unable to win a state championship. I know where I would want my kid to go to school — a no-brainer:

    Davidson College: 9 students
    Duke University: 14 students
    UNC-Chapel Hill: 64 students (That’s right — 64 students currently enrolled at the state’s flagship institution)
    Wake Forest: 8 students
    Bowdoin College: 1 student
    Brown University: 1 student
    Cal State Poly-Pomona: 1 student
    Colgate University: 1 student
    Columbia University: 1 student
    Dartmouth College: 1 student
    Emory University: 3 students
    Furman University: 4 students
    Georgetown University: 1 student
    Gettysburg College: 1 student
    Howard University: 2 students
    Johns Hopkins University: 1 student
    Kenyon College: 1 student
    Mary Baldwin College: 1 student
    Middlebury College: 2 students
    New York University: 1 student
    Oberlin College: 1 student
    Rhodes College: 1 student
    Savannah College of Art and Design: 1 student
    Smith College: 1 student
    Stanford University: 1 student
    Tufts University: 1 student
    University of Michigan: 1 student
    University of Pennsylvania: 2 students
    University of Richmond: 1 student
    University of the South: 1 student
    University of Texas: 1 student
    University of Virginia: 7 students
    Vanderbilt University: 3 students
    Washington University, St. Louis: 1 student
    Washington and Lee University: 2 students
    Wesleyan University: 2 students

  28. Highschool Basketball Fan you are so right with your comments. It is not all about basketball. It is so much more than that. Those who have never had a child coached and mentored by Coach Johnson can never fully understand the depth of the whole experience. Win or loose we are GDS!

  29. You all are missing the point on the last couple of postings. Coach Johnson and every other coach in this city, county and state either do or claim to do exactly what you are saying that the GDS coaching staff does in terms of character, life lessons, etc.. I think every coach should include these traits in their program because you are a role model in many respects for the kids on the team just like a teacher is the same within the classroom. However that is just a basic requirement that all coaches should present and not even close to being unique for the GDS staff.

    What people are trying say on this site with the “hits” against the coaching staff is that you can and must still do all of the types that were noted by various postings and make the necessary coaching adjustments to give your team the best chance of winning in all situations. There is zero reason for GDS to be losing to the good teams as bad as they are currently losing. It has not even been close against the good teams. The players on the other good teams is from 1-10 is not that much better than the GDS kids. Yes – there may be 1-2 kids at the high D1 level on the other team but players 3-10 are close or even with GDS. GDS is not getting those 1-2 high D1 players anymore because the system is to control and does not trust its players.

    The bottomline is that the coaching staff needs to trust the product that they are putting on the floor, and allow kids to make decisions based on what they have learned. It is the coaching staff’s direct responsibility to train their players to the point that they can adjust and make decisions on their own. What if teachers taught their class in a way that they did not challenge kids and allow them to think outside of the box and experience periodically. Schools like Duke, Yale or whomever you want to name do exactly what I just noted. The GDS staff will pull a kid out of the game the moment they make 1 mistake and the kids are always looking over their shoulder. Freddy is a good person but he does not respect and trust his players enough.

    Also, do not think that I am an outsider because I am not. Many parents and players are saying exactly what I just noted but few want to voice their issues because they know Freddy is the king at GDS and it will all just fall on deaf ears.

  30. Missing those two d1 players makes all the difference. I am an outsider and I don’t see the talent necessary to run that system. They have very good players, but not great ones. Isn’t their record something like 17-4? That sounds pretty good to me. Parents usually have unrealistic expectations of their own children. I have seen them play twice this year and they look pretty good to me. I can see where the ORMA’s/Oak Hill’s would give them a lot of trouble, but opening up that offense will probably make it worse.

  31. Missing the Point,

    I am glad to know you have so much coaching experience. I am sure Roy Williams needs some help to0 since all of his fans think he doesn’t know what he is doing…. ohhhh wait he is a hall of fame coach and does know what he is doing.

    You can’t know what is going on unless you’re at practice. Guilford County is fortunate to have a lot of good players. The area has more good players than great and that has been the case over the years.

    How many Division I players have come out of Guilford County in the last 3 years? I figure you know since you are the expert.

    Also, I hope you have time to critique how Coah K lost at FSU because I am sure he needs some input.

    – Textiles

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