More scores on last night’s HS games

Smith boys 59
Western Guilford 51

Northeast boys 49
Eastern Guilford 41


Asheboro boys 50
Southern Guilford 49

Caldwell Academy boys 50
American Hebrew 27

Westchester Country Day boys 87
Salem Academy 18

HP Wesleyan boys 59
Calvary Baptist 43

Smith 59
Western Guilford 52

Northwest Guilford 62
Ragsdale 29


Eastern Guilford 74
Northeast Guilford 38


Asheboro 79
Southern Guilford 59

Vandalia Christian 66
Grace Christian 44

*****from MLK Monday:
Dudley 64
South Central 44


  1. That might explain the score:87-18 Westchester……

    I’ve got to think this was Salem Baptist….We have a lot of academies and day schools this day and this one may have slipped through the cracks, but if it was Salem Academy’s girls team, I commend them for playing the tough competition…..This will only make you a better team in the long run……You put up a good fight Salem ladies and you have nothing to be ashamed of…..

  2. Eastern/NE boys game ended up being a really good one. NE was up 26-6 and EG came back and tied the game 32-32 and it was back and forth the rest of the game, with NE pulling away the last 2 minutes with free throws.

  3. The Smith/Western games were both pretty good last night.

    In the boys game I’m not sure why the big guys up front for Western can get the job done. They’ve got a huge, and I do mean HUGE advantage size wise over every other public school in this area and they fail to capitalize on it. To top that off three of Smith’s best players didnt start the game yet they still held on to win a pretty tough conference game.

    In the girls game I thought the Western Girls were gonna run away with this one but they never could put the game away. That Smith team is pretty talented and they’ve got some nice offensive weapons. In the first half it was a pretty sloppy game on both sides with Western leading by default (both teams playing poorly, with Smith the worst of the two). In the second half it started off the same way and it looked like it was going to get out of hand but after a timeout and a few coaching adjustments the Smith team began scoring at will. In the overtime Smith scored first and were in control the rest of the way. We really let one get away from us. We didn’t get anything from BC and just couldn’t seem to stop the Smith girls once they got rolling.

  4. To: At the Game

    You right, that was a very good game. Eastern came back and didnt let up on the NE. If NE hadnt shorten up on the turnovers and turn it up on the defensive end, they might of lost that game. Also, both teams were missing starting guards. But guards on both ends stepped it up.

  5. western guilford’s leading scorer didnt play at all…why would anyone think a team that already has a losing record would be able to beat a team with a winning record in this situation?

    GDS has size but how good are they? Size doesnt make you good in the absence of skill and ability..

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