Aycock Middle School over Kiser in Wednesday afternoon wrestling…

Aycock Lions 76
Kiser Tigers 18

*****The matches started at 5pm and were over at 5:49…..These kids were moving in the heat, inside the Lions Den, at Aycock Middle School….*****

Today’s winners for the Aycock Lions:


  1. Andy here are the winners.
    Jon Swindler 171
    Tyler Fuller 189
    Markeith Huntley 215
    Brandon Carter 185
    Bryon Fields 93
    Xavier Townsend 103
    Brandon Harris 112
    Omar Hernadas 119
    Nycier Drummond 125
    Cory Antin 130
    Aris White 135
    Jalen Surgeon 140
    Bryce Walker 152
    These guys did a fine job and the High School Coaches need to come take a look see.

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