Notes on MLK Classic at the Greensboro Coliseum

Northwest Guilford 55
Cannon School 40

Game rewind:1st Q NWG 16, Cannon 12…Halftime NWG 29, Cannon 21…3rd Q NWG 38, Cannon 23…Final NWG 55, Cannon 40….
NWG scoring….Keaton Haack 14 points…Duncan Everett 13 points…Cody Hylton 10 points…Matt Pawlowski 7 pts…Ryan Doerr 5 points…Jared Cockerham 4 points…Nick Powell 2 points…

*****For Cannon School Hans Christian Lauer 6’7 junior and Alec Wintering 5’10 soph. very tough….Lauer was a Viking killer with his shot and Wintering was super-quick…

NWG coach Lee Reavis said after the game Duncan Everett had a very strong inside presence for the Vikings today and Coach Revis said he was not surprised with Everett’s game, the 13 points, cause the kid has a very high Basketball IQ and he has the basketball smarts needed to play the game and play it effectively…”He hit the boards hard for us as did Keaton Haack” and Coach Reavis said Haack had the ability to catch and finish…..”And by hitting the boards, we we able to limit Cannon to one shot”…..The injury to guard Jared Cockerham was a high ankle sprain and was not real serious,since Cockerham was able to return and play in the second half today against Cannon School….Kyle Berger will probably be out of the NWG lineup for two more weeks, Chris Corbett will be out indefiniely and Hunter Clary is out for the year, with the torn ACL…..Ragsdale vs. Northwest, a big conference game is coming up tomorrow(Tuesday)….

Game #2
Forsyth Country Day 65
Ragsdale 59

Game rewind:1st Q:Ragsdale 23, FCD 15…Halftime:Ragsdale 39, FCD 35….3rd Q:Ragsdale 49, FCD 45…Final:FCD 65, Ragsdale 59….

Ragsdale scoring….Tyquan Roberts 26 points….Benaiah Wise 19 points…Jaxon Randolph 6 pts…Sharwyn McGee 5 pts….Bryan Rouse 3 pts….

Forsyth Country Day leaders….Tyler Lewis 23 points…Tyler Alberts 14 points…
*****Ragsdale Coach Craig Shoemaker said Roberts had a very strong game inside and out and he needs to stay with both phases of his game….Wise came out hot/strong and he was another big plus for the Tigers…”Benaiah was hitting his outside shot and the key for him is to get this feet set”……”We did a good job on Tyler Lewis pushing him away from the basket and our overall work on Lewis was solid”, said Coach Shoemaker…..Lewis just took over the game at about the 2:30 minute mark of the 4th quarter and he just continued to find ways to get to the foul line, where he nailed the game away….He was just getting the Tigers to make contact and Lewis drew the fouls and Tyler made his foul shots….Lewis made 13 free throws for the game and he was probably 13 of 17 on the day, and Lewis did not have his A-Game, but he did have his B-plus Game and was enough for the win for FCD….Credit goes to the Ragsdale Tiger defense on Tyler today….Jaxson Randolph stuck him as much as possible….Ragsdale-Northwest tomorrow night and Coach Shoemaker said NWG has played as hard and as good as any team in the county, considering all the injuries that they have had to play through…..

Game #3
Norfolk Christian 72
Page 56

Game rewind:1st Q:Norfolk 24, Page 10…Halftime:Norfolk 41, Page 24…3rd Q:Norfolk 52, Page 44….Final:Norfolk 72, Page 56….

Page scoring….Frankie Eaves 24 points…Lance Brown 9 pts…Jackson Kent 5 pts…James Summers 4 pts…Bryson Fonville 4 pts…Justin Conner 4 pts….Dillon Sykes 3 pts…Ryan Johnson 3 pts…

Norfolk Christian scoring….James McAdoo 28 points…Mario Nixon 17 points…Mike Murray 10 points…Dontrell Silver 8 pts…Kwontie Moore 7 pts….

*****After falling behind by 17 points at the half, the Page Pirates came out strong to start the 3rd quarter and soon they were within 9 points of the Ambassadors…Page had cut the lead to just 9 and the Pirates led by Frank Eaves and Lance Brown were back in the ball game….The Pirates got some great bench support with kids like Brown and others turning up the heat and they were playing with re-newed energy, in the Special Events Center as the second half was going….Brown had one underhand scoop shot that sent the fans rolling into the aisles…..Frank Eaves showed No Fear and he took right to Norfolk and a few times he was flying out of control, but for the most part, Eaves’ shots were landing in the hole for two and three points….Eaves had three-threes on the day….James McAdoo was doing more damage inside this year for NCS, as last year, he was working to the tune of the spot-up outside three-point shot….Coach Kent said McAdoo was a very strong competitor and that overall, Mac was stronger this year, than he was last year, at the MLK Games….

Game #4
Christ School 83
Greensboro Day School 48

Game rewind:1st Q:Christ School 20, GDS 6…Halftime:Christ School 41, GDS 18…3rd Q:Christ School 70, GDS 32…..Final:Christ School 83, GDS 48….

GDS scoring…..Jaleel Roberts 10 points…..Robert Kleinman 8 pts….Reed Lucas 7 pts….Jordan Robertson 7 pts…JT Terry 5 pts…Quayshad Williams 3 pts…Jalen Ross 2 pts…Christian Hairston 2 pts….Tre Chapman 2 pts….

Game #5
United Faith 90
Oak Hill 88

Game rewind:1st Q:Oak Hill 24, United Faith 14….Halftime:Oak Hill 38, United Faith 35….3rd Q:Oak Hill 61, United Faith 57….Final:United Faith 90, Oak Hill 88….Two free throws in the 10 seconds won it for United Faith…….Ogbuze got fouled on a three-point shot and he nailed two-out-of-three at the line,for the win for the United Faith Falcons over the Oak Hill Warriors….Oak Hill lost for the first time this season, this past Saturday, to a team from Georgia and now they lose again today…..When’s the last time the Oak Hill Academy Warriors lost back-to-back games…..It doesn’t happen very often to the #1 high school team in the nation…….Coach K from Duke was in attendance watching Oak Hill point guard Quinn Cook, a Duke Blue Devil recruit, for 2011/2012….Coach Roy Williams, from the University of North Carolina was also on hand for the second straight year and was watching James McAdoo(UNC incoming 2011/2012) and others…..

The United Faith-Oak Hill game was easily the most exciting game of the day and to me, it appeared it drew the largest crowd of the day……..United Faith pulled off one of those upsets that we have never seen before, at the MLK Day Games, at the Greensboro Coliseum…..

Game #6
Oak Ridge Military Academy 63
High Point Christian Academy 35

Game rewind:1st Q:ORMA 19, HPCA 12….Halftime:ORMA 28, HPCA 23…..3rd Q:ORMA 46, HPCA 26….Final:ORMA 63, HPCA 35……

ORMA scoring…..Michael Neal 17 points…Chris Jones 16 points…Theo Pinson 9 pts….Asad Lamont 5 pts…Carlos Rankins 5 pts…Michael Obacha 4 pts….Willy Akasson 3 pts….Ryan King 2 pts…Seth White 2 pts….Blair Balarabe 1 pt….

HPCA scoring……Jordan Weethe 11 points….Mitchell Oates 10 points…Aaron Scales 4 pts….Chuck Ogbodo 4 pts….Zyg Kairys 4 pts…Dillon Roser 2 pts…..

*****High Point Christian Academy scored one basket in the third quarter and that was a three-point shot by Mitch Oates…..And that was that, what was a five-point game at halftime, 28-23 ORAM, becomes a 21-point ORMA Cadet advantage after three periods and the game was over…..HPCA gave it a run in the first half, but the Cougars were not around for the second half, especially that third quarter……*****


  1. Andy dont forget about the upset a few years back when Louis Williams, Mike Mercer and company beat a very talented oak hill team which i believe featured Mike Beasley Kevin Durant, ad Eric Dievendorf..

  2. Why does GDS’s players scoring totals never add up to the amount of points they score ? Who is charge of that ?

  3. I think we may be two points off when you add up the totals…When you are tracking 6 games on the day, that is pretty darn good when you are merely going by the Coliseum announcer….I had a lot of people stopping in and talking to me yesterday while I was tracking the games, so that may explain for the two-point miss….

    When I am at Greensboro Day for their games I go over and check in with their official scorer after the games and I believe it is Lucas Weavil’s sister that keeps the books…

    At the games I go to/attend, many times the scorebook keeper is up and gone as soon as the game is over and you can’t catch them, but most times you may luck up and get the totals….If you are working with students, it can be tough, but Ms. Weavil does a great job….

    The Coliseum had no print outs for the game scores yesterday….I have kept a bunch of these scores on games this year and I do a pretty darn good job with what I have to work with…

    Check out the box score in today’s News and Record……I giving you guys and girls more for what you are paying than any other site around….

    The GDS numbers have added up more times than not this year, and we did have one Friday night game at their place when there was no PA announcer so I had to dig that night….I have been digging all season, and the readers have received a real load from this site…..

    I stand on my record to this date, and it is solid, my friends….

  4. Andy – you did not need to print the score for GDS. Just print “blow out”. It does not matter where their final score was 46, 48 or 50. When you lose by 35 you just wish that the scores did not get reported so those that are not there don’t read or hear about it.

  5. I am surprised in the fact that Christ School just simply ripped apart GDS like that. Christ School is down this year in mist people’s eyes and GDS still was massacred. Wesleyan went to Arden and played them to the last few seconds for goodness sakes. The final score was 86-81. You can’t say Christ School was off that night because they still put up 86 points so I guess we see how GDS really just isn’t as good as people think. In fact, I think Wesleyan may be better than them and beat them on the 28th when they play but we will see.

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